Konoha High School Love

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Sum: Hinata, the new girl who just got transfer to a new school, is going through life like a good girl. Yeah right! She's tough, shy, and sweet at the same time. She doesn't tolerant any bad mouthing about her and her family. She won't let you go so easily. Too bad she doesn't show it. She doesn't like guys that much. To her, they are all perverts and stupid except for some that are her friends and family.

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Chapter 1 New school

"Well...since I'm already here might as well go in." Hinata sighed.

Flash back

"Why do I have to transfer into a public school?" Hinata whined.

"It's safer and your cousin goes to that school." Hiashi pulled out the newspaper.

"So! I rather stay in my old school that is all girls!" She fought back.

"Don't even try to fight your way out of it and besides...I already fill out the papers."

Hinata groan. "Why do you always do this to me? What about Hanabi?" Hinata whine.

"I have my reasons. You should get to know your cousin more and make new friends. Hanabi is also going to a new school and isn't complainning about it."

"Even if I did...we would just move again and I'll just go into a new school. Besides Hanabi is too afraid to ask."

"We're not moving anymore. I decided to settle here and just live here. Konoha is a very famous school. I want you and Hanabi to have a good life."

"If you want us to have a good life than let us stay at our old school."


"Please Dad?" Hinata begged.

"My finally answer is NO!"

Hinata turn around mummbling about how unfair her father was and other stuff that she didn't want him to hear. He had a sharp ear so he heard what she said and chuckled at her words.

"Hinata sure have changed ever since she went to that all girl school. She looks out for her younger sister." Hiashi laughed.

End flash back

Hinata walked inside the gate. The school was huge and looked nice. She could see people outside playing around. Guys trying to peek at girls. 'PERVERTS'! Hinata also notice girls showing off to guys and guys showing off to them. 'What IDIOTS! They say that this school was famous...famous for sluts, perverts and STUPID PEOPLE! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY MY COUSIN GOES TO THIS SCHOOL!

"HEY WATCH OUT!" A boy yelled to Hinata.

She turn to see a guy running towards her and some girls chasing him. She raised a brow and stepped aside. He ran past her and try to hid behind a tree that was near her as well. The girls yelled out his name and wonder where he went.

"Excuss me, but didyou see a guy with black hair and black clothes ran by here?" One of the girls asked Hinata.

Hinata was about to tell, but then pointed towards the building. All of the girls ran inside quick. Hinata didn't know why she did that. Then again, she didn't want to make enemies on her first day.

"They're gone." Hinata look toward the tree and he wasn't there anymore. 'When did he...oh well.'

Hinata went in the building and head to the office. She could memorize the place. Luckily she had came and took a tour around the school before or she'll get lost.

The school is 3 story tall. It had a elevator and stairs. Someone could get lost. Unless you ask around.

Hinata went and got her schedule from the office. She went to her locker and put her stuff away and then head back out, since class hasn't started yet. She look around to see if she could find her cousin.

A ball came rolling up to Hinata. Guys were yelling for her to bring it over to them. She rolled her eyes and picked it up. She walked over to them with the ball.


She was about to turn to leave until she heard one of the guys talking about her butt. She turn around and stare at the guy. He whistle at her and started working his charms. She was getting ready to beat him to a pulp, but decided not to and ignored him.

"Hey why not stay for a bit SEXY!" The guy yelled out. Some guys started whistling and hooting for her to come over.

'I so want to kick his ass and the rest of the guys that are encourging him!' Hinata turn to face him and gave him a sweet cute adorable innocent smile. She came up to him.

He had his shirt off since he was playing soccer. "Wanna kiss BABY?" He said puckering his lips at her, trying to act sexy. He put his hand on her shoulder. His hand began to slide down, trying to grab her butt.

A guy in black long hair grabbed his hand before he could go down any further on Hinata.

"Don't you dare touch her Sato!" He demanded.

"What's your problem Hyuuga?"

He ignored him and pulled Hinata away. She curse to herself, because she wanted to teach that guy a lesson.

The guy pulled her all the way to this one tree with other people hanging around it. There was three girls, two blondes and a brunette, and seven guys, one blonde, four brunettes, one guy with black hair, and a guy with red hair...with black circles around his eyes. Then he stopped in front of them. He didn't let go of Hinata's hand...yet.

"Neji I can't believe you actually did that! I mean you NEVER EVER DO THAT EVEN IF IT'S A GIRL!" The blonde hair guy with blue eyes shout out.

"Shut up Uzumaki!" Neji got dare into doing it...or he would have to kiss Sakura. Everybody made him do it. He rejected it, but they made a promise to him. So he did it.

"Um...y-you can let go of my h-hand now." Hinata looked at him weirdly. She look at the others who were staring at her and Neji's hand. Neji realize and let go of Hinata's hand.


"Whatever." Neji said out loud.

Hinata was annoyed and turn to leave. Neji didn't even realize who she was AT ALL. He didn't even pay attention to the person that he grab by the hand. He just wanted to get it over with.

Hinata then stop before walking away. They all look to see why she stopped. She turn to Neji and smile at him. Neji just thought that it was a fan girl and STILL didn't pay attention.

"Neji...is that you?" Hinata asked.

He roll his eyes. "Who else." He said annoyed.

Hinata made a angry face at him. "Humph. You shouldn't use that tone on your own cousin, Neji-nii-san!" Hinata put her hands on her hip.

"Nii-san?" The guys and girls looked at Neji confuse except for 3 quiet guys who just listen.

Neji FINALLY look at Hinata and was shock. "M-Miss. Hinata."

"Miss?" They said confuse again.

"Miss?" Hinata raise a brow. "Don't call me Miss. I sound old for a 16 year old girl Neji...nii-san." Hinata said the last part on purpose.

Neji sigh. "Sorry Mi...Hinata."


"YOU TWO ARE BROTHER AND SISTER?" Naruto yelled out.

"Cousin." Neji look at Naruto.

"Then what's with the MISS AND NII-SAN?" Naruto ask again.

'What an idiot.' Hinata thought to herself until Neji poked her on the head.

"Naruto...just shut up." The two girls with blonde hair came up to Hinata. "Hi. My name is Ino Yamanaka and this here is..."

"Temari Sabaku." She shook her hand.

"Tenten." The girl with two buns shook Hinata's hand as well.

"Hinata." She smiled at them.

"Hinata I want you to meet my other friends." Neji led her to the guys. "This is Gaara, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, Kunkuro, Choji, Lee, and Kiba and his dog Akamaru."

"Nice to meet you all." Hinata bow down her head.

"Nice to meet cha' Hinata-chan." Naruto came up to her.

The other guys just said hello or nodded their heads.

"SASUKE-KUN!" A gurl in Pink hair came running towards him, with three other girls following.

"..." Sasuke turn away.

"How are ya SASUKE-KUN?" The pink hair gurl hugged his arm.

"Leave me alone Sakura."

"But SASUKE-KUN...I haven't have my GOOD-MORNING KISS YET!" Sakura yelled out for everybody to hear her. No one was really paying attention except for his fan girls.

Then she look and saw Hinata. "Who the HELL are you!" Sakura demanded.


"Well Himata. you better stay away from MY Sasuke-kun, YOU HEAR THAT!" Sakura pointed out and hugged Sasuke stomach.

"Like I really care. Besides...you can have him for all I care...and IT'S HI-NA-TA! NOT HI-MA-TA!" Hinata spelled it out. Sasuke and the others were surpirse to hear her say that...out loud.

"Whatever slut."

"HEY DON'T YOU CALL HER A SLUT, YOU SLUT." Ino yell at Sakura.

"Whatever Ino-Pig."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY FOREHEAD GIRL" Ino was in rage. She was about to attack her when Temari step in.

"Get lost Haurno!" Temari demanded.

"Shut up Sabaku!" She fought back.

"Why don't you leave before you get hurt!" Temari was ready to pull out her hair.

"That's going to be YOU!" Sakura flipped her hair.

"ALRIGHT! LET ME AT HER!" Temari shot her arms in the air.

"Temari please stop. You wouldn't want to get detention on your first day of school." Tenten held her back.

"WHO FRICKIN CARES!" Temari struggled to punch Sakura in the face.

"Humph! Well SEE YA SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura blew him a heart.

Tenten finally let go of Temari. Temari was about to go after her and beat the hell out of her, but Kunkuro stopped her along with Gaara.

The bell rang and everybody raced to class. Hinata stay beside of Neji.


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