Yes, I DID write this is the same day as "Of Ideals and Bedsprings" I was inspired...That was so much fun to write, plus my mother and I were talking about babies, which spawned this idea.

I usually despise little kids, but they have their cute moments...Like when my baby cousin throws stuff at me and then sits on my butt, his idea of cuddling. It's also cute when a little kid proudly shows off his "girlfriend" to all of his friends and they shriek something along the lines of "EEEEEWW! COOTIES!" Childhood romances are so sweet. Here's to ArthaxMoordryd puppy love!

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First Impressions

Gray eyes observed the race below him with rapt attention. This was the first time his father had brought him to a race in Sun City and it was fascinating. The dragons were faster and stronger, and the gear was sleeker and more powerful. Six-year-old Moordryd Paynn had never seen such an amazing sight in his life.

A pair of baby blues glanced down at the Elite Class race for a second, at his dad's insistence, before focusing back on the 8-bit racing game in his hands. Dragons were dragons and gear was gear, he'd seen enough of it all at his dad's stable. Six-year-old Artha Penn had never wanted to be at home playing with his baby brother more.

In an attempt to distract himself, Artha thought back on the people they had met today. A shockingly tall man with long white hair and cold steel eyes. The man had sneered and mutter "How nice to see you again, Conner" in a voice that made Artha think that he really wasn't happy to see his dad. After being shuffled off to the side when his father said that they were going to have an "Adult Conversation," Artha turned his glace to the munchkin beside the tall man.

She was cute, really, though she resembled her father down to the pale skin and the beginnings of a unibrow. Her gray eyes were softer than her father's, reminding Artha of dust bunnies rather than steel, and the white hair hung around her shoulders looked soft compared to the over-gelled mullet her father bore. The girl's face was round, as children's faces tend to be, but one could tell that her features would slim down until she was practically a clone of her father.

When the winner of the first race was announced and the riders prepared for the next race, Moordryd sat back in his seat. His father didn't ask if he was enjoying the race, Moordryd had a sneaking suspicion that he didn't care and only brought his son to make an appearance as the loving father. The white haired child glanced at his father, who was having a dull conversation with someone important, and thought back on the other boy he had met today.

Big blue eyes dominated most of his face, partially obscured by messy bangs. Childish pink lips pouted against a tanned face. Other than those astounding eyes, he was fairly plain. Moordryd had cocked his head when he caught the blue-eyed boy staring, and attempted the aloof glare his father maintained at all times when Blue Eyes (as Moordryd had dubbed him) smiled brightly at him.

Artha wasn't quite sure, but he thought that White Hair (as Artha had dubbed her) was trying to imitate an offended baby dragon. Pale lips curled into a sneer and gray eyes narrowed, Artha had seen wyrmlings look like that while they were still trying to establish a pecking order. He briefly wondered if she was trying to stare him down, and he accepted the challenge with a glare of his own.

Although vaguely surprised when Blue Eyes' grin turned abruptly into a glare, Moordryd didn't back down. He intensified his glare, though he felt as though he had failed some important test and earned the other boy's animosity.

When White Hair's glare doubled, Artha tried to look even more intimidating. Thus, a Glaring War started. Artha was only briefly aware of hid father tapping him on the shoulder and insisting that they should go if they wanted to get to the snack bar and back before the next race started. The next race didn't matter, the snack bar didn't matter. All that mattered was beating White Hair in the Glaring War. He would NEVER be beaten by a girl.

Word Paynn glanced at his son, mildly pleased to see that the boy had already taken a disliking to Penn's little brat. Moordryd was following in his footsteps nicely, glaring at little Penn while he exchanged carefully masked insults with his father. He called to his son and then turned and stalked away, Moordryd attempting to match his long stride.

As both children turn and walked away, they pondered over their meeting.

'Artha,' Moordryd mused, 'probably would have been nice to be friends with.'

'Moordryd,' Artha thought, 'Is a very silly name for a girl.'



Yes, Artha did mistake Moordryd for a little girl. We all know that someone had to at one point, so deal with it.

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