Understanding Jelly Doughnuts.

I like jelly doughnuts. Now, why am I telling you this? Because my friend Neji is like a jelly doughnut. Just like a regular doughnut on the outside, but nice, sweet filling on the inside. That is Neji. He's a cold arrogant little bastard. So what? I love him. Why? He understands everything.

I live up to everyone's expectations. I color within the lines. Sometimes, I want to color out of the lines and draw out my own life. I want to be myself and only me. No one else. Neji understands. I always hated showing my weaknesses in fear of Neji thinking I'm weak. But when I cry or am afraid, Neji is there, not altogether comforting, just there. Cold, bleak eyes. But I know he cares. Neji understands.

He once told me that sometimes when you color outside the lines, you make a prettier picture. Only once. I hardly believed it. But still, Neji understood. Once when I was hurt from our mission in the sand, I woke up to see him. Scorn in his features. He asked rather scornfully why I let my guard down. But when he asked that, although his tone was hard, his eyes grew soft and sweet. He tried not to show it. I didn't answer. Neji understands.

I always train with Neji. He watches every move I make with his eyes. His perfect, capturing eyes, a slightly milkier color than Hinata's. He criticizes almost every tactic. His praises are rare. His smiles are rarer. He attacks me without mercy and scolds me harshly every time. He never holds back. But I know he wants to make me stronger. He understands.

One time, he said he was jealous of me. I knew he was probably joking, but I asked why. Do you know what he said? He said that I have the power to control my life the way I want it and exactly how I want it. That's when he showed me the seal on his forehead. And I hurt for him. And no matter what, I want to set him free from his little cage in the darkness. So he is jealous, and he trusts me enough to let me know that.

Neji hates weakness. But I have too much of it. So it surprised me when after training one day, he told me that even the strongest of people have weaknesses. All of a sudden, it's all so simple. I thank him.

He knows about my father who passed away. When I cry, he watches me. He makes no move to stop me or comfort me. But he lets me cry. And I am thankful for that. He says I am strong. I love that. No one knows about the strongest, most emotionless Hyuuga prodigy and how understanding he really is. So whenever I bite into a jelly doughnut, I think of him. Ironic. Unexpected. But it's the truth.

He knows how hard my life is. He knows how weak I am, how I suffer. He makes no move to show it but I know. So I love him. He knows I do. That is what he understands the most. Hyuuga Neji is a prodigy. He is perfect. But he still tells me that I'm more perfect than he'll ever be. Even though it can't be true, it cheers me up. He always cheers me up, no matter what.

Neji is good at understanding.

So Neji, if I ever have let you down… I'm sorry. And I know that you'll understand that too.

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