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It wasn't that Stephanie didn't love Hunter. She did, and very much, but she knew what was good for business. She had always had a head for business, at least that's what her father had always said. She took that as a compliment, her own little gem that she took with her through her years that led her here, and where she knew she could thrive. Stephanie knew what was good for business, and she knew that she was going to do everything in her power to make what she was a part of the exemplary part of the show

So she knew this was a good idea. She only had to make Hunter (the nickname he had gotten years ago from his parents that had stuck with him lo these many, many years) see the same thing.

"So I think that would be a good idea," Chris said as he had outlined this affair storyline for himself and for Stephanie.

Stephanie had sat there, listening to him talk on and on about the show and the history and she had nodded with every word. He had really thought this whole thing through and she had to commend him for that. She hated when wrestlers would come up to her with half-baked ideas. It was usually just a strategy to get themselves on television more when their talents were actually sub-par.

With Chris it was an entirely different story. Chris could carry a match, and he could certainly carry a crowd. He had been doing it for years now, and the culmination of those years was the reason why he was sitting atop the proverbial mountain with the two belts by his side. And her character, the caricature of herself that she played on television would see nothing but those belts, but the ideas he had right now, were perfect.

There was nothing that she and Chris had but history. She was sure that it was one of the longest on-going storylines in the company, probably only eclipsed by her on-screen marriage to her off-screen boyfriend, Hunter. There was another piece of long-running history. But what Chris was suggesting, using their history to amplify their current storyline was brilliance personified, and as she looked around the table at the rest of those attending this particular production meeting, she saw the same nodding that she was doing. Yes, she had a good head for business.

But so did Chris.

Her head turned to all those in attendance, taking note of their expressions as Chris's voice went on further, explaining his reasoning for this proposed affair. It turned directly to her left where Hunter was sitting. His expression was decidedly more dour than those of her colleagues. She studied him for a minute and knew what he was thinking instantly. She had known even before she had to look and she sighed because she could feel a fight brewing in his stomach right this moment.

She gave a soft and silent laugh to herself. She knew that Hunter hated Chris with a passion. Okay, so saying it was "with a passion" was an understatement. Hunter hated Chris with more than a passion. It was bordering on some deep, dark place that she'd rather not go. It was the one part of himself that he didn't want to open up to her. She didn't know why he hated Chris so much, and when she asked, he'd close faster than a clam. So she didn't dare ask any longer. She knew this was going to be a struggle, so she shot out the first bullet to start the war.

"I like that idea," she said, smiling congenially at him, letting him know through her facial expression that she actually did like his idea and she wasn't just saying so because she didn't want to bruise that ego of his.

"Yeah?" he asked expectantly, and Stephanie wanted to liken him to a puppy seeking attention, but Chris Jericho was anything but a puppy, maybe like a tiger or something, or some animal that had a predatory look in his eye but turned out to be something entirely different. She couldn't think of the animal though so puppy it was.

"Yeah, definitely, bringing in our history is genius, really," Stephanie told him, and she heard the light murmur of agreement from her staff. "And we did have those two kisses, and the second one, at SummerSlam, would be the perfect beginning to some sort of affair. Like on that night, we couldn't hold in our inhibitions any longer and we gave in."

"Exactly," Chris said, glad that she had gotten it.

Stephanie smiled; she was beginning to like this more and more. Then she thought for a moment and laughed, "You know, it's almost like this was writing itself. I never thought that, that storyline could've ever led up to something like this, but you know, it makes perfect sense."

And to her it did. When she thought about it, really thought about it, hadn't it all been leading up to this anyways? With the bickering, the fighting, everything and anything in between, hadn't it all just been leading up to some sort of connection, whether it be physical or mental? It was the perfect progression of their on-screen relationship, and with her upcoming break-up with Hunter, it would be perfect.

"I still don't see why we have to break-up in the first place," Hunter muttered to the table, almost as if he had heard Stephanie's internal monologue (but Hunter doesn't have special powers like that, or so we hope).

"We've discussed this time and time again Hunter," Stephanie told him. He just could not understand that she was not someone who could be a face. Certainly not now, and maybe forever, maybe she could never be a face again. She was hated, she wasn't so blind to the outside world that she didn't know that she was talked about, mocked, berated by people who didn't know her. But she was trying her best, and she could do no more. "I can't be a face, they'll never believe it."

"It doesn't matter, if you're on my side, they'll like you."

"You need an adversary, you need an enemy, and what are we going to play up if you and Chris don't have anything to feud over?" she asked him, trying to be rational.

"Shouldn't the fact that I'm going after the belts be enough?"

"No," she said. "This is the biggest show of the year we're leading up to. We can't have a storyline that falls flat. My dad is going full steam ahead with Rocky and Hogan, so we can't let this fall by the wayside, do you get what I'm saying?"

"I get it, I just don't see why it has to be this?"

"Did you not just listen to the man?" Stephanie told him, her voice raising even as she tried to keep it even. "He explained why this was a good idea."

"I don't think it is," Hunter protested. "You guys hated each other, why would it make sense now for you guys to suddenly have an affair? It makes no sense."

"Because we would've been covering up the affair," she explained to him. "Don't you see, it's perfect, and then that scene we had a Christmas, do you remember that one Chris, when I came and gave my dad that present?"

"Yeah, and we just looked at each other, no words or anything," he responded and she turned to Hunter, extending her arms out like it should've been obvious.

"See, it's already started without us knowing it. If Chris and I were indeed having an affair, then we could use that as something that kind of broke the barrier for the audience, kind of like, well that's how they are now, so to speak. Then with the explanation…Chris, this really was a great idea. I'm almost tempted to steal it and say I came up with it."

"Thanks," he said, and she was a little shocked to hear him sound bashful about it. She wondered if he was just proud of it, as he should be actually. It was a sound idea, and actually had a lot of lead up into it, considering this was wrestling where ideas seemed to come on the fly most of the time.

"I like it," Stephanie nodded. "I really think this is the direction in which we need to go."

"I still think we could come up with better," Hunter said, and she was starting to get tired of his shtick. She knew that it bothered him to be in a feud with Chris in the first place, but she also knew he wanted those belts badly.

"And what do you suggest then?" she said, giving in to his little whining. If she gave him a little branch, maybe he would leave this alone and she could say that it was the direction they were going in.

"Maybe just a business partnership," he said, looking straight at her. "Nothing that involves you looking like a slut."

"Hunter, sweetie, I already look like a slut, it's pretty established that people think I'm a slut. They'll definitely hate me if they think I cheated on our new golden boy, which is you. And what we want for Chris right now is heat. He's the heel, the bad guy, and I can't be the sympathetic dumped ex-wife. Then he'll look like a tweener, and that's the last thing we need going into a WrestleMania match of all things."

"I think she's right," one of her staff, Sam, added. "We don't want Chris to look like he's anything good. We want him booed."

"Well then he can do something to me," Hunter snapped at him. "Hit me or beat me up or something. Him and Stephanie can be conniving."

"We will be, but Hunter, think about this," she said slowly, hoping he would come around. "Why waste all this time we've had this storyline? People know that Chris and I have had scenes together, we've been a main staple for years, so let's give the people the obvious peak of this storyline."

"I just don't think--"

"Nobody asked you to think!" she said. She looked around the table. "You know what, end of discussion. I am the head of creative, and barring my dad's opinion, which I think will be a favorable one, this story is going through. I like it, and I'm in charge, done, meeting over."

"What!" Hunter exclaimed angrily, slamming his fists on the table as everyone stood up and scurried out of the room, everyone that is, except for Chris.

"Steph, thanks," he said shortly as he left. Stephanie gave him a parting smile before turning her attentions to her boyfriend. He looked angry and she turned her eyes heavenward. She stood up and started to peruse through her papers, organizing them again.

"Don't even start with me Hunter."

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Because I'm not in the mood to hear it."

"You know I don't like this," he said to her. "You know that I don't like that guy, and I don't want him to be kissing you."

"Deal with it," she said, not wanting to get into it here. She was already embarrassed by that display he had just pulled in front of her employees. "You're skating on thin ice with me as it is, and I don't think you want to fall through."

"Stephanie, would you just see my side of things?"

"I don't even know why you have this vendetta against Chris. You've had this grudge against him since before I knew you. You won't tell me why, so I won't tell you why I decided this storyline is going to go through. It's done, it's over with."

"Look, you and him as business partners? It solves the problem. You can still use the past, or say to hell with the past, either way, it works. It would be great, I swear to you."

Stephanie pinched the bridge of her nose. Sometimes she and Hunter could go ten rounds, but she was not in the mood for that today. They were two strong personalities and they often butt heads with each other, but this was ridiculous. She closed her eyes, hearing his stunted breath even as she tried to block out sound and the impending headache she would get if he continued on like he was.

"I don't think it would be great," she said, enunciating every word as if he were a child, but he was acting like a child right now. A stupid, naïve child, but she could say that was how he always acted when Chris was involved. Maybe Chris had slept with one of Hunter's past girlfriends, maybe that's why he held such a grudge. Or maybe Chris had stolen Hunter's hair gel or something. She laughed at that.

"What's so funny?" he asked impatiently. He just had to wear her down.

"Oh, nothing," she said, covering her mouth as she cleared her throat, masking her giggles. Hunter stood up and wrapped his arms around Stephanie's waist, standing perpendicular to her. He leaned his chin on her shoulder so he could study her profile.

"Steph, I just don't think I'd be comfortable seeing you with another man," Hunter said quietly. "I love you, and seeing you kissing Chris, I just…it hurts to think about you know. It's been us for the past two years, and now you want to completely erase some of that and say that you had an affair with Chris. It's almost like you want to erase some of us."

Stephanie sucked at her teeth a little. "I'm not going to erase us. We're together, we're dating, there's not much of that you can erase. Besides, it's stage-kissing, there's a huge difference. Not to mention the little fact that Chris has a wife at home, so, you know, I don't think it means a whole helluva lot that he's kissing me."

"See, what's with him wanting to kiss you?" Hunter asked.

"He saw potential, and he's bringing it to the table. He loves his wife as far as I know, he's only spoke glowingly of her, so I don't think he has a secret agenda."

"But Steph, I'm scared," he said, kissing her jaw. "I don't want to see you kissing another man."

"Okay, would you stop?" she asked. "Because this is just you trying to wear me down in order to get your way, but guess what, not going to happen."

"Stephanie, this entire thing is shit, okay, it's horrible and nobody is going to buy it. You hated each other, you guys hated each other, and suddenly saying, 'Hey, we were fucking,' is not going to make people hate you."

"Yes, it will because they," she poked him in the chest, "love," another poke, "you," she finished, poking him one more time in the chest, harder this time to get her point across. "And I don't want to hear another word from you. In case you've forgotten, I am the boss around here, not you."

"And if I went to your dad?"

"Don't you even dare try to fuck with this Hunter, I swear to God, this storyline is going through whether you like it or not," Stephanie answered with venom in her voice. "If you fail to see the potential this has to tie up so many loose ends, that's not my fault, but live with it, love it, embrace it, and fucking deal with it, because I'm not going to show you the light any further."

"Fine, be that way!" Hunter shouted, storming out of the office. Stephanie bit back her scream of frustration and sat down heavily. Oh well, he'd come around. He'd show up later, with flowers no doubt, saying he was wrong, and that he'd accept whatever was thrown at him. He was so predictable.

He just didn't see the potential.