Writing Fanfiction By: O l i v e r . A r t e m i s

Miley, Lilly, and Oliver were sitting in Oliver's den. Pretty much bored out of their minds. It was in the middle of the summer, and it was way to hot to go outside. The beach had been filled with tourists so that was out of the question. The pool was closed for the day; Hannah wasn't scheduled for anything until later that night. Miley's house had broken air condition and Lilly's house was being fumigated. Then there was never anything interesting on the television. So basically Oliver was sprawled across his floor; Lilly dangled on one couch while Miley hung upside down on the other couch. It was just a simple Tuesday summer afternoon with nothing to do. Occasionally someone would sigh or groan but no activity was taking place. So they bummed there with nothing to do. Until Miley flipped.

"Okay there's seven minutes of lying down and doing nothing. Let's do something else." Miley suggested. Lilly looked up at her lazily.

"We were doing something?" Lilly said before rolling of the couch and landing on top of Oliver who grunted with an 'omph.' Oliver nor Lilly seemed to care that she was on top of him. They could still feel the previous boredom there. But lasted for about a second before she pushed her hands on his chest and up off him and sat back on the couch. Any other time it would have been a bit weird and embarrassing but at the moment they didn't care. "My bad Oliver." Lilly finally said as she planted her tush on the couch.

"Guys I'm serious! I am not going to bum around on Oliver's couch doing nothing. Oliver, go get me some paper and a pen or pencil." Oliver just shrugged and rolled on his stomach then pushed himself up. He walked upstairs before coming down with a stack of loose leaf paper and a couple of pens and pencils. "Gee Oliver; I said some paper and a pen or pencil. Not all of your left over school supplies." Oliver just shrugged and set them on the floor.

"What are you going to do, Miley?" Lilly asked jumping down to sit next to her friend.

"I'm going to write." Oliver and Lilly looked at her a bit as if she was really that bored. Lilly and Oliver shrugged figuring it was better then not doing anything at all. They sat down next to her and they all started writing. What they didn't know was that they were all writing under the same topic. Harry Potter Fanfiction. Each of them having a slightly different out put on who should go with who. For about twenty minutes Oliver's pen dropped and he circled his hand around to get the knots out of his wrist. Lilly and Miley eventually finished along with him.

"What did you guys write?" Miley asked gathering her paper in her hands. She felt accomplished with her work. Lilly shrugged and gathered her paper as well.

"Harry Potter." Lilly said shrugging. Miley felt slightly shocked and Lilly raised an eyebrow. "I haven't read the books but I've seen the movies, and I know some of the other characters." Lilly said shrugging.

"Weird I wrote a Harry Potter fanfiction too."

"Yeah well I wrote a romance." Lilly added. Oliver shrugged.

"So did I." Both Miley and Oliver replied. They looked at each other. "Wait your capable of writing a romance?" Miley said pointing at Oliver. Oliver just shrugged sheepishly.

"Uh… I guess." Oliver shrugged. "Anyways, mine is about Ron trying to ask Hermione out, but he keeps losing his nerve." Oliver said as he threw the story in the middle. Lilly shrugged and thought it seemed like a clichéd idea, but was surprised that he even wrote a story. Lilly shrugged once more. "I did a Ron and Hermione story too. Hermione is falling in love with Ron and Ron is so thick that he doesn't notice. Then Harry pushes them in a closet and forces them to tell each other." Lilly explaining her story.

"Yeah well mine is slightly different but pretty much same concept. Harry and Ginny are going out, and the two of them think of a way to get Ron and Hermione to go out. And they're constant flirting gets so annoying. So he writes a story for each of them pretty much confessing they're undying love for each other." Miley said a knowing smirk. Oliver and Lilly looked at each other then back at Miley. "I hate how most people put the main character with the best friend." Lilly nodded.

"I know. I mean the sidekicks are just as good for each other." Oliver said. Lilly looked over them and the two shared a smile, while a grin came up on his lips.