Chapter 3

RJ wrapped his arms tenderly around Marina's waste, careful not to hurt her wing.

Marina looked at him, and she looked beautiful.

RJ began rubbing his hands down her back, and rubbed his hand across her good wing.

It felt alien to him, and he was curious.

RJ began kissing her neck, and moved his head down, licking her now-stiff nipples.

Marina moaned in ectasy.

RJ's head moved down again, and to her clit.

RJ stuck his tongue inside it, and Marina began panting.

RJ found her G-Spot, and she climaxed.

He licked up all her juices.

Marina pulled herself up against him.

Their bodies rubbed together, increasing their ectasy.

RJ slowly pushed into her, and she gasped.

Soon, however, all the pain turned into ectasy as he began pushing faster & faster.

Marina was in mega ectasy, and loved every bit of it.

Finally, they both climaxed, and their juices mixed together.

They smiled at each other lovingly, and kissed again.

"Thanks, RJ...I feel better already."

"No prob."

They married and had kids(wow), and lived happily ever after.