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"If two men declare an interest in a woman, it's her duty to choose which one she prefers, if she does prefer one."-Lady Knight

Disclaimer: Everything but the plot belongs to Tamora Pierce

Corus, after the war

Chapter one

The war was finally over and they were back in Corus. Only a few Rider groups were left on the border to hold it down till spring. Kel was happy to be back, she had not seen any of her family for over two years. The palace was a rush of excitement in the hurry for Prince Roald and Princess Shinkonami's wedding. Even thou she was happy for them it would have been nice to settle down before being consulted on flowers, dresses and everything else not to mention being stuffed into a dress.

With the prospect of finding someone to go with was annoying. When she entered the ballroom she was greeted by a frantic bride-to-be trying to decide on whether she should carry roses or petunias. After Kel told her roses she mumbled

"So that makes 6 roses, 5 petunias."

"Shinko, just pick which one you like best" I told her calmly.

"Riiiggghhht. So who are you coming with? " Shinkonami asked calming down.

"No one yet, I don't know who is available." Kel replied

"Can't I go on my own?"

"No silly, you will have a date even if I have to ask one for you." The Yamani said.

"You wouldn't." Kel said shocked.

"I would" the princess countered.

"I'll get one myself" the lady knight grumbled before she stomped back out.

"I think Nealan and his cousin are free!" Shinko called after her.


"Dom! I told you weeks ago to get a date. The king will make me go to social events for a year if even one of my officers does not come with a date" Raoul said exasperated to one of his sergeants, one of the most eligible men at court.

"Sir, I don't know who is available." Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle replied.

"Kel and Yukimi are free so ask one of them and tell your cousin to ask the other." Raoul told him.

"Got it, sir, Right on it sir" Dom bowed walking out.