RJ's New Love.

Chapter 1

Marina Brightwing, a young bat, was flying across the sky.

She had been banished from her colony ever since the metal band was put on her wing.

Suddenly, a bullet flew past her.

She screamed, and looked down.

A hunter was shooting at her.

He fired again.

This time, the bullet hit her wing, and she began to fall...

RJ & his new family were eating a bunch of chips, when they heard screams.

RJ looked up, and saw a young bat falling from the sky.

He quickly jumped up, and ran over to where she was falling.

He grabbed her just as she almost hit the ground.

She looked up at him.

"Are you alright?" RJ asked her.

"No. A hunter shot my wing..."

"Oh, man...What's your name?"

"Marina. Marina Brightwing..."

"Hi, Marina. I'm RJ."

He looked at her wing, and grimaced.

"We need to get that bullet out."


"I've seen humans do it. I know how."

RJ carried her over to the log...