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Chapter Five

burn /burn/ burned or burnt, burning, noun

–verb (used without object)

4. to give off light or to glow brightly:

Wuya still couldn't believe her ears. Chase had been gushing over the past half hour like a school girl who'd just been asked to prom. First, he's locked in his room all week while trying to recover from that horrible burn he got in the volcano.

"They're so amazing-"

Yes, to her utter horror, it was indeed possible for Chase's flawless skin and body to be harmed. All thanks to that damn fire-brat, Kimiko. If Chase hadn't been so occupied with her miserable form, he could have gotten out of there safely. To her suprise, Chase had actually bothered with the brat instead of letting her burn. He had the Staff of Flames ((I know, I'm changing the name. But really, "Thorn of Flames" is that the best I can do? NO. IT'S NOT. THIS ONE IS BETTER, EVEN IF JUST SLIGHTLY. Let's continue.)), why hadn't he just booked it? And what was with her fainting? People don't normally faint all willy nilly, do they?

"You should have seen it! It was like-"

Maybe he knocked her out! That must be it! She was about to get the Shen Gong Wu, so instead of going through the hassle of a fight, he just went "boop!" knocked her out! That made sense.. It had to.


But that didn't explain why 'Chase' was acting the way he was. Now that she noticed it, he did seem a little more 'shiny' than usual.

Seeing a second Chase walk up to the shiny, loud Chase confused her a tad further for a moment, but then reason dawned on her, as it became quite obvious when the less-shiny of the two shoved the other across the room, only for it to shatter against the wall into tiny mechanical pieces.

"Ahhh, Chase," she greeted, arms open wide as she sat up from His throne. "How are you feeling? I warmed your chair up for you!" Of course he ignored her nasally brattle and sat in his now, although he'd never admit, comfortably warm seat. He reminded himself to make one of his cats be his permanent seat warmer. 'Oh, that would be rather delightful,' he smiled inwardly, but furrowed his brows as he was brought out of his musings by Wuya.

"Where is Spicer? "

"Here I am! Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!" He groaned as Jack fell onto his marble floor, (he would have to wax it later), which led to Wuya shrieking at the moron. It was all very repetitive. Insipid and repetitive. Sighing, he rose and walked over to the whining heep on his dirtied floor.

"Collect yourself, Spicer. Did you deliver the message?"

"Uhh, yeah, but I don't know if she got it. She kind of got thrown through a wall and-"

"A wall? Just what are they making those kids do?" Wuya asked incredulously. Chase couldn't help but want to nod his head in agreement.

"Well like the Chase-Bot was telling Wuya earlier- IT WAS SUPER WICKED AWESOME! At first, Kimiko was all "Fwoompch!" and Omi was all "SCritchsaksd!" and then they were both like "!" And that's how she ended up through the wall." He finished with a bow, and Chase turned to Wuya with an eyebrow raised. She was rubbing her temples. It was bad enough she had suffered through most of Jack's jibber-ish throughout the years, but now she understood it.

"The bald boy and the fire-girl were sparring and it got a little out of hand. Apparently the little japanese girl has learned something after your little engagement in the volcano.. Care to explain, Chase?"

"Not really," he glanced at her with a level expression. He had just sown the seeds of his plan and the sprouts were already starting to grow, he didn't need her going to Hannibal Bean to mess it up, but he supposed letting her know a little would satisfy her curiosity for the time being. "The time has come for us to try once again to obtain the Chosen One and bring them to the Heylin side. These walls grow stale; don't you think we could use some fresh meat to accompany us?" He turned with a smirk at his two... acquaintences.

Wuya frowned. She rather liked it being just her and Chase (with the occasional disturbance from Jack). Although she had been rather bored waiting for him throughout the week. She sighed.

"Well, who is it this time? The little bald one again? I suppose he may actually stay this time. Of course last time we-"

"You do know the unrivaled danger of an unkempt fire, do you not?" She faltered.

"What? Of course I do. What kind of question is that? That's how my first three husbands lost their fortunes." She snickered as she reminisced.

"The Wind is free, and untamed. Destined to roam the Earth. The Earth is unmoving but forgiving; while sometimes it is harsh, it does not stay so for long and will return to it's mild ways. Many times I have tried to grasp Water in my fingers, only to have it slip between them. And when I finally believe I have it held just right, it is swayed by the other elements and stays true to it's fluidity. It too, wishes for freedom." He turned and walked out the door of his thrown room, and into the grand entry hall. Not waiting for the others, he began the long trek down the many stairs and to the entrance of his cave.

"Chase," Wuya called after him. "Where are you going?" Nothing of what he had said made any sense to her. Understanding Jack was one thing. A monkey only speaks so much english; but Chase was another story entirely. One of his warriors padded over to him, and he paused to scratch it's head.

"Fire, is opposite. It is so deadly and wild, yet yearns to be tamed when to be used for good. The destructive force of fire is so very amazing. A conundrum. Just think if we had such destructive power.." He grinned. "Right now, we're dealing with wildfire. Lethal, unmastered, and uncontrolled.. But I plan to change that. I will forever have that flame under my control, and never will there be a force more powerful than Chase Young. Never."

"This is perfect!" Suzaku chirped happily, "Chase wishes to meet with you! This is even better than my idea of trying to kidnap Chase using whipped cream and some fire-proof rope!" Kimiko didn't even WANT to touch that one. "All you have to do now," she started, "is infiltrate his lair by pretending to cross the Xiaolin Monks and joining the Heylin side!"

Kimiko had considered that at some point she may need to pretend she was a spy and maybe say a few lies, but actually joining the Heylin side? Maybe she was getting into more than she could handle.

"Woah, wait a second, there, Suzaku-sama.. I think maybe you're going too far. I don't know if I can cross my warriors.. And if joining the Heylin side means living with Jack, Wuya, and .. Well, that's definitely too much."

Suzaku stared Kimiko in the eyes with a stern expression.

"What did you expect? You and Chase would meet in a pretty restaurant, have a romantic evening, kiss and be done with it?" Kimiko looked down , slightly ashamed. "You are a warrior, and as such, your mission is to cross sides to get them to trust you. You WILL seduce Chase. Consumate. Then, you will be able to overthrow not only him, but all others that stand against the Xiaolin Warriors. You will be a Master Dragon."

"A Master Dragon?" It took a moment to sink in; the idea of becoming the highest rank of a Xiaolin- no- an Elemental Warrior. Then it hit her-


"Yes! Consumate! Aiyah, girl! Haven't you ever had sex?"

Kimiko blushed heavily and looked away.

"Aiyaaaahhh! This is going to be more trouble than I thought! Kami help us!"

Kimiko awoke with another headache. Rising with a groan, she felt the cool summer night around her. She unwound the strict bandages from her head slowly. Sneaking as best she could past her bamboo curtains, she went to maybe find water to help her dry throat.

Looking up at the bright, moonlit sky, as she walked on the outer walkways, she could tell the full moon would rise soon. A day or two, probably. Turning the corner, she was greeted by the sight of Master Fung standing on her favorite bridge, he too staring up at the moon.

As if sensing her presence, he motioned for her to join him with a sweep of his arm, never taking his face from the moon's gaze.

"Master Fung?"

"It is a beautiful night, isn't it, Kimiko?" Handing her a canteen, she took it graciously; taking gulps as he continued. "It is not easy- growing up; progressing in time. I have known many warriors, many wonderful people, many of them succumbing to the master of us all." He looked at her with a sad look in his eyes, as if he knew her already. Had known. "Sometimes, one must do what fate expects of us, to fully fulfill one's fate and desires."

He sighed, and Kimiko handed him his canteen back with a confused expression. Her stomach felt slightly uneasy, and that maybe her future held something she wasn't prepared for.

"The Cherry Blossom blooms late, compared to the Chinese Lotus, but it's beauty is bountiful and untamed. I once fell in love with a Cherry Blossom such as yourself. She was passionate like fire, and she brought me many joys." Still facing the moon, he continued, but Kimiko thought that maybe she could see him looking at her from the corner of his eye. "She died early, after blooming late, and I mourned in the mountains for some time. I vowed that I would not let such a tragedy befall unmastered beauty again. Kimiko," he said, this time turning to face her. "Your fate dances on the winds of time; it flickers wildly and holds many chances of danger. Do what you must to survive and trust in yourself.

Of course, you can always trust in us, too." This time he smiled, his mustache rising on his face as his eyes crinkled.

"Thank you, Master Fung.. I'm a little confused and concerned, but I appreciate it nonetheless?" He turned to walk away, "Will I be okay?" He faced her slightly, again only looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"Only if you stay true to yourself, and do what you can to survive. A candle will only burn for so long without oil, there must be someone to manage it, fuel it, and shelter it. Do you have someone to manage the flame within?"

Kimiko didn't know how to respond. She thought it was her duty as a warrior to control her own fire within. What did he mean by having someone else to manage it?

"Do you me-"

"Come, Kimiko. You should rest more. You took quite a blow during your spar with Omi."

She nodded, but questions still ran through her mind. She wondered if she'd be able to sleep at all.

Next time: Kimiko and Chase meet on the night of the full moon. It seems like everybody has a plan to deceive somebody else: Suzaku wants Kimiko to go to bed with Chase to fulfill her powers and unite, but what does that really mean? Chase wants Kimiko for himself, for reasons known only to him, but what does he have in store for them both? And all poor Kimiko wants to do is stay a virgin! Can she somehow find a way to get Chase to teach her how to unite with her dragon, like he did with Omi, without making her have sex with him? And if he can't, does that mean that Chase had sex with Omi? These Burning questions remain until next time!

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