Hush Little Baby

Written by Chibikan

AN: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters except for maybe an OC here and there

Summary: At the final battle, Harry and Voldemort face off once again, their wands linking. The resulting spell causes some unexpected effects.




The final battle had arrived. Everyone, Death Eaters, Aurors, and Order members were gathered on the threshold of where used to stand a beautiful home. In a fury of hate and madness, the battle had begun. And quickly Harry Potter had found his target, Voldemort. The cause of all this evil, all this hate, all the death and destruction stood before him now. And it was up to Harry to fulfill his destiny and kill the wickedness before him.

And so, once more, the battle had begun, with the outcome ultimately weighing on the two opposing forces in the center. Slowly, everyone turned from their own battles to watch the fight of the century take place. For almost an hour the two of them fought. It was very clear to all present that these two were evenly matched. Almost the instant one shot off an offensive spell the other countered with not only a defense but his own offense. And everyone realized that they could be there for a very long time.

But it wasn't to be too long. For both were tiring of this merely playing with each other. Each faced the other. This was to be the final blow. Who ever won this attack would be the victor of the entire war. Who would win? The Dark Lord or Harry Potter? Was the wizarding world doomed to be enslaved by a megalomaniacal tyrant? Or was it to be freed from tyranny and risen from the ashes of the prejudices it had fallen under years before?

"Now it ends, Potter."

Both raised their wands at once. And in unison both shouted. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The beams of light met in the middle and a standoff began. Whomever was incapable of pushing back the light would be the one to meet his end that night. Both put all their might, all their heart and soul into the attack. However, as one of them had more of a soul then the other his was easily the stronger of the two. He managed to push the light back at his opponent.

And in the end it was Potter who triumphed. The green light engulfed the tiring Dark Lord. Everyone turned their heads as the light grew brighter. The screams of the Dark Lord grew louder, and then, oddly enough higher, shriller until it wasn't a pained, death cry they were hearing. It was the cry of a child. This sound drew everyone around to look at the place where the Dark Lord had stood. Instead of a dead body, as there should have been, there was a tiny one foot tall child. The child wore the robes of the dark lord, bunched and clutched to him, they were far too big and almost buried him. He had big blue eyes that looked around with fear and confusion and a tussle of black hair that covered his forehead. His chubby face matched equally chubby hands, he still had his baby-fat. He looked around at everyone staring at him, then to a nice looking man who was now standing over him, then he scrunched up his face. And began to cry.

AN: Prologue done. Yes, Voldemort is now a baby, or rather a two-year old tot. Doesn't your heart just break for him?