Chapter 14: Wingz bad day

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Wing sighed. He was waiting on what they were gunna do to him. It wasn't REALLY his fault that he was here. It was that stupid whore! SAKURA! Yep, her fault entirely. Let's recap shall we?

Earlier that day:

Wing was in his office, waiting for all the kids to go back into their classes so he could clean up ALL the FILTHY mess that EVERYONE (hinthint -Sacoughkucoughracoughs-)...except some (Hina them)...were making it HARDER for Wingz. He's only been here 2 weeks and they're already treating him badly. And well, since Hinata and the others are friends with Wingz, they somewhat trash...XD...Sakura's "Pretty" locker.

Okay, back to the point. It was lunch time...

Wingz came into his office to eat his lunch that he made. He sighs. It seems that SOMEONE had decided to ruin it...AGAIN! Yep and that someone just happens to be the "Pretty" Sakura. (BIG X on that!) She decided to make Wingz her enemy for some REASON...AND whenever Sasuke is around him, she acts all nice to Wingz. He's NOT dumb you know.

Okay, I'm getting off topic again.

Okay, so he didn't have anything else to eat...AGAIN! He left his other lunch at home. He forgot all about it. (Poor Wingz. T-T) So he decided to go down to the canteen and get him some snack or just buy the food. So he bought the food. Snacks not gunna fill him up! Okay, anyways, just as he was about to walk out...DUN, DUN, DUN! Yep, there was a spill.

Sakura had "accidentally" spilled all her food onto him. He was a mess! Juice on his hair and on his clothes. Food hanging down from his head. Some felling off from his shirt. That wasn't the "greatest" of them all. She HAS done this to him soooooooooooooooo many times before. This is the tenth time she did this. His clothes were ONCE again ruined by the Bitch. AND this WAS the last straw! He COULDN'T take it anymore! He dropped his tray of foods that was ALSO ruined by the whore. Sakura got up to him.

"I'm SO sorry about that. My friends and I WERE reckless. Please forgive me Wingz. Here, have a handkerchief." Sakura handed him a nasty disgusting rag.

"Wingz..." Hinata said in a worried tone. She looked at the others. They were GLARING daggers into Sakura and her dumb gang of wannabe bitches.

Wingz smiled at Sakura. He lifted up his hand to Sakura's hand. BUT instead of taking the rag, he...

TUMP...or is it a BAM?! Hm...BAM it is than.

Anyway...there were gasp from EVERYONE IN THE CANTEEN! Wingz HAD just knocked SAKURA into the WALL! He was...STRANGLING HER! OMG (Goodness or gosh. Not the other one.)! He was in PURE rage. Sakura was struggling to breathe! Everyone was STILL in shock. Hinata was the first to recover from this. She quickly rushes to the aid. She was trying to pry him off of her! She didn't want him to leave because of Sakura's stupidity! To have him leave! That would just be a bad thing. Sakura is the ONE who should leave instead! No one's been fair to him at all!

"WINGZ...PLEASE LET GO...OF HER!" Hinata yelled.

Ino and the others FINALLY recovered and also tried to pry him off. The guys couldn't EVEN do it. His grip was sooooooooooooooooooo strong on her! They didn't know what to do! Teachers FINALLY came when a student went to tell them. They were ALSO trying to get him off of Sakura. Sakura is near to her DEATH! She could no longer get any air into her system. Sakura's friends cried out to her. Gai seemed to be the only one who could do it better, but failed.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Everyone looked up to see the principal of the school...Tsunade and her assistant, Shizune.

The two walked up to Hinata them. She was mildly surprise to see what was happening before her very eyes! Wingz choking Sakura! Now that's a surprise. Anyway, Tsunade told the others to get ready to catch Wingz; because this is gunna hurt him. All the guys got into position, readying themselves. Tsunade was known for her inhuman strength anyway. Hopefully she COULD get him off of Sakura. And she did. She got him off of her. All she did was...ahem hit him in the stomach. (What were u guys thinking eh?! J/K.)

Wingz filled back. He was knocked out. Sakura fill to the floor, gasping REALLY hard for air. She needed to go to the hospital at once. Kurenai called the hospital and an ambulance was sent at once.

The guys dragged Wingz to the nurse office. Hinata was glad that it was over...but what will his punishment be? It was all Sakura's fault. She had to tell Tsunade what really happened!

"Students that was in the canteen at 10:30, Please come to the gym right this moment." Shizune spoke on the intercom.


This scared everyone. They knew that she meant it literally! It wasn't good to see her in an angry state. It only meant trouble if you didn't do what she says at all! Everyone that was in the canteen that witnesses the WHOLE display was running to the gym as fast as they could go. No one was WILLING to stop at all. If they stop at only means their death.

Soon everyone was settling down. Tsunade was waiting impatiently. She was tapping her right foot so hard on the ground that the floor had a crack in it. Tsunade let out a heavy sigh. She looked straight at everyone.

"Alright! What happened?!" Tsunade demanded. "It better be the truth or you'll ALL get if from me!"

Some people were too scared to tell. Sakura's friends decided to speak up. They wanted to leave the place already and go see if Sakura was alright or not.

"Tsunade-sama!" Luchia yelled out.


"You see...Sakura accidentally..."

"Yeah right! Sakura did it on PURPOSE!" Ino yelled.

"She purposely spilled her food all over Wingz!" Temari yelled.

"Yeah!" Yuri and Yuki agreed.

"You four are ALWAYS doing that to him!" Velicity also yelled.

"AND this is the tenth time!" Ramiel, Kei, Ayane, and Nami joined in.

"Tch! Sakura NEVER meant to! You guys ARE just jealous of us! EXCEPT YOU SASUKE-KUN!" Tomiko, Luchia, and Rinia yelled at the last part.

"Hn." Sasuke ignored them.

"Tsunade-sama PLEASE do something about those three! They're ALWAYS messing up with his food as well!"Izumi yelled.

"Yeah right!" Rinia yelled in protest.

"Oh please! Don't ACT innocent!" Izumi yelled.

"Shut up!" Tomiko yelled.

"Get a life!" Karen yelled.

"Why don't you!" Tomiko yelled again.

"Tsunade-sama please. If you ask others, they'll ONLY take their side! You HAVE to trust us. We ALWAYS see them do this!" Mimiko shouted.

" need to shout." Tsunade sighed.

"WHY would we harm good-ol-Wingz?" Luchia said sadly.

"Why DON'T you go suck-" Rynx was cut off by Luchia.


"I'm gunna..." Rynx gritted her teeth.

"We'll get her for it." Fiorella grin evilly.

"Heh." Rynx grinned.

"TSUNADE-SAMA!" Everyone turn towards the door.

"Hinata!" The girls yelled.

"Hinata-sama..." Neji said slowly.


Hinata clenched her right hand. "I...

To be continued...

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