By Yellow Mask

Spoilers: Just Roy's 'playboy' attitude.

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA.


Roy Mustang and a nameless woman are having sex in a cheap motel. Her eyes are closed, so are his. This is not a loving coupling, or even a one-sided tryst. They are using each other.

She is thinking of her fiancée, dead for two years now, and it is his hands that she imagines caressing her body. She is so lost in her mind that she can almost hear him breathing into her ear 'I love you'.

For his part, Roy has not closed his eyelids to see an ivory-skinned, ebony-haired goddess. He sees Riza.

As it is with so many women he has slept with in the past years, he imagines Riza Hawkeye beneath him. Within his mind, the lilting moans gain a sharper edge, from a voice used to barking out orders. The soft palms running across his back are mentally roughened, as his mind supplies the calluses gained from fighting in a war, from holding a gun. With the soft skin beneath his own fingers, he tries to fool himself into feeling the twisted scars gained from many battles, innumerable injuries. When he buries his face into her hair, smelling the sweet scent of floral perfume, he almost convinces himself he smells gunpowder.

When they are finished, he strokes her blonde hair almost idly. As always, while he has found a release of sorts, he still feels empty and incomplete.

She's not Riza.

He remembers when he went with Maes to a bar and picked up his usual 'type'. He had pointed her out to Maes, who had glanced, raised his eyebrows and murmured 'She looks a lot like Hawkeye.'

Roy had never pointed out any of his 'dates' to Maes after that. The man had picked up something no-one else had. That all of the women he slept with resembled Riza in some way or another; blond hair, red-hazel eyes, strong jaws. He ignored the doey eyes, the soft voices, the dainty hands.

Because Roy Mustang did not want them. He wanted roughened skin, hard eyes, a sharp, unfeminine voice.

He wanted Riza Hawkeye. He wanted…loved…the one woman he could never have.

And because he could not have Riza, he had to make do…

…with substitutes.


AN: This came to me a while back when I was pondering why Roy dates so much. I thought about it for a couple of minutes, and it came to me. Suppose the military has some sort of anti-fraternisation policy? Wouldn't that mean he was forbidden to date Riza? Hence, I decided that these women were substitutes for the one he loved but was forbidden to touch.