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She slowly brought her hand to cover her eyes, the sun was already rising. She hadn't been able to sleep very well as her thoughts were like a whirlwind. Sitting up she rubbed her eyes, removing the sleep that was still attached to them.

'I need to buy better curtains.' She thought, pushing away her covers.

For the past seven years, she had been trained by Tsunade. At the very beginning, she had found it hard. But over time, she developed a bond with her teacher and respected her in many ways.

"Sakura, were heading out."

She heard the faint voice of her mother coming from the lower level of the house. Finally getting off her bed, she walked over to her dresser picking up her hair brush. Her eyes caught the sight of the old picture that was framed on the wall. It was an old picture probably taken during the first training session with Kakashi. Sakura was on the ground smiling, with Sasuke and Naruto fighting over something in the background. This picture held many memories of the past. Most of them good but it also brought back all the pain that Team Seven had gone through a couple months after.

She brushed off the bad vibes she got from the picture and walked over to her bathroom. Staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, she couldn't help but smile. Sakura had matured over the years, her body now reaching one of a women.

Once she had finished in the bathroom, she tied up her hair in a small ponytail. All she was missing was her Hitai-ate, which she always seemed to misplace. Swiftly running around her room, she finally remembered where she had left it. Lifting up her pillow, she found it laying on her bed sheets.

Truth be told, Sakura still believed in luck after all these years. Today was indeed a very special day to her. Tsunade had finally agreed to let her apprentice pass her Medic exam that would allow Sakura to be in Tsunade's personal guard. In some sorts, Sakura would become almost like a chief or captain to the other Medic's. It was a very big honor to Sakura that her sensei would consider her for that position.

Grabbing her Hitai-ate, she put it around her forehead with pride and honor. She was certain that she would succeed in her exam and couldn't help but feeling excited for what the future would hold. Picking up the rest of her gear, she left her bedroom and ran down the stairs. Glancing around, she noticed that her parents had already left for work. Compared to many of her comrades, Sakura came from a regular civilian family. She was the only one of her family that had ever decided to become a Shinobi. Her parents didn't always agree with her decisions however, they had accepted her role once Tsunade had become her sensei.

Walking out the front door, she noticed a familiar head.

"Naruto?" She asked, closing her door. Her close friend head moved as soon as he heard his name. Before she could react he had her in his arms.

"Sakura!" He yelled, squeezing her harder. Sometimes she wished she could be invisible.

"Naruto, can you please let me go?" She barely whispered, her lungs being squeeshed by her blonde friend.

Realizing what he had done, he let go on her suddenly letting her fall to the ground. Sakura glared at him as she stood up removing the dirt from her uniform.

"Sorry about that." He said, crossing his arms. "I'm just a little too excited about your exam."

She raised her eyebrow and laughed. "I don't know how you can be more excited than me."

He laughed as well and turned around facing the road ahead. She stared at his back and smiled. She hadn't been the only one who had changed over the years, her idiotic friend had somehow achieved maturity as well. His facial features now showed more than just his baby face, he had a couple scars from s-ranked mission and his eyes showed a different side of him.

"Good luck Sakura." He softly said, dropping his hands to hers. "I am sure you can do this!"

She removed her hands from his and gave him a soft punch on his right shoulder. "Thanks Naruto."

They both stood there for a couple of minutes in silence staring at the road ahead. The sun was rising, creating beautiful shadows across Konoha.

"Is Sasuke around?" She asked her friend. Sakura sighed when he didn't answer her, which only meant two things. Either the jerk of an Uchiha was training or too busy to come out of his home. It still took time to adjust in saying his name. They had been fighting against their teammate for so long that she had forgotten how it felt to casually say his name in a friendly matter. Sasuke had been granted to reenter Konoha once the Hokage had cleared him of all his crimes. In a way, Team Seven was the only reason why the Uchicha had come back to his native roots. They had fought, bleed and gone through traumatic events in order to bring him back home. Though the end result was well worth it.

"Doesn't matter, I'll go see him later." She softly said, scratching the back of her head. "He better be training…" She mumbled this time walking towards the Hokage tower leaving her blonde friend behind.

Over the two years that Sasuke had been back home, Sakura had developed even stronger feelings for him. After months of trying, the Uchicha had agreed to a date with her. Which lead them to where they were at now, in a relationship. She still couldn't believe that she had scored Sasuke just like she had always told herself when she was younger. It was quite the achievement but also heartwarming that he felt the same towards her.

"You're late!"

A voice brought her back to reality as she bumped into the soft chest of her sensei. Looking up, Sakura met with the Hokage's eyes and her body suddenly became very stiff.

"Sensei, I didn't realize I was late." Sakura quickly said in her defense, taking a few steps away from her teacher. She hadn't realized how long she had been in her thoughts.

"Oh come on, it's not that bad." Tsunade said walking towards the building. "Lets get this show on the road."

Sakura gulped as she took quite steps behind her sensei, this was going to be something….

'Dear god…' Sakura thought as her head fell on the desk. This exam had been much harder than expected. Besides the usual written exam, the rest had been very excruciating. 'I better pass this, I don't feel like doing this ag-'

Her thoughts were irrupted by the sounds of Tsunade dropping a pile of books on the ground in front of her. Sakura lifted her head in curiosity, staring at her sensei.

"This Sakura, is a very important book." Tsunade picked up the largest book from her pile and brought down on her student's desk with a thud. This book was about the size of a small chair. "Think of this as a manual of sorts. Inside you can find remedies, treatments and almost anything regarding wounds or strange illnesses. I strongly suggest you carry this with you at all times, as it is a crucial element to a Medic."

Sakura blinked and coughed. "I have to carry this with me at all times?" Her eyes observed the size of the book, not sure how she can be an efficient shinobi if she had a bookcase on her shoulder.

Tsunade couldn't help but laugh, "My dear Sakura…" Her sensei did a series of quick seals and the book vanished in smoke. All that was left was a small scroll which her sensei grabbed in her hands. "All you need to do is summon the book and you have all the information you seek within seconds."

Sakura nodded as she smiled at her sensei. "Not to be rude… does this mean I have passed?"

Tsunade laughed once more and through the scroll at her apprentice. "That is exactly was it means. Congratulations Haruno Sakura, you are now a true Konoha Medic."

The younger medic jumped up and quickly grabbed her sensei in a strong hug. "I can't thank you enough Tsunade-Sensei!"

Removing herself from her student's grip, she shooed her away towards the door. "Go celebrate!"

Sakura didn't need to be told twice. The speed of her legs brought her outside, where once again she was met with a familiar head.

"Are you stalking me Naruto?" She asked him, crossing her arms.

"No!" He said almost in fear, taking a few steps backwards. "I'm just curious to know how it went."

"I passed." She said with one of the biggest smiles Naruto had ever seen.

"I'm so happy for you Sakura!" He jumped towards her, hugging her like before. This time however he released her before she could say anything.

"I'll meet you up later for drinks alright?" She started running towards the Ucihha part of the time, "I'm going to go see Sasuke."

Before Naruto could warn her not too, she was already out of his sight. He sighed, looking down at the ground. Today was defiantly an interesting day.