Final Author's Note: (first a bit of history and thank you, then story details, and finally, notes/preview about the sequel)

Thanks: First and foremost, before I begin my info session, I'd like to thank all my fans/reviewers who have stuck by me even when my writing sucked. I love all of you! aaliyah60002000, Admiral Raikou, Agetada, Akatsuki-Haiiro, Amy Hirosaki, AncientHistory, anime-girl50, Black Light Princess, bleedingcherry, chinsui-hime, Demain Matin, DesertPeach, DFCC, elf-princess4, Fullmetal Otaku-chan, green24, ilovedrunkrocklee, InuKaeba, Jayna M., Kahuri-chan, Kichino Sarafu, Loveless-Beloved-Endless, Masatar Torlyl, Mask of Mirage, Mikutashi, OrchidHedgehog, pagelupin, Psyco yaoi fan girl, Redroseprincess678, Reigning Fyre, Renjay, Riharu, Seshura, Shinimegami7, sicily iris, SteelBlue, Taisho-Arashi, UnforgivableSins, Unseeliedarkness, WhyTheHellDontSheLoveMe, wolf-deamon333, XkidPythona, Yami No Baiken

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Sort of a History: Phew! Okay, now onto business! So, I came up with this story concept when I was at my friend's house, and I actually began writing it the night before we left for Cedar Point. I give much, mucho, lots, tons, of thanks and love to B2 (code name, don't ask) a.k.a. Unseeliedarkness who has helped me again and again with this story. She is the one who helped me with plotline development and she also was my beta for every chapter! Anyways, I have continually pushed myself to be at least a couple chapters ahead by the time I posted. In fact, by the middle of this fic I was pushing myself to be at least five chapters ahead (even with all the research I had to do on pregnancy/multiple births/raccoon pregnancy/etc)! Crazy, I know, although I do recommend it. One thing that I must warn all writers, which was mentioned before by another author that I can't find at this moment…I quote (what I can remember anyways…): "Writing does not magically transfer itself from paper to computer, although I wish it did!" I wrote probably around ten of the chapters on paper and it's a bitch; however, it does mean you catch more of your mistakes!

Info on Devil in the Sand: Alright, so for all those people out there wondering, or who have gotten confused over time (considering that there were a few small discrepancies when it came to weight and such); B2 and I have contrasted a timeline of all the events that occurred…

Day 1: Kimimaro fight/Lee and Gaara have sex/Gaara gets pregnant: prologue and chapter 1

Two weeks: Gaara arrives home wounded and sick/Lee breaks down: chapter 2 and 3

Two weeks and one day: Kankuro goes to doctor to get medicine: chapter 4

Three weeks: Gaara keeps on getting sick and asks Shukaku who tells him to ask Temari: chapter 4

Four weeks (one month): Gaara's been moody and nauseous/Gaara talks with Temari who comes up with the pregnancy theory/Gaara asks Shukaku and Shukaku confirms Gaara's pregnancy: chapter 4

Four and ½ weeks (one month and ½ week): Lee reaches River Country and begins his mission: chapter 5

Five weeks and five days (one month, one week, and five days): Gaara overhears his siblings talking about the weight gain/figure overhears conversation and vanishes into the night: chapter 6

Six weeks (one and ½ months): Gaara has gained 15 pounds and is experiencing horrible pregnancy symptoms/Temari and Kankuro ask Gaara to talk to Shukaku who tells him he's having triplets/Gaara tries to kill the babies: chapter 6

Six and ½ weeks (one month and two and ½ weeks): Lee reaches Lightening Country: chapter 5

Eight weeks (two months): Lee leaves Lightening Country: chapter 5

Ten weeks and a couple days (two months, two weeks, and a couple days): Lee confesses it was Gaara that he slept with/Naruto tells team Gai about Shukaku: chapter 7

Fourteen and ½ weeks (three months and two weeks): Gaara has gained a lot more weight/sand siblings request mission to Konoha: chapter 8

Fifteen weeks (three months and three weeks): Sand siblings get month long mission to Konoha: chapter 8

Sixteen weeks (four months): Sand siblings reach Konoha: chapter 8

Seventeen weeks (four months and one week): Gaara gets new clothes/sand siblings go out to dinner/Konoha shinobi notice Gaara's weight/Gaara destroys plate and rushes out/Konoha shinobi follow Temari and find Gaara fighting Kankuro/Kankuro's close brush with death/babies kick for first time/Shikamaru figures out Gaara's problem/the bet: chapter 9 and 10

Seventeen weeks and a couple days (four months, one week, and a couple days): Kankuro confronts Kiba: chapter 11

Seventeen weeks and five days (four months and five days): Meeting in clearing/sand sibs confront Konoha boys/Gaara threatens death to anyone who tells/Neji tells Lee: chapter 12

Eighteen weeks (Four months and a week): Gaara pukes up blood/Lee and Gaara see each other for the first time since conception/Lee takes Gaara out to lunch/Gaara and Lee sex: chapter 13 and 14

Nineteen and ½ weeks (four months and three and ½ weeks): Gaara's been staying with Lee at all times/Gaara gets intense stomach pain/The 5th examines Gaara and informs Gaara and Lee that one of the babies is dead/Tsunade agrees to keep the secret about the babies/explanation about miscarriage/Tsunade performs c-section/Tsunade explains the male pregnancy thing and how Gaara's development is sped up: chapter 15 and 16

Nineteen and ½ weeks and one day (four months, three weeks, and five days): Gaara wakes up/Gaara is kidnapped: chapter 17

Nineteen and ½ weeks and a couple days (four months, three weeks, and six days): Tsunade sends out ANBU and the Konoha ninja to find Gaara/Gaara awakes at Orochimaru's and talks to Kabuto/Gaara finds out he is unable to use his powers/Orochimaru and Shukaku make a deal: chapter 18 and epilogue

Twenty weeks (five months): Gaara is raped/Gaara sees Sasuke: chapter 19

Twenty-two weeks (five months and two weeks): Gaara is peeing a lot and puking/Gaara has gained 55 pounds/Gaara is tired all the time/Gaara bitches out Sasuke: chapter 20

Twenty-three weeks (five months and three weeks): Kiba is attacked/Kankuro nearly kills the attacker/Temari has a little break down and Shikamaru comforts her/Orochimaru has a party and dresses Gaara up/Gaara is almost raped by someone other than Orochimaru/Orochimaru beats up the man trying to rape Gaara: chapter 21, 22, 23, 24

Twenty-four weeks (six months): Kabuto frees Gaara/Kiba and Kankuro have sex/Kankuro is gravely wounded/Orochimaru confronts Kabuto: chapter 25, 26, and 27

Twenty-six and ½ weeks (six months and two and ½ weeks): Shukaku uses Gaara's body to kill the escaped prisoner/Gaara is feeling the weight of the pregnancy: chapter 27

Twenty-eight weeks (seven months): Lee feels a bit down/Team Gai finds corpse/Gaara goes into labor/hours later team Gai finds Gaara and takes him back to Konoha/Gaara pushes away guilt/Gaara sees his siblings/Tsunade performs c-section/Gaara has three babies instead of two: chapter 28 and 29

End Timeline

And that my friends' is how everything went down +nods head in satisfaction+. Next we have some of the quirks. This story was a big struggle for me when it came to characters. I have tried ever so hard to keep everyone in character. Gaara was especially hard because his personalities after the Kimimaro fight and after he becomes Kazekage (even though he isn't when the story takes place) is torture to write. Then I had to add the pregnancy into the mix, which meant I had to satisfy the need to see pregnancy hormonal emotional flips and keep him well enough in character. Damn that was hard. I hope I accomplished it!

Another thing I'd like to mention is that yes, Gaara does love Lee. If you remember, he doesn't quite know what love is, or how he's supposed to feel love. He loves Lee, just in his own special, naïve way. Next thing to note is the reason behind Gaara's guilt/shame at the very end. I'm not sure if it was really clear why he felt that way, but I'll mention it now for all parties that are confused. Orochimaru was able to rape Gaara, which is a fact we all see. There are two things to point out when it comes to Gaara. 1. He finds this reality horrifying. He sees it as a weakness and he, Gaara, is never weak. 2. Gaara allowed Lee to touch him, because he trusted Lee. With Orochimaru on the other hand, he feels violated and dirty because that was something he only entrusted to Lee; his first real friend. I'm hoping that cleared that thing up a bit, but if not, message me and I'll try again!

Why didn't I kill off Kankuro? I love the little bastard and I made him go through three near death experiences. He deserved life.

Why didn't I keep up with honorifics throughout the fic? You know how freaking time consuming it is to use the honorifics that every single character uses for different people for 31 chapters? F-ing hard. So, after the first couple of chapters I stopped. It was just too dang difficult.

Why did Gaara spit up blood before he miscarried? When women miscarry, most find blood spots down in their nether regions sometimes weeks beforehand. Gaara, as I have mentioned, doesn't have a vagina (he has a uterus, which is different) so the blood had to come out somewhere.

How much weight did Gaara actually gain and why so much? Gaara gained about 70 pounds during his pregnancy. Raccoons actually gain about 120 percent of their body weight when pregnant. If Gaara had gained that much, he would have been 253 pounds! Women who are carrying triplets typically gain 1.5 pounds each week. Usually they gain between 50-60 pounds by the end. I kind of balanced out the two. So, in the end, Gaara gained 2.5 pounds per week, which is around 60 percent of Gaara's original body weight.

Why did the demon baby only take two months to develop? Raccoons are pregnant for around two months; thus the reason why I mentioned "raccoon demon" in the epilogue.

Why wasn't Lee included more in story after chapter 17? As much as I hate to say it, Lee just wasn't as important to the story as Gaara was. Lee's reactions and Lee's experiences are very predictable and I just didn't deem it necessary to waste everyone's time with fillers; considering I did that once near the beginning of the story and no one really liked it (okay most people were irritated and mad because of it).

The biggest question I think everyone has; why didn't Gaara think more about Lee while at Orochimaru's? The dream Gaara had his first night there was very symbolic of his feelings at the time. He felt as if he had lost Lee, which caused him pain to think about. Then after Orochimaru rapes him, he feels guilty. Therefore, all feelings and thoughts Gaara had about Lee were pushed to the back of his mind. Gaara didn't want to feel these painful emotions that he got when he thought of Lee, so he locked them up.

If there is anything else anyone would like explained, please, don't hesitate to message me! I would love to hear from all of you!

The Sequel: I am pleased to announce that the sequel is in healthy condition and that I already have planned out the plotline and started writing! The first chapter should be up relatively soon so don't forget to check back frequently. And here is what I am assuming you've all been waiting for, the description and preview…

Description: As I have mentioned before, the sequel is about Gaara and Lee's children. The story is cut into segments because I have around four time skips planned. The first segment takes place four years after the end of Devil in the Sand. I apologize profusely to all those who wanted to see the baby years of the children. In this point in my life though, with a baby sister who drives me up the wall and my gradually growing annoyance at baby stories in general, I couldn't bear the thought of writing about it. I'm really, really sorry! Anyways, back to the description…the first segment helps set up characters and establishes family relationships and who got together with who, etc, etc. I am warning everyone now that, yes, that asshole +cough+ I mean, sweetheart, Uchiha is back in Konoha. I refuse to write Naruto with anyone but Sasuke so you'll just have to deal. May I also mention (read between the lines here people) that Naruto is the one and only creator of the technique Sexy no Justsu. I didn't do what I did in the sequel because I randomly wanted to throw in more mpreg, I did it because the characters I could get out of the two of them were like a Holy Grail when it came to cast.

The segments that follow are similar to the actual Naruto series in the fact that there are the Chuunin exams and whatnot that the characters have to go through. Is there a difference between the sequel and the actual series? Yes, a huge one. What my goal was with Devil in the Sand, and with its sequel, was to make them both Soap Operas. Yes, I admit, I wanted them to be Soap Operas. Do you remember when you found Devil in the Sand and it said, 'Drama' for the category? If there had been 'Soap Opera' I would have chosen that instead. I wanted them both to be focused more on the characters then on action. The Naruto series is really weird when it comes to that, because every episode/book tends to be either all action or all character stuff. Especially during the exams when you see nearly everyone's past. The main cast in the sequel is also very different from the series. There really isn't any 'main' character and the main team is nothing like Naruto's group. There is, however, a part of the cast that follows down the path of its predecessors, but whether or not they follow their fate will have to wait until you read! Hehe!

The last segment, I will tell you now, is not very clear-cut like Devil in the Sand was. It could very well end with the sequel, but the ending is so crazy that I'm debating whether or not to write a continuation after the sequel! However, I'm not sure you all will still be with me by that time, and if I don't have people who want it, then I won't write it because, well, the last installation of the series would be the most difficult to write. If it does become a trilogy, I hope all my fans will still be there to give me support, because I know that I sure will need it!

That's all I have to say for now folks! But I hope to see you all come sequel time! I love all of you and I hope this little excerpt leaves you wanting more!

Excerpt from the upcoming sequel, A Demon Born From Sand:

Kichiro walked alongside the road, a gloating smirk upon his face. He knew exactly where he was going. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew exactly what was happening to those vermin that shared part of his blood. His crazy grin grew wider. Too bad Kichiro the human had never really existed. He was sure that's who everyone would have wanted though (if they knew). Especially his father. His father was the only one who knew. His father knew that it was the demon that lived. The only human part of him other than the body was a few faint lingering human emotions given to him by his once upon a time inner self. The poor fools who didn't know otherwise would always be just that; fools.

I hope that piqued your interest+grin+ See you all again really soon!