Honey Nut Cheerios

"Blegh." Sora was sitting on the kitchen counter, rooting through his boyfriends cabinet for cereal, "Cheerios."

"Sora, you like cheerios." Riku sipped at his coffee.

"No. I like honey nut cheerios." Sora hopped off the cabinet with the box of cereal in his hands.

"You can't eat plain cheerios today?" Riku grabbed the box before the smaller boy could throw it in the trash.

"Eating plain cheerios is like eating soggy card board." Sora wrinkled his nose at the older boy.

Riku pulled him into a hug and whispered in his ear, "Well, what if I made you breakfast instead?"

"The last time you tried to make me breakfast, you blew your toaster up..."

"I was seven and though mud was a major food group." Riku pulled away, his arms still around the boy.

"Your mother still won't let you cook, what if we go out to eat?"

"Yeah...that'll work." he kissed Sora before pulling away to get his keys.

Cheerios need honey. Period. Riku does know that mud doesn't go in the toaster (nor in any other kitchen appliance) but still felt it neccesary to prove that mud is a major food group (that could be served hot or cold).

I'm a bad author, I know. I have to update Sometimes, and I will. I have a page and a half done. I want two more than I'll post.