When One Door Opens

Rune Wolfe

Disclaimer: I own none of Kyou Kara Maou

Note: Lyrics are from a song called 'Looking through her eyes,' by John Petrucci

Chapter 1: Chances

"She never really had a chance
On that fateful moonlit night
Sacrificed without a fight
A victim of her circumstance"

Yuuri sat on the end of his bed, watching the sun drift closer and closer to the western hills. It was about four in the afternoon, so evening was not yet in sight; however something seemed missing from the day. Perhaps, he wondered, tilting his head to one side, it was the utter lack of Wolfram the entire time since morning. He hadn't been seen since breakfast. However little hints of his existence had been found everywhere, his jacket on the bed, and few books left open on his chair in the library…so truly there shouldn't be anything to worry about….right?

However, it was strange, this was unlike Yuuri's fiancée, and every extra minute he wasn't there, the king began to get more nervous. Though he wasn't sure in what way he was nervous. They hadn't fought the day before, in fact it had been quite peaceful, and Wolfram's disposition was very pleasant.

That must have been it, Yuuri thought; Wolfram had seemed strangely at ease yesterday…or unusually tired.

Finally, having waited for the man quite long enough, Yuuri decided that he would go in search of Wolfram himself, instead of waiting for the blonde to come to him. This would be an unexpected change in their relationship.

He stood, glancing once more out the window, and left towards the door.




After searching the library, the kitchen, the armory, and the rose garden, Yuuri seemed at a loss for ideas. Wolfram was nowhere. He paced thoughtfully beside the barn. All the while, soldiers pass by, marching to and fro with horses, weaponry, and the occasional barrel of booze. And all the while their king paid no notice. He didn't think to ask anyone if they had seen his fiancée, he decided to go on doing this his way.

Trudging back through the empty corridors of the castle, he sighed. This would be one mission that he had failed. But just as he passed by the large portrait of Lady Celi, he noticed that one of the doorways was open ajar. Not that he knew where it led, he had not yet learned all the passageways of the palace, but he decided to go inside.

Being sure not to open the door too far, he entered. He was first greeted by the sight of a large, shimmering chandelier and it hung very close to where he was standing atop a grand staircase. Yuuri edged closer to the banister in order to get a better view. He was in the grand ballroom. This was where they had celebrated Conrad and Yozak's wedding.

The room was shaped like an incomplete circle, the only straight wall being where the king was now standing. On the opposite side however, was a wall made almost completely out of windows through which the king could now see the setting sun.

Just then, Yuuri noticed that no lights were on, just a few flames flickering on gilded candelabras on the lower level. He leaned over the railing just slightly to look down at the floor. And there he was! Yuuri had finally found Wolfram. But before the king called to him, he realized that the boy was…dancing, much like a ballerina. From the top steps he looked like a fairy, or perhaps a flaxen haired pixie. The Yuuri watched in awe at his delicate yet powerful movements.

That was until his entertainment noticed that he was watching. Wolfram, having been caught off guard, tripped backwards and fell onto the marble floor. "Oi! Hennachoko, what do you think you're doing!" His face glowed a deep shade of red.

Descending down the stairs towards his fiancée, Yuuri was still in awe, "since when have you been a dancer, Wolf?" He ignored the fact that Wolfram was hyperventilating.

The prince blushed as the king came within a few feet of him. "E-every self-respecting man knows how to dance," he huffed, pulling himself up off the ground. However, just as he stood, he awkwardly tumbled to the ground grasping his foot.

"Hey! You alright?" Just like Wolfram had dreaded, Yuuri ran over to help him.

"I-I think I twisted me ankle." The blonde was blushed as he tried to avoid Yuuri's concerned. His heart nearly stopped as Yuuri sat down next to him, still looking worried.

"Should I get you anything?"

Wolfram shook his head, "I just need to sit down a minute. This happens a lot."

The king was suddenly bashful, "I'm sorry, this was my fault, I shouldn't have surprised you."

"Shut up, hennachoko, this wasn't your fault. I've had this wound since before you were born." The prince snapped, gingerly flexed his foot, testing the nerves and muscles to see if they had recovered from their minor shock. He flinched as a sharp pain ran through his body. "Dammit," Wolfram muttered underneath his breath, "I'm going to be here awhile."

Still apologetic Yuuri scooted closer to him, "then I'll sit here with you."

"You don't have to," Wolfram whispered, "You probably have something else to do anyways." In that moment he sounded very lonely.

"It's alright," Yuuri grinned, "I want to." He didn't notice the prince's blush.

There was a long silence that filled he air. "You looked beautiful," the king murmured shyly.

"What?" Wolfram stared at him suspiciously.

The boy was suddenly nervous, "I meant while you were dancing! You were- I mean you are a very good dancer!" He could feel his cheeks turning red. But unlike he had expected, Wolfram didn't strike him, nor did he take Yuuri in a stranglehold.

"Its nothing special," Wolfram shrugged, having let his walls down. "Anyone can do it."

"I can't!" Yuuri announced, trying to reassure his fiancée of his talent.

The prince looked at him strangely, his eyes lost in thought. Slowly his hand drifted across the dark marble floor to gently brush Yuuri's. His emerald eyes watched the boy's movements carefully, fearing that Yuuri might draw away. But he did not. Slightly more confident Wolfram spoke, "would you like to learn?"

Yuuri turned his face away, trying to hide his blush as the blonde shyly squeezed his fingers. A normal boy on Earth would not want to openly partake in ballet or any form of formal dance, especially with another male; however something was drawing him to Wolfram's presence.


And with this single word, a boy embarked upon a journey to his future.




Yuuri's fingers met the smooth wood, from it he could see his face, he could see his tears as they fell to meet the surface. He couldn't even watch as the masterpiece of carpentry was carried away from him. The king turned to look at the gray sky, droplets of rain falling upon his cheeks to conceal his tears.

He wondered why this had to happen…why life had to take terrible unexpected turns. Now a grown man, it felt strange to cry, yet comforting at the same time. It all seemed to have gone by so fast, every bittersweet memory.

As voices called to him from the distance, he took one last glace at the words carved on his wife's new crown. A crown made of stone that the person it commemorated would never get to see. From where it stood in the green grass, the determined wildflowers nearly covered its fateful message:

"In loving memory of our beloved queen,

Wolfram von Bielefeld."