I can't believe I'm doing this (sigh). For the first time in my life I have run dry on a story. However I don't want to abandon all the people who like this fic, so instead of abandoning the story, I'm going to rewrite it! My writing style has gotten better since I started this fic and there really isn't a plot yet I have somehow managed to create plot holes. I still like the general idea and characters of this story, I'm just going to brainstorm and overhaul it. Himaru will still teach Team 7, Anko will still stalk him, Orochimaru will still probably be a good guy, Zabuza and Haku will still live, I'm just gonna change some of the details. Trust me, it will be much better. And there will be a plot! Now just please wait patiently for the rewrite, I've got a few ideas and they should start flooding me pretty soon. I'm really sorry about this!