This is an conversation between Draco and Harry so not much elaboration.

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Warning: Light implications and shonen-ai.

What is the meaning of,

By: Hiki-chan

"Potter!" Draco gave Harry an incredulous look, "I do believe I'm not hearing right. Are you trying to tell me, that you, Harry Potter, hero of the wizarding world and all that trash, does not know the meaning of the word, 'SHAG!'"

Harry blushed lightly still not very sure of the word, "Quiet Malfoy! If its that bad a word then you shouldn't be saying it out loud."

Pale blond eyebrows rose, "I can't believe this, go ask Granger or Weasley!"

"I can't!" Harry insisted, "I only hear it when they whisper from one to another before they both would make their way to Hermione's head prefect room."

"Well what do you think they are doing in there!" Draco exclaimed not believing this one bit.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know. I thought maybe there were studying…"

"Studying!" Draco sputtered, his eyes growing wide, "You think shagging means 'studying'!"

"I won't know, you won't tell me!" Harry bit back fiercely.

"And why wouldn't you know! You're a teenage boy for Merlin's sake,"


"What do you mean SO! Have you ever heard of hormones!"

A blink, another blink.

"Sweet Salazar, I seriously cannot believe this. And you wonder why I call you Saint Potter." Draco spat.

Harry glared, "I do not wonder about that!"

Draco rolled his silver-grey eyes, "Whatever Potter, just tell me, don't you read or hear anything!"

"I've been locked up in that sardine can that my muggle relatives call a room since I was a kid! What do you expect!"

Draco sighed before he flicked back some of his fringe, "Why don't you ask Finnigan or someone."

"If its suppose to be something I know I don't want to tell them, they'll laugh at me!"

"And what made you think I won't?" Draco asked back.

"Well, you aren't!"

"That's because I'm too shocked, Potter!"

"Just tell me what shag means and I'll bugger off." Harry told Draco exasperatedly.

"Why are you asking me of all people!"

Harry blinked once, "Actually I don't know. I mean, I know you're my rival and all, but you seem to know what it means I guess… But now that I think about it," Harry paused, "I think it's because I have no one else to ask."

Draco sneered, "Why don't you ask your big oaf of a giant?"

"If you mean Hagrid!" Harry glared heatedly at Draco, "He's still a grown man, it feels weird!"

"It would be funny to see his reaction…" Draco sniggered.

"Just tell me what it means, Malfoy! Why are you beating around the bush so much? I thought you would out-rightly tell me what it meant."

Draco was about to bite back but then a thought hit him. What Potter said was true. What the hell was he doing? He should just out-rightly tell Potter what shag meant. But the idiot was really so innocent.

Ah screw this.

"You know, if you really want to find out," Draco gave Harry a sultry look and circled the boy, "Maybe I can show you..."

Draco took a stunned Harry's hand and brought him towards his own room.

An hour later.

A voice was heard from Draco's own private chamber.

"Malfoy! You didn't need to show me what shag meant! If I wanted sex I would have just asked! I did not ask to be thoroughly shagged!"

Another voice was heard, "Well Potter, I didn't hear you complaining when you were screaming out my name!"


Before the first voice spoke up, "So what now?"

"Another round?" asked the second voice.

Silence again.

"Why not."


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