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He didn't have time



Chapter 1 "He said goodbye"

It had been 20 hours of hard labor, but he had done it. Harry gave birth to two beautiful twin boys. They looked just like their father. He couldn't have been happier, life was perfect.

"We did it Oliver we made these two and now they're here and I think they look perfect, just like you."

"No, Harry you did it. Now why don't you take a rest you've earned it." The famed quidditch player/ war hero watched as his boyfriend drifted off to sleep. He liked Harry he really did, but this wasn't the life he wanted. He was a war hero he fought side by side with the order on the front lines. He was loved by all and he could have it all and he would soon.

Harry was a good kid and Oliver admired his healing talents; he knew the boy was a powerful wizard. In fact that's how they met. After the final battle Harry was the one to heal him. Even at 17 Harry was their strongest healer.

Harry was pretty and shy and Oliver flirted with him shamelessly. Truth be told there was no one besides Harry worth shagging in the hospital wing. Eventually he wore down his defenses and got the shy healer to go out with him and his reward was the young boy's virginity. It was a good shag not the greatest but maybe it would get better with time. The two started dating and he would take Harry lavish parties hosted to celebrate heroes of the war. All was going well until nine months ago in a drunken state Oliver forgot the protect charm.

At first he tried to ask Harry to get an abortion, but he lost the nerve when Harry talk about how happy he was about the baby. So he waited out the long nine month pregnancy. He let the young healer do everything, because he wanted nothing to do with the brat yet to come. His life was set fame riches and hot little witches. There was no way he was going to waste his life on unwanted burdens and a whiny bitch who wasn't even a good lay. So he waited for the med-witch to do the hourly check before he pulled his wand the sleeping brats. Oliver waved his wand and softly spoke the incantation the twins glowed in the darkness.

"Oliver what did you do?" The quidditch player was startled turned to see Harry standing not 2 feet away from him. He cursed himself for forgetting that Harry was a light sleeper.

"I did what had to be done Harry. This is not my life and I refuse to live it. I leave it and you in the past. Tonight I'm leaving I have already moved out of that little shack you call a house. This was the last thing I had to do." Harry was frightened as to what his ex-lover had done to his children. He ran to the crib and gasped in shock. His twins no longer had straight brownish blonde hair but now had messy black hair just like his own.

"What did you do to them?"

"I disowned them. They have no Wood magic or what muggles call DNA. They are Potters now. Now you can't collect support because they are no longer mine. In fact as far as I am concerned they never were."


"Why did I wait so long? Why did I stay with you? Simple the spell doesn't work while the brats are still in the womb. Besides I need time to find a new boyfriend, who by the way is an incredible shag, unlike you, and a new flat to live in."

"You can't really mean that after being together and creating the twins?"

"Those bastards were a mistake of a drunken night I forgot a contraceptive charm and nothing more. If you were smart you would have aborted them when you found out, but you didn't. You want to be tied down with those little beasts of burdens that's fine, but I want no part of it. Not that it matters I was going to leave you soon anyways. You're to cling and a lousy lay. I thought you get better with time but I was wrong. I want no part of this nightmare. I have a life and Victor's waiting."

Harry's world was crashing down around him. It had been a lie from the moment they met. Even those words of love he heard when he lost his virginity was nothing but lies to get him to spread his legs. His god fathers were right and he was too blinded by this false love that he didn't listen. He watched his ex-lover pick up the quidditch bag he had given him when he made the professional leagues swing it over his shoulder and give him a smirk.

"So long Harry I hope you enjoy your crying brats." With out looking back the quidditch star strolled out of the hospital room and out of his life. Harry felt tears fall down his cheeks as his heart broke. Just when he was about to give in to the misery he had heard one of his sons wake mewing for his bottle. His cries were soon echoed by his brother.

"Hold on loves daddy's here." Harry scooped up one of the babes in his arms and held him close. A hospital house elf appeared with two fresh bottles Harry took one as he sat in the rocking chair and began to feed his hungry baby. While he fed his older son the house elf changed his younger son's dirty nappy allowing the babe to wait his turn in comfort. Harry smiled sadly as he kissed the top of the soft messy black hair of his son.

"I don't have time for self pity. I have you two wonderful angels to feed and look after. I promise I'll never let you both down." Once the bottle was empty and the baby was burped, he hand him to the house elf to be changed, so he could tend to his other hungry son. "You two are everything to me. I won't let anything come between us or let a pretty face distract me from what is important." With this promise set in his heart he held his tiny son close and rocked him to sleep.

An: She didn't have time by Terri Clark

He said goodbye from the edge of the porch
Like she'd been some casual friend
He said "You're better off without me, I'm not what you need" like her momma had said about him
He started the car pulled out of the drive didn't waste anytime lookin back
She watched him go thinkin even a stranger would show more compassion than that

She could've cried but she didn't have time
She had a baby to feed, a pink blanket to find, to rock their little one to sleep
She could've laid in bed for hours giving misery the power
But she didn't have time

She got a sitter and she got a job 'cause she had a promise to keep
Her day was a factory and evenin survival and night was exhaustion and sleep
Sometimes she felt life was passing her by and watching was all she could do
Her friends said "You gotta get outta the house and maybe you'll meet someone new"


She could've tried but she didn't have time
She had a five years old to feed, she had ballet class, piano lessons and t-ball little league
She could've laid awake for hours giving lonely nights the power
But she didn't have time

Not time, where would she find the time to trust a man again
Not time, for that flat tire, a crowded parking lot and then,
Not time, but yes have coffee with the man that got her tire fixed
She was thinking "Gosh, he's handsome"
When he asked
"Do you have kids?"

She could've lied but she didn't have time, all she said was "She's five"
He said "I saw the car seat, I love kids, does she have your eyes"
And they sat and talked for hours givin destiny its power
She could've been afraid to fall in love that night
But she didn't have time

She could've been afraid to fall in love that night
But she didn't have time

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