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Chapter 1: Tohru and Kyo

Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure felt a warmth flow through thier bodies, one like they had never felt before.

"D...did work...what happened?' stammered Yuki. He stared down at his hands, flipping his palms over, looking down into his hands.

"Only one way to find out..." said Shigure. He stared at Tohru, who stared back at him.

"Shigure..." At that he glomped the small girl. To their suprise, he did not change into his dog form, he stayed the same old Shigure.

" work...!" Shigure yelled, smiling brightly. Yuki and Kyo smiled as well, laughing with happiness.

"How Tohru, how!" said Yuki.

"I don't really I did it..." she said.

She looked over to the beaming Yuki who then came over and hugged her tightly. He starred deep into her eyes and whispered into her ear, "Finally...I can hug and touch you, while being me..." Tohru blushed dark red violently and gasped. She looked up to him staring into her eys smiling. Turning she noticed Shigure chuckling slightly, a hand over his mouth, then walking away to give them space. She looked over at Kyo seemed as if he was going to cry.

"Kyo..." Yuki's smile turned into a slight frown as Tohru was concered about Kyo and not him. He turnd his face back towards him and smiled at her. She frowned and pushed him away as Kyo walked quickly out of the house. "Kyo!" she called after him.

Yuiki growled as he watched Tohru chasing after his 'friend'. "I'll be damned if that cat will win her over..." he spat. He walked out the door and followed after them.

"Kyo! Please wait up for me!" Tohru called out, huffing as she ran for so long chasing him. "Kyo!" She plunged through bushes and plants, tripping over stones ever now and then. "Kyo!" Finally he whipped around, his face with an expression Tohru had never witnessed. His eyes had actual tears forming in them and the sadness just ached at her heart. "Kyo..." She walked over to him, leaning her head against his chest. His face bright red, he could feel the heat in them. His heart skipped a beat. Tohru had actually chased after him and now she was here...her head on his chest. Kyo felt a rush of warmth run through his body as she slid her arms arouns him and began to softly cry. He gasped, slightly moving backwards at the shock of Tohru's hug.

"W...what is it?" he said stammering.

"I'm sorry..."

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" He sighed and hugged her back. For th first time she was able to touch him, without him turning into his adorable cat form. No longer would he be that horrible monster, sustained by the beaded bracelet he was forced to waer on his wrist. He was free from all he torment that he had gone through all his life. It felt so good to feel her touch, the warmth of her body pressed to his.

"I'm so sorry Kyo..."

"Don't be Tohru...please don't be sorry..." He embraced the small girl tightly. His eyes squinted, the tears still formed in his eyes. He heard her muffle his name and gasp for air. "Oh my God! Sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you!" He let go of her immediately. "Are you ok!"

She smiled. "Yes Kyo, i'm ok."

"Good," he said sighing in relief. He hugged her lightly, making sure not to hurt her again.

"Kyo...what's with you?" She starred at him in amazment. Never had Kyo been like to her. He stared deep into her eyes, they sparkled with everything her ever loved aboutt hem.

"Tohru..." he whispered. "There's something I need to tell you..." His lips just inches away from hers. So close she could feel his breath on her lips.

"W...what Kyo?" she siad nervously.

"Tohru I lo..."

"Hey guys! I've been looking for you!" Yuki emerged from out of the bushes waving at them furiously and smiling.

"Later..." Kyo said sighing and walking away.

"But Kyo wait! Tohru shouted extending an arm out to him as his he would turn around and take her hand, taking her with him. But he kept waking. She looked at the ever so happy Yuki and sighed. "Hi Yuki..."

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