Carved in Stone

Disclaimer: I don't own Gargoyles or Buffy. If I had my way Gargoyles would still be cranking out new episodes every week, but the universe seems to care very little for my opinion.

Ratting: Teen

Summery: While on patrol just before graduation Xander meets a very interesting female that will alter the course of his life.

Authors Notes: Sorry folks the characters from the Gargoyles cartoon won't show up for a while, but they will show up. I will also be messing with the Gargoyles timeline a bit as you will see, and I'm also going to be bringing in elements from the Gargoyles comics, as well as the rumored spin-offs.

"Why did I think this was a good idea?" Xander asked himself as he wandered down the street after dark, alone. "I mean yeah, I took out those zombies, but that's a big step away from patrolling by myself."

Suddenly Xander heard an ear splitting shriek, followed by an inhuman roar. It was obvious that something bad was happing close to him.

'You know if this was a movie, people would be yelling at me to be smart and run the other direction,' thought Xander as he ran towards the sound of the conflict.

The sight he saw frightened him to the core. Right there in the middle of the park a big green something was tearing through a group of humans like they were tissue paper. Of course it was at this point nature decided to throw him for a loop as one of the previously thought humans turned to dust as the larger demon ripped of the vampires head.

Deciding to let the larger demon do all the heavy work Xander calmly walked around and dusted the mangled corpses, while trying to keep out of sight of the green demon.

Wait, scratch that last statement. Even though the green creature wasn't even close to being human there was no mistaking that it was female. Well that is unless the males of that species had the same defining attributes as human females, you never could tell with demons.

As Xander watched the fight he had to once again consider his theory that turning into a vampire made you extremely stupid. The green female was about six feet tall, had talons instead of fingers or toes, a bone spike coming out of her tail that she obviously knew how to use on vampires, and was using what looked like a tomahawk like she was born with it in her hand. If the bloodsuckers had two brain cells they would have run away the second they saw her instead of attacking her.

Of course his luck being what it was this was the moment that the killing machine noticed Xander. And as the creature turned her glowing blood red eyes towards him Xander just barely succeeded in not passing out, something he would have to remember to celebrate if he lived through the next five minutes.

As the creature got down on her hands and legs and started to gallop towards Xander, the founding member of the Scooby's drew the short sword he had been carrying, figuring that a stake would be less than useless in this situation. Of course considering that this monster could rip his head off with its bare hands, he wasn't sure just how useful a short sword would be either.

All of these thoughts passed through his head in the few precious seconds it took for the creature to reach him and leap toward him. Using all the skills he had learned in his years fighting vampires Xander used all of his upper body strength to send the sword gracefully along a deadly arc that was guaranteed to expose the vital organs of his opponent to fresh air, if only it had connected with said opponent. Instead the sword whistled harmlessly through the air connecting with nothing more than a few gas molecules, causing Xander to overbalance and fall flat on his face.

Groaning Xander opened his eyes, he was sure that the sight that would greet him would be a green taloned hand about to slash his throat. Needless to say he was surprised when the sight that greeted his eyes was not his quickly approaching death, but the green she demon fighting a Polgara demon that had been sneaking up behind him.

The fight between the demons seemed to be more evenly matched this time. The Polgara seemed to be just as strong as the forest green she-demon, and the armor on the new arrival seemed to balance out her skill with a tomahawk.

As the fight went on Xander couldn't shake the feeling that the female was actually trying to protect him, not just ignoring him for a better opponent. It was crazy, and his thoughts concerning non-human females was admittedly flawed, but it was the way he felt.

The fight was brutal, with the green monster taking large chunks out of the other demons natural armor with her weapon or her talons, but for every chunk she took out she seemed to receive a long gash somewhere on her body. After just a few short minutes only her wings were unmarred by wounds, or the blood that poured out of these injuries.

When the end came, Xander wasn't surprised to see the victor collapse onto the ground soon after the dead body of her opponent. The battle had been harsh, but now it was Xander's job to finish it.

As he walked over to the fallen creature Xander watched her chest rise and fall, as she took one shallow breath after another. There were many times that he was tempted to turn around and let her live, but he quickly and brutally squashed those feelings. This was an unknown demon, on a Hellmouth, if he didn't kill her now there may not be a later.

When he finally stood over the creature, his sword raised, she turned her head using what was left of her strength to see the face of her executioner. Now up close her face looked so human. Her eyes were no longer a demonic red, but a soft brown like his own eyes. As she locked eyes with him, her face became a mask of such fear and sorrow, that he hesitated the few moments the sun needed to peek over the horizon, and turn her to stone.

As Xander examined the stone statue that had been a flesh and blood creature moments before he tried to bring images of Ms. French and Ampata to his mind, but every time he thought he had worked up enough reason to get a hammer to make sure the creature was dead, his eyes would be drawn back to her face. The stone statue that the creature had become seemed to enhance the emotions that were playing across her face in the seconds before she was frozen, and every time he saw them he just couldn't bring himself to shatter her.

Sighing, Xander slowly started to walk out of the graveyard. He had to find a pay phone so Giles would know what had happened, and then he was going to do the stupidest thing he could think of and go back to the statue to make sure that no one else shattered her. He really hated proving his teachers right.