For the record, GAY stands for something: Girls' Anti-Yaoi Club. Founded by the girls of GW after reading some yaoi fanfics and seeing some...risque...fanart, they all agreed they needed a way to keep their boys straight. This decision made, they all formulated plans to make sure no extra male-bonding goes on between their chosen mates....

GAY Club 1&2 v.1

With a click, the PWP massage story about Heero, Duo, and strawberries vanished from the computer. Hilde let go of the mouse, straightened, and surveyed the fruits of her labor carefully.

Duo's body was swaying where he stood hunched over and leaning against the table. He looked sick. He rubbed his temples in lazy circles and avoided eye contact with anyone, looking instead at the wooden table top. For once, the braided pilot was speechless.

Heero's face was bright red, and sweat dripped down his forehead and into his bulging eyes. For once, he was too surprised and embarrassed to keep his face impassive and emotions in check. He slumped in his chair and put his head in his hands.

"And that's not all," Hilde slyly announced. She clicked on a thumbnail of Duo's head, and a naked picture of him and Heero locked in a passionate embrace filled the computer screen. Duo didn't move. His eyes had glazed over. Heero looked up at the picture, whimpered, and quickly looked down again.

Hilde studied her nails innocently, but her malicious smile revealed her true colors. "So, you two aren't in love? You're not gay?" she asked sweetly. Two heads shook vigorously from below her erect form. "Oh, ok!" she said cheerfully, releasing her hold on Heero's chair and flipping her bangs out of her face nonchalantly. She turned briskly and walked to the kitchen. "Oh," she called behind her, "I signed you two up as partners for a massage class at that new spa down town. I figured you two needed a break."

Two faces blanched behind her. She heard a thump -- probably Duo collapsing. She smiled. A moment later, she poked her head into the living room and held out a bowl. "Anyone for strawberries?"

Two pairs of glazed eyes stared blankly at her. Then came sharply into focus. Duo and Heero's screams of horror could be heard echoing throughout the colony.

Hilde looked back at Relena, who hid in the doorway behind her, unbeknownst to the two tortured souls in the living room. Relena smiled and crinkled her nose. "They scream like girls."