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Chapter One

Shameless Miko

"Hey Guys!" Kagome walked over to her friends after another trip home.

……For six years now, nothing much has changed… well at least, she hasn't changed; aside from learning how to skillfully use a few other weapons and growing her hair.

"Hey Kagome!" Sango and Shippo shouted in unison.

……Well… the group has changed drastically. For starters, Miroku and Sango decided NOT to wait to get married and Kohaku joined the group as well after being freed from Naraku's help; all thanks to Sesshomaru, who follows them for a better chance of running into Naraku.

"I'm glad to see that you have safely returned to us." Miroku calmly but enthusiastically added.

……And the shard hunting; is nothing more than a glorified game of cat and mouse now.

"Yeah well, I decided to come back early. There's really nothing for me to do at home." Kagome said as she took a seat by the silent Kohaku. "Is everything okay?"

……Even Inuyasha has changed. He's a lot more open about his feelings for Kikyo though he insists that he loves Kagome.

"It's fine…" Kohaku muttered while shaking his head. "It's just that I get mad when Inuyasha leaves to go with that priestess." Out of everyone sitting at the fire, Kohaku is the only one that gets visibly upset over Inuyasha's blatant disregard of Kagome's feelings.

"So he's gone then?" Everyone nodded and Kagome continued. "Actually that's good. I have something I want to say and it's possible that Inuyasha would have exploded."

"Are you leaving us!" They all gasped.

"No… I've been thinking about changing my wardrobe." Kagome mumbled while blushing madly.

Miroku caught on. "There is no shame in that."

"Well, there could be. I'm not entirely sure that you guys will agree with what I want to change to." Kagome explained.

"Nonsense, Kagome, we will stick with you no matter what." Sango replied.

Kagome shook her head. "That's the thing, it will be very different and rather distracting for some…." She shot Miroku a dirty look. "…of us to cope with."

"Okay… at least tell us the reason for this change?" Sango prompted.

"I want to be noticed…." Kagome put her hand up to silence her friends. "...for something other than the jewel shards."


Silence rang out across the small camp so Kagome continued.

"I'm not changing my attitude or cutting my hair; I just want to change what I wear. And…I just wanted to warn you that the change may be hard to take."

"You know that we don't care. Do what you need to do, Kagome." Sango leaned over and gave Kagome a hug. "Will you be going back home tonight then."

"Yeah, I don't want Inuyasha to catch me here." Kagome grabbed her back pack and headed to the well. Starting tomorrow she will be a changed woman.


High in the tree tops, Sesshomaru listened to the conversation carefully. It's not that he liked spying on Inuyasha group; it's just that they were highly likely to run into Naraku first. Furthermore, the odd priestess has a wealth of information about an assortment of things and has, on more than one occasion, helped him with Rin.

And this change she speaks of… is interesting. So much so that he intends to wait for her like the rest. Of course, Rin would like to see her friend.


Inuyasha returned to camp sometime during the night to find only Miroku up watching the dieing fire. "Oi, where's Kagome. I can smell her here."

"Oh, Inuyasha." Miroku turned to face the hanyou. "Yes, Kagome came, but she returned home for the night and asked that we meet her at the well in the morning."

"What!" Inuyasha almost started his ranting session, but his head suddenly connected with Miroku's staff.

"Be quiet Inuyasha. People are trying to sleep." Miroku said seriously.

Inuyasha noticed the deep look in Miroku's eyes and decided to inquire about the problem. "What's up? You look like somethin' bothering ya."

"Nothing…" Miroku's look lightened. Actually the dirty look that Kagome shot him earlier has him wondering about her future choice in clothes. She had abandoned the uniform for a pair of tight pants and shirt, so what now? "I am just thinking about Sango… and well you don't need to know the rest." He lied.

"Whatever, you better rest. I'll take over the watch from here." Inuyasha jumped into a near by tree to give his body some rest. He has some problems of his own.


Morning came quickly for the inu-tachi; and for the life in him, Inuyasha could not understand why everyone is so eager to get to Kagome. "Hey slow down!"

Everyone looked back. Really, the whole situation is rather odd. Usually Inuyasha is at the front of the group telling them to 'hurry up' but today he is lagging at the back.

Shippo, who now comes to Miroku waist, gave Inuyasha a very patronizing stare. "Really Inuyasha, you are a full grown hanyou. You should have more energy than most of us here."

That little statement earned Shippo a knock on the head, but the crew press on.


By the time Sesshomaru retrieved Rin and Jaken and returned to the well, the sun could be seen just past the trees; midmorning.

The priestess had yet to come out of the well and he could he her friends starting to grow restless.

Suddenly, unable to contain her excitement, Rin ran toward Sango. "Where is Kagome!"

Everyone looked shocked to see the pre-teen. For good reasons too… the main one being that she never went anywhere without Sesshomaru.

Looking around nervously, Sango greeted the girl. "Hi Rin-chan, Kagome should be here any moment. Would you like to sit with me?"

"Sure!" Rin replied excitedly. "I can't wait for Kagome to return, Sesshomaru-sama got me a new kimono and I want to show it to her." She said pointing to her chest.

"Oh, it's very lov…." Sango's words faltered and then stopped… Kagome wasn't joking about changing.


"Kagome, are you leaving already?" Kagome's mother shouted from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I want to get a head start. Maybe they haven't made it to the well yet." Kagome said hopefully when she popped into the kitchen to say goodbye to her mother.

Kagome's mother looked at her daughter and had to do a double take. "Are you going to change?"

"No, it's hot this time of year…." Though she is twenty-one, Kagome still finds it hard to act like an adult sometimes. "Well, see ya!" She quickly threw her hand up in the air and took off. Kagome really didn't feel like explaining her motives to her mother.


Time stopped, at least, for those gathered around the well. First Kagome's bag came over and then all they could see is breasts…and more breasts… along with legs for days. Before them stood Kagome, dressed in a string bikini top and a pair of extremely short shorts.

"Hi!" … and the breasts glistened in the sunlight… bouncing slightly as Kagome waved at her friends.

No one responded right away.

Shippo gapped at his MOTHER figure….

Inuyasha fell over from the shock and a bleeding nose. Who knew that Kagome has such a rack on her? Those conservative shirts hide it so well. Surely the gods are mad at him for rutting with a corpse and this is payback!

Kohaku looked horrified at his other SISTER figure… being a young man, he couldn't keep his traitorous hormones at bay.

Sango and Rin blushed madly. Those clothes, if they can be call such, are absolutely scandalous.

Miroku thanked Buddha for his good fortune… ahem… view and he figured out why Kagome gave him the dirty looks along with the warning last night.

Sesshomaru's thoughts ran along the lines of Miroku's, but he never took his eyes off her body; the creamy flash of leg and the ample sight of her breasts. Hell, he thought the uniform that she wore was unique. This… he really doesn't like humans… but… damn… looking at this… he's willing to give it a go!

Kagome became uncomfortable with all of the stares and then she noticed that they were all sweating. Ah…they must be hot, she thought. "Are you guys okay?" She proceeded to go around and check everyone… well not Sesshomaru. After years of knowing him, she knows better.

"…." No one answered.

"I know. Let's all go to the river and cool off while Rin is here!" Kagome unbuttoned her shorts and started to slip them off. This warranted a reaction from the stoic Lord and Inuyasha.

"Priestess, what are you doing."

"Kagome, what happened to your clothes?"

Looking down at herself and then back at the two brothers, Kagome smiled. "Nothing happened to my clothes, you're looking at them. And this…" she pointed to her 'top'. "…is a bathing suit." Kagome kicked off her shorts and shoes and slipped on a pair of flip-flops. "You better get use to this Inuyasha, I'll be dressing like this from now on." Kagome walked off with a speechless Sango, Shippo, Miroku, and Kohaku trailing behind her.

Rin hesitantly approached her father figure and cleared her throat. "Uhh.. Sesshomaru-sama?"

"Yes Rin."

"One day, do you think that I will be able to wear clothes like that?"

That day, the great lord literally choked and his nightmares about the shameless miko began.



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