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That Shirt

A tight scowl in place, Artha began another flurry of jabs. His efforts were largely ineffective, as Moordryd was dodging every single blow. He clutched the purple-encased wiimote and the nunchuk attachment close to his body and leaned back and forth in time with Artha's futile punches. When Artha stopped to wipe a bead of sweat from his forehead, Moordryd took his chance and lashed out with a punch. Artha was down for the count before he even realized he was hit.

Resisting the urge to throw his own wiimote and nunchuk, Artha growled in frustration. That was the TENTH TIME Moordryd had won like that! He stomped his foot childishly, "That is so CHEAP!"

Moordryd placed his controllers on the coffee table gently, "Not cheap, just smart." He smirked widely. While these tactics had been ferociously boring, Moordryd knew that they would definitely get a rise out of Artha.

And what a rise he got.

Forgetting how expensive the white controllers were, Artha flung them onto the couch and lunged at Moordryd. The other, having fully expected this, caught his would-be attacker. What Moordryd didn't expect was for Artha to pull the age-old cheap hockey trick. The white-haired teen yelped in surprise as he felt the hem of his slim-fit shirt being pulled up and over his eyes. The surprise tactic worked, and Artha was released.

The black-haired teen hadn't expected his trick to work, and was at somewhat of a loss of what to do now that Moordryd was stumbling around comically with a t.A.T.u. shirt tugged over his face. When the blinded one tripped over a pair of Artha's Vans and landed on the couch, still trapped by his own t-shirt, Artha wasn't sure whether to go help him, or laugh.

He decided on both, making no attempt to suppress his mirth as he reached forward to grab at Moordryd's shirt. After an awkward struggle, Moordryd was freed.

But...Not quite in the way he planned.

The rumpled gray t-shirt slipped over Moordryd's head and was tugged halfway down his arms before Artha realized that he was pulling the wrong way. White hair was sticking out of place and eyeliner was smudged around shock-widened eyes. Artha mirrored the expression before abruptly letting go of the t-shirt and turning away with a blush.

Recovering his composure, Moordryd slipped the shirt off his arms and proceeded with the task of turning it right-side-out, all while grumbling about how wrinkled it was. He pretended not to notice when Artha peeked, but was barely able to suppress a blush when he felt the other boy's gaze travel down his neck, chest, and belly to rest on the studded white belt that was practically unnecessary for holding up the too-tight, stonewashed, and stylishly-ripped jeans that Moordryd insisted on wearing. Decided against donning his shirt for the moment, Moordryd stood and sauntered over to the not-quite-discreetly staring boy.

When he noticed Moordryd standing, Artha snapped his neck around fast enough to give anyone whiplash. His shoulders tensed up as Moordryd draped a long, bare arm about them.

"Eyes to yourself, stud." Moordryd practically purred into his...boyfriend's (?) ear, earning shiver from Artha. Swallowing hard, the recipient of the embrace tried not to move. (Moordryd could be very fickle, lashing out at Artha if he attempted something with less-than-pure intentions) Artha's back became painfully rigid as Moordryd slipped his arms lower, encircling his waist and sliding under his layered shirts to tug lightly at the belt loops of a baggy pair of pants.

When Moordryd smirked against the back of his neck, pressing a teasing kiss there, Artha lost it.


End. I'll leave you all to think of what happens next.

Here's a hint: Two teenage boys, one shirtless. XD (I think I know what's happening!!!!)

So...Yeah...I guess t.A.T.u. isn't REALLY emo music, but it's what I was listening to at the time. Ya Solsha S Uma, to be exact.

Time for another small look into the (admittedly disorienting) brain of the Cheeseburger! I planned out this chapter on my math homework, and this is how I outlined it:
Wii Boxing
Asterisk (Asterisk is an inside joke, just sort of a code between my friends and I for anything sex-related.)

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