Please Don't Kill Me!!!!!! I know it's been forever since I've updated but I've been well, growing up? I haven't read these books in ages so when I was cleaning my room (AKA torture) I picked up Squire and started reading. It got the wheels turning and yeah you get it. So here's the next chapter, enjoy!


She sat in the stable stroking the large horse. "Why do I need a date for this wedding, Peachblossom?" She sighed miserably. She knew who she wanted to go with but she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She knew Neal and Dom both liked her but she didn't like…

"Kel! Are you in here?" a voice called out to her. "Yes Dom. I'm with Peachblossom." She replied her heart skipping its customary beat. He walked over to her and leaned on the stall door and her horse blew into his face. "Okay horsie, no leaning on your stall door, I got it." He stepped backward slowly.

"Kel," he said looking into her eyes "Will you be my date for the royal wedding?" "I wou…"

"YOU ASS! HOW COULD YOU! YOU KNOW I LIKE HER!" screamed an enraged Neal.

"Neal, calm down NOW." Ordered Kel before her friend did something he would later regret. She should have known it would come down to this eventually. "I'm sorry Neal but… I don't like you like that. You're my best friend but you'll never be anything more." She spoke softly to him as her friend looked at her coldly.

"Fine. Is anyone else in the palace in need of a date?" he said. "Yukimi." Kel replied. She would give him some time to accept it. She didn't like hurting him but if it didn't happen now it would have to happen later. He turned around and walked out.

"Kel, what was your answer going to be?" Dom asked. "Yes of course." She replied with a small smile. "So, I'll see you then?" he said. "Yep." She replied.


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