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Sakura Family: the richest family in Japan but second of the most influential, rival of the Hyuuga family. Clan who posses the alice of water or ice.

Hyuuga Family: second richest family but the most influential, rival of the Sakura family. Clan who posses the alice of fire.

Mikan Sakura: 15 yrs. Old alice: nullifying, water and ice.

She is just a junior at school

Yukio Sakura: 16 yrs. Old alice: Ice

He is a senior at school, older brother of Mikan

Rai Sakura: 16 yrs. Old alice: Water

He is a senior and twin of Yukio

Natsume Hyuuga: 16 yrs. Old alice: Fire

He is a senior student

Ruka Nogi: 16 yrs. Old alice: animal pheromone

He is also a senior, classmate and best friend of natsume


It was aver nice Spring after not until the car of the heir to the Hyuuga treasure just passed by, but not like the usual he was alone, the famous playboy of Tokyo was riding his Porsche Carrera GT. He was cursing…..

Flash back

Natsume Hyuuga one of the worst enemy any one can have just passed by two boys he dislikes most…unfortunately they are his classmates…

"look who's here?" the boy with a black hair which is messy and deep blue eyes said

"oh isn't it the famous hyuuga" another boy with dark brown hair which is messy and has deep green eyes said.

"it's just Yukio and Rai" he said and gave them a smirk " I don't need to waste my time with people like you" he said then continued walking but before he can take another step an ice dagger just hit the soil in front of him that made him looked back at them giving them a very bored look

"Now… what do you want?" he said in a very cold tone

"I challenge you to a duel" Yukio (he is the one with deep blue eyes)

Natsume just turn facing at them, creating his fire in his hand. He just accepted the dare.

So it was a battle of ice and fire……no one can tell who's gonna win until…

"Yukio…stop wasting time…we need to go now…I think she's not yet home" said Rai (he is the one with deep green eyes)

and to that Yukio ended their fight and said

"let's continue this fight some other time Hyuuga" and gave him smirk

"hn…I'll be waiting for that" he said then walked away from them

End of flash back

(A/U it is a black sports car, its top is open well I mean it doesn't have any roof. You get the picture right?)

He just got off from school. He stopped his car because the stop light just said stop. Many cars were passing by the opposite direction, he then glare at his right, he was just beside a coffee shop.

Something caught his attention, but it wasn't the aroma of the coffee, his eyes laid sight on a certain brunette. She was drinking her coffee and was reading a book. She is still in uniform, but the uniform seems so familiar. It was as if time stopped when he saw this girl, he didn't even realize that the stop light was now green until….

"BEEEEEEEEEP" a car from behind him echoed

He then turned his attention to the car behind him, it was a black Mercedes the driver was very impatient all ready, it was as if he needs to go somewhere important. This annoyed Natsume and being Natsume he just gave the drive a "don't-tell-me-what-to-do-look".

The driver then sweat dropped, so he was shut, Natsume then gave another glance to the girl, but the girl was already gone …. He cursed the driver behind him, but nothing good will turn up doing that so he drive very fast.

On the other hand, the brunette went outside a coffee shop, She was holding her stuffs as if waiting patiently for something, then a black Mrcedes pulled in….

"oh…..Miss Sakura please forgive me for being late…. " a voice came out of the car…..

"it's okey Mr. Takaaki.." the brunette said giving him a sweet smile

" Arigato Miss…." The driver told her

"let's go now" she said cheerfully "don't worry I won't tell Yukio or Rai" the blinks at him.

She was talking about her two older twin brothers.

"Arigato… Miss Sakura" said the driver and opened the door for her

"how many times should I tell you to call be Mikan…" she said smiling at him then enters the car.

He just bow his head to her and enters the car…… after 30 minutes of drive they finally arrived at a big mansion. As soon as she got out of the car she saw two figures standing in front of her……

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