Hamtaro in: When Heroes Collide: Part IV

"Oh, guys" said Sonic "I barely knew ya"

I felt like Sonic too. I felt sorry for them, those three heroes, dead.

"You'll pay for that, Terminator" said Umbreon

He started to race towards the black probe droid. It raised its gun, but before it could kill him, too, Sonic raced up and stopped it from shooting, allowing Umbreon to get a clean hit.

Then, everyone started attacking, except me. I looked back at the flk team.

"Hamtaro" said Sonic "Their dead! Leave them alone"

Then the black probe droid hit him. Something was telling me something in my heart. I raced towards the now deceased team.

"Maybe" I thought to myself "I can revive them. If this staff can copy abilities, then maybe I can send abilities. If I give them enough power, I could revive them. But, if I do that then I would never copy powers again, or send them. It's a risk I'll have to take"

I raised my staff to them and concentrated hard, I tried to copy my power and send it to them. Then, Fox, Link, and Kirby started glowing, and floating in the air. Then, I stopped, they fell to the ground and stopped glowing, I had my powers still, but they started moving. It worked!

"Ugh" said Fox "What happened. Did we just die?"

"You did" I said "But I helped you"

"How did you do that" said Link "It would take power to do that. But it would never work"

"Unless" said Kirby "Unless he transmitted a copy of his power to our triforce pieces"

I wondered what they were talking about, but I dropped it and said "We should get a move on, the others need us"

"How can we do that?" said Fox

"Do what I do" I said

I started to do a spin attack like Sonic did when I fought with him. But they weren't following.

"You can do that and run faster" I said "So, you try"

Like me, they started off slow, but they did it. They preformed the spin attack, and the four of us joined the others, and the black probe droid fell.

"Whoa" said Sonic "Fox, Link, Kirby, your all alive, and fast?"

"Thanks to Hamtaro" said Fox

"You may have defeated the black probe droid" said Terminator "But you have yet to win the battle. LAUNCH THE SHIP NOW!"

Terminator and the black probe droid ran down two hallways.

"HAHAHA!" said Terminator on the speakers "Ship launched. You are too late. And, F.Y.I., the reactor is about to explode. Can you all stop me, the black probe droid, the ship, and the reactor at the same time? Oh and here's the catch"

Then, an army of probe droids came out of nowhere.

"The black probe droid" I said

"Terminator" said Sonic

"The probe droids" said Fox

"The ship" said Umbreon

"The reactor" said Erik

Then we all looked at each other and knew we had to split up: I went after the black probe droid, Sonic went after Terminator, Fox, Link, and Kirby stayed behind and held of the probe droids, the pokeagents went on the ship, and Samus Aran and Erik went to stop the reactor.

I went down the hallway that the black probe droid went down, and there it was, waiting for me. I withdrew my staff and we started battling:

I raced towards the black probe droid while it shot at me, I jumped over the shots and spinned into it, it hit me in the head with its gun, I got up and defended myself with my staff, I raced towards it and swung my staff at it, but it stopped my attack. I was using all my strength to push against it.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash. The pokeagents, the flk team, Aran, and Erik flew though the wall and ran into me and the black probe droid, then we started flying with them.

We flew into the room where Sonic and Terminator was and hit Sonic, then we were all stopped by a solid wall.

"Ow" said Sonic "What was that for?"

"That was fun!" said Skipper "Let's do that again"

"Let's not" said Umbreon

"No matter" said Terminator "The black probe droid will finish you off"

"I don't think so" said Sonic "'cause I think my spines pierced it"

We all got up and the black probe droid was filled with holes, and blew up.


"System overload" said a computer "The entire facility will explode in 1 minute"

"Well" said Terminator "That's my queue. So long everyone, see you in the afterlife!"

Terminator started to get away in that robot of his, but a big chunk of his ship (Obviously, the pokeagents destroyed it) fell on the wheel of his robot and it couldn't move. We high tailed it out of there. Then, the base blew up and rubble was left of it. Terminator rose from the pile of rocks, defenseless.

"My base, my plan, my probe droids, MY ROBOT! DESTOYED" said Terminator

Fox raised his gun up to Terminator and said "You lose"

But he lowered his gun and said "Good luck finding your way back"

Terminator ran off.

"Oh, YEAH!" said Sonic "We did it! We all did it!"

"Yep" said Fox "Terminator is finally defeated"

"Oh, and by the way" said Umbreon "I believe these belong to you"

He gave me the ham gems and Sonic the chaos emeralds.

"Terminator was using them to power the weather changing machine" said Espeon.

Then, the blizzard cleared and the sun started to set.

"Hey, guys" said Sonic "That was fun! We should see each other again sometime"

"Yeah" said Kirby "that was pretty cool"

Then, Aran and Erik took of their helmets. Aran had long blonde hair, she also had blue eyes. Erik had blonde hair and blue eyes also, but his hair went halfway down his neck.

"Hey, Aran" said Erik "We gotta head back to H.Q. to get my S-rank"

"Your right" said Aran "See you guys later. I hope we meet again sometime"

They walked off.

"Hey, we've got to get going, too" said Umbreon

"Yeah, dude" said Espeon "the other pokemon are going to like, totally be wondering where we went"

"Bye, guys" said Treeko

They walked off.

"Hey, guys" said the hologram of an old rabbit that came out of Fox's vest "Peppy here, great job! Head back home so we can collect our fee. Peppy out" The hologram disappeared

"Well, guys" said Fox "We've got to head home to. After all, we didn't do this for free"

"We'll catch you later" said Kirby

"Farewell, my friends" said Link "Until, we meet again"

"By the way, Hamtaro" said Fox "Thanks for the powers. We'll be in touch"

They walked off.

Then Tails appeared on Sonic's communicator watch and said "Sonic, you did it! You stopped Terminator!"

"We're having a party at the U.S.S. Hedgehog" said Shadow "Want to come?"

"Sure" said Sonic "Don't stop the party without me. Well, Hamtaro, I've got to run"

"Yeah, I've got to run, too" I said

"Hey, Hamtaro" said Sonic "When I first saw you, at first I was a little jealous of your speed. You were like me with a stick. But, as we progressed, I figured you're not all that bad. You've helped me through thick and thin, and revived three people giving them the ability to do what we can do. So, what can I say, you're pretty cool"

"Thanks, Sonic" I said "But if it wasn't for you and your team, I would have never found Terminator, and he would have ruled the world. You're the first one who I've met who can run as fast as me. So, you're pretty cool, too"

"Hey, Hamtaro, your not going to walk to that Island of yours, are you? How about a lift?"

"That would be great"

So, Sonic and I boarded the Tornado 2 and flew us home. Then, he gave me a boat that sent me back to the ham-ham island. When I got there, everything was fine, and I told everyone what happened.

That's how it all happened, my greatest adventure yet!

The End