Hey guys! I post once again. This is literally MY POV. Like, I wrote it as if it actually happened to me. So, R and R!

Disclaimer: I don't even know James Patterson, let alone own his characters. I suppose I own myself, though.

Was I having some crazy dreams.

My family stopped at a gas station in West Virginia. Across the parking lot was the Flock. If you're into the books Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment & School's Out Forever, you know who I mean.

One by one I greeted them. When I hugged Max, I looked up at... me. She was in my body and I in hers.

Waving goodbye, I took off into the wind and she got into the car with my family. They were headed back to my home in South Carolina. And me? I was headed back to New York with the Flock.

I've always wanted to fly with real wings. Now I was experiencing it. Wind rushing through my hair and under my wings. Flying with incredibly awesome people. It's such an amazing sense of freedom- you should try it some time.

I hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Anyway, I remember thinking, "I wish this were real. But I know it's a dream because the Flock is fictitious... Maximum Ride is just a book..."

I couldn't help wishing it was more than a book, even in my dream.

I woke up and froze.

Instead of being in my bunkbed, I was in a twin bed with a scratchy blanket. I exhaled softly. Someone was snoring to my left.

I turned to look. All I saw was a form in another twin bed before short hair fell over my eyes. I put up my hand to push it back, and froze again, my eyes dilated.

I don't have short hair.

Before I started hyperventilating, a sudden thought struck me. Could this have anything to do with my wacked dream? Only one way to find out.

I sat up slowly, catching my breath when the bed creaked. The person beside me didn't move. I peered behind me in the semi-darkness as I mentally commanded any muscles in my back to move. They did.

And I slightly unfurled a pair of wings.


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