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Plans and Confrontations

Goku had no idea of how long he sat on the ground. Chichi was gone and there was no way of ever bringing her back. His heart broke the moment she had disappeared and he didn't know if he would be able to go back and live a life without her. She had been his mate and now she was gone.

A hand touched his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes and looked up. Piccolo was looking down at him, his gaze sorrowful.

"I'm sorry, Goku, but you need to go now. She gave you a chance to save Gohan," he said. Goku was about to snap at him when he remembered. He had completely forgotten Gohan and Goten. Even though Chichi was dead, she lived on in her sons. But Gohan was with Kakarot and Dark Vegeta. He might as well be dead.

Goku slowly got to his feet. "Let's go," he said to Vegeta. The Saiyan prince nodded and took a hold of Goku's arm. Goku gave his friends a weak smile before putting two fingers to his forehead and transporting him and Vegeta back to Earth.

"Good luck," Krillin whispered. Piccolo looked away. He didn't want to admit it but he doubted if Vegeta and Goku could beat the dark Sayians. Kakarot and Dark Vegeta had the advantage even before the fight had begun and Piccolo knew Goku would not be able to sacrifice Gohan or Goten if it came down to it. He wondered how none of them had sensed this coming. Was Dark Vegeta really that powerful? And what about Kakarot? He was sure he could match Goku in strength.

18 looked over at Piccolo. She knew what he was thinking because she had had similar thoughts. She knew the power of Goku and Vegeta but this time they were fighting beings from their own dark past. Maybe it was just too much this time…

"They can do it."

Piccolo and 18 looked right and saw Krillin glaring at them.

"I know what you are thinking. But you forget that Vegeta and Goku are fighting for something very precious to them this time," he said. With that he turned away and walked over to King Kai. 18 looked ashamed and quickly followed her husband. Piccolo frowned. He knew Krillin wanted to believe in them but he forgot that Dark Vegeta and Kakarot fought dirty and would use everything they could against Goku and Vegeta.

I hope you are ready, Goku. This time you might risk losing your son or both of them…

Bulma let out a yepl when Goku and Vegeta suddenly appeared in the living room. She barely got to her feet before Goku stormed past her and down the hallway. She turned confused eyes to Vegeta who simply shook his head.

"Give him some time," he said. Bulma nodded in understanding.

Goku ran down the hallway until he stopped before a door. He could sense his young son on the other side. He quietly opened the door and smiled when he caught sight of Goten, sleeping in his crib. He walked over to him and gently lifted his son into his arms.

"Hey, little guy," he whispered. Gotten yawned then snuggled closer to his father, fisting his small hands in Goku's shirt.

"I'll take care of you," Goku said and nuzzled the child's hair. "No one will ever hurt you, I promise."

After some time he returned to the living room with Goten in his arms, not yet ready to leave him. Bulma smiled sadly when she saw him. "Will you be okay?" she asked. Goku shrugged his shoulders.

"With time," was all he said. He sat down and looked at Vegeta. "What happened after I was killed?" he asked.

"I don't much," Vegeta said. "Bulma found me and told me what had happened to Gohan. Right now he is with Kakarot and Dark Vegeta but we don't know how to get to him. Their security is tight and we don't even know where in the building Gohan is. It's like there is some kind of shield around, preventing us from finding him." Goku frowned. This would be difficult.

"You need someone to distract them while you search for Gohan," Bulma said. Both Sayians turned to her.

"If you think I'll let you…" Vegeta began. Bulma shook her head.

"Not me you idiot, but one of you will have to draw their attention while the looks for Gohan," she said. "From the distance I could back you up with firearms and all that."

"Then I would have to get their attention," Vegeta said. Goku looked at him.

"We have to assume they don't know anything about you being alive," he said and nodded at Goku.

"Yeah, that would be best. And since Vegeta is an expert at throwing insults at everything and everybody he should be able to give some time to find Gohan," Bulma agreed. Goku frowned. He didn't like the idea of Vegeta fighting against Kakarot and Dark Vegeta all by himself, but someone had to look for Gohan.

"I don't know… they could kill you before I even got a chance to look for Gohan. Maybe they will finish the job quickly this time," he said. Bulma and Vegeta bowed their heads in defeat.

"Then I'll find Gohan while you hold their attention," Bulma said after a while. Vegeta turned furious eyes to her.

"I told you-" he started but Bulma cut him off.

"I will be safe as long as you draw them away. Anyway, I could easily hack their system and find Gohan in no time at all," she said. Vegeta glared darkly at her before turning to Goku, looking for back up.

"Vegeta is right, Bulma. It would be very dangerous," he said. Vegeta smirked at Bulma. She turned a heated glare at them both.

"Fine! I just hope Gohan can get out by himself then," she sneered before jumping up and leaving the room. Vegeta sighed before getting up and running after her. Goku hung his head. She was right. Vegeta was right

What should I do? I can't risk the life of a friend to save Gohan but I won't let my firstborn die either. We need help.

After some time Vegeta and Bulma returned, both looking angry and ready to explode.

"I'm sorry Goku, but I promised Chichi to look after her boys," Bulma said.

"It is okay, Bulma. All of us are frustrated right now," he said and gave her a small smile. Vegeta let out a 'hmpf' and sat down again. For a long time nothing was said. Suddenly Bulma jumped up.

"I know what to do!" she cried out. The males looked at her.

"I can get Gohan out while you fight the evil guys," she began. Vegeta let out a growl.

"I told you-"

"I won't be near the battlefield," Bulma said, "but I will still find Gohan." Goku frowned.

"How?" he asked. Bulma grinned. "Let me enlighten you," she said.

Dark Vegeta smirked when Kakarot yanked the boy away with him. He hoped Kakarot didn't break the kid completely. Then he frowned. He had hoped he could force Gohan to kill if he had an ultimatum but the boy had proved to be very stubborn – or stupid.

He got up and slowly walked over to the window. He couldn't wait to leave this pitiful place and bring the Sayian race back to its former glory and power. With the Dragon Balls it won't be hard, he thought. Maybe he should take Goku's other child with him along with Vegeta's son? With the proper training they could become powerful allies. But first he had to find them. So far he had not been able to sense them and he suspected that either had Goku, before he died, or Vegeta put some kind of shield around them to protect them.

No matter. It won't be that hard to find them. I'll just give these worthless Earthlings a reward if they find them. That should make it easier.

Something suddenly made him look up. He didn't know what it was but something was wrong. A little voice in the back of his head told him things were about to heat up. What could it be? The boy? No, even if Gohan got free he still had the wristband on him, preventing him from using his powers.

Someone else? Perhaps, but who had the power to challenge him? Goku was dead and Vegeta had been beaten within an inch of his life. No, it couldn't be them.

It made him angry that he could not figure it out. He was about to destroy his desk when a shockwave slammed through the building. He let out a snarl and stormed down the hallway towards the surveillance room to find out who dared oppose him.

When he got there and saw who it was he laughed out loud. Fools! They must have lost their minds!

A cruel smirked appeared on his handsome face and his eyes turned murderous. He allowed his ki to flare, almost scaring the humans working there to death. They didn't dare look him in the eye, knowing what had happened the last time someone did that. Nothing was left for them to bury.

He turned around when Kakarot appeared.

"What happened?" he demanded. Dark Vegeta pointed at the screen.

"Intruders," was all he said. Kakarot looked up. His anger turned to amusement and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. "Intruders indeed," he answered. "Let's got say hello to them," he said and rubbed his hands together. Dark Vegeta nodded. Together they left to greet the newcomers.

Gohan didn't dare move for several minutes, afraid that Kakarot would come back as soon as he had disappeared. After a while he slowly sat up, keeping an eye on the door. When nothing happened he got to his feet and carefully walked over to the door. He put his ear to it and listened. There were shouting and screaming on the other side. Gohan frowned. What in the world was happening?

Suddenly the whole building shook again and Gohan felt hope rising in his heart. Maybe someone had come for him! But that hope was quickly crushed. His father was dead, Vegeta's fate was unknown to him, so who else had the power to fight Dark Vegeta and Kakarot?

He prayed it wasn't Tien og Yamcha. They would be killed before even setting foot in the building. Piccolo, 18 and Krillin were all dead so it only left Tien and Yamcha. Yamcha had always been a bit crazy but Tien should know he couldn't win against someone like Kakarot and Dark Vegeta.

Gohan slowly backed away from the door and over to the wall. He slid down and drew his knees to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and silently begging that Kakarot would not return.

Goku, Vegeta and Bulma had just finished the plan when Vegeta and Goku froze. They looked at each other.

"Something is wrong," Goku said. Vegeta frowned and reached out with his senses trying to find the source for this disturbance. His eyes narrowed. Bulma looked at them.

"What is wrong?" she asked.

"Someone is fighting with Kakarot and Dark Vegeta," he answered. And he knew who. Fools! What are they doing?!

"Bulma, you take Goten and Trunks to Dende and stay there. We have to go with plan B," he said and quickly handed her Goten. Bulma gaped. Plan B?

"But we don't have a plan B!" she yelled when both Saiyans ran towards the door. Vegeta suddenly stopped and raced back to her. He kissed her and whispered, "I love you," before joining Goku. He grabbed Goku's arm and the two of them disappeared before Bulma could stop them. She looked at the child in her arms. Gotten gave her a wide innocent stare. She sighed. Why are they always running off like that! Stupid Saiyans!

Goku and Vegeta appeared at a safe distance from Kakarot and Dark Vegeta. They knew they had to take them by surprise if they wanted to save the others. Vegeta hissed in displeasure.

"Baka! It's your friends. I hope they rot in hell!"

"Shut up, Vegeta. They just want to help," Goku snapped. Though they could have picked a better time to be heroes, he thought. They suppressed their ki and carefully approached the battlefield. When they were near enough and about to attack, a large blast was sent their way. They were forced to dodge and thereby revealing their presence. Dark Vegeta and Kakarot spun around when they sensed them.

"You!" Kakarot hissed. Dark Vegeta sneered. Vegeta smirked and Goku – well Goku was Goku and completely ignored them all, running over to his fallen friends.

"Your timing sucks," Goku said, smilling, and helped his friend up. Tien grinned.

"We thought you guys were ready," he said and winched when his cracked ribs protested loudly. Goku grinned before walking over to Yamcha.

"What took you so long?" he demanded. Goku helped him to his feet. "We had to come up with plan B," he answered. Then a dark look crossed his face.

"You should not have come here. They could have killed you," he said angrily. Yamcha shrugged his shoulders.

"I know, but we couldn't leave Gohan with those monsters," he said, not ashamed of his actions at all. Goku didn't respond. He turned to face Kakarot and Dark Vegeta. Both Saiyans stood looking at him, waiting for him.

"When we fight them go find Gohan and bring him to Dende. He will be safe there," he whispered to them. Before they could say anything he jumped over to Vegeta.

"Where is my son?" he yelled at them. Kakarot grinned.

"Waiting for me," he said and licked his lips. Goku growled in fury. "If you have touched him…" he began and balled his hands. Kakarot sent him a mocking smile.

"Such a sweet boy you have, Goku. Very soft skin," he provoked. Goku let out a cry of rage. A golden aura exploded around him and made the earth shake. The ground was torn apart when he threw himself forward, murder shining in his eyes. Kakarot's head snapped back when Goku's fist crashed into his face, knocking him off his feet and away. Not giving the dark Saiyan time to recover Goku immediately attacked again.

Vegeta startled when Goku suddenly transformed to SSJ and charged at Kakarot, knocking him off his feet. He could feel the shockwaves in the air when Goku's fist connected with Kakarot's head. He slowly turned his gaze back to Dark Vegeta and found the man starring at him.

"You should have stayed down, Vegeta. This time you won't live," he sneered. Vegeta threw his own well-known sneer at him.

"And you should have left when you had the chance." Both Saiyans turned when a yell caught their attention.

"BASTARD!" Goku roared and charged at Kakarot again. He threw a punch at the Saiyan's face that Kakarot easily side-stepped. Goku spun around and slammed his foot into Kakarot's back, sending him crashing to the ground. When he hit the ground, Goku attacked again, his fist connecting painfully with the man's gut. Before Kakarot could get up Goku's boot connected with his stomach and he was slammed into the ground, a huge crater forming from the impact. He got up, only to be struck down again by a powerful blast. The crater expanded and the dust and rocks were blown away.

Goku jumped back and waited. His fury slowly died down to a burning hatred, making his mind clear once again. Goku frowned slightly when he caught sight of Kakarot. The man wasn't moving. Goku knew it could not be that easy to destroy him. He was about to take a step forward when Kakarot moved.

Goku jumped back and brought his arms up, moving into a defensive stance and waited. Laughter echoed through the area.

"Oh, Goku. You make me laugh. If you really want to save your son, you have to do better than that," he said and slowly got up. Surprise was evident on Goku's face when Kakarot turned around. The Saiyan did not appear o be harmed in any way. In fact, he looked like he was having the time of his life.

"When I'm done with you, I'm going to enjoy your son. I'm going to rip him apart and bask in his cries for help," he said, knowing he was playing with Goku's anger. Goku's eyes narrowed.

"Don't you dare talk about him!" he hissed. His ki flared once again, forcing trees and everything else away. His fists burned with energy ready to be released at any moment. He slowly moved his hands towards his hips.

"Dodge this," he whispered. Kakarot grinned and copied his movements. "So, it's a test of power," he said. Goku ignored him. This is for you, Gohan.


Goku's hand flew forward and he released the energy. The blue wave shot through the air like a missile, deadly and powerful. Kakarot's eyes widened slightly in surprise.

He is dead serious. Better put some power behind my attack or he'll blow my head off, he thought and giggled madly.

Earth and sky was torn apart when the two blasts slammed together. Heat, fire and shockwaves tore through the ground and ripped it apart. Miles away cities shook and people cried out in fear, not knowing what was tearing their planet in pieces.

Gohan's head snapped up when he sensed something familiar. It couldn't be. He jumped up and ran to the door, desperate to get out.

"Hello! Is someone out there? Please open the door," he yelled. He could hear screaming but no one answered his call. His slammed his fists against the tree. Damn it! If only I didn't have these on, he thought and glared at the wristbands on his wrists.

His father was out there, he was sure. He had felt him but somehow his ki felt a bit different. It seemed more... deadly than before.

Dad, what happened to you?

He could also sense Vegeta and it made him happy that the cold Saiyan prince had come for him as well. I'll make him proud too, Gohan decided. No more tears, no more whimpering. He was the son of the Saiyan who had defeated Freeza and he would prove himself worthy of that title.

I'll fight beside you dad. And I won't disappoint you again, I promise!