Fanfiction By: Oliver.Artemis

Chapter Title: Reading Fanfiction

Oliver sighed in boredom once more. It was an hour later after they wrote their stories. Miley's was the most creative even though it was still pretty clichéd. Lilly glanced at the clock and groaned mentally. It was only four? Lilly would be sleeping over at Miley's house, while her parents stayed at a nearby hotel and her brother now had his own apartment. Lilly stood up from where she sat and walked over to a near door that led to Oliver's room. Oliver and Miley shrugged and followed along behind her.

Miley crashed down on Oliver's bed and hugged one of his pillows. "I'm taking a nap." Lilly jumped beside her and shook her. Miley looked over to her blonde friend.

"No...Let's go on Oliver's computer. Maybe we'll find celebrity fanfiction and we'll see who hooks Hannah with who." Lilly said as she tugged at Miley's arm. The young pop star groaned and turned over. Lilly pouted; Miley rolled her eyes and sat up and went over to Oliver's computer. As soon as Miley was gone, Lilly lied back down on his bed. She resumed Miley's position and took in the scent of his hair, and usually his cologne he liked to wear. "I love how your pillows smell." Lilly blushed not meaning it in the way of a romantic sense. "Like the cologne." Lilly added. Oliver raised an eyebrow and laughed a bit.

"Uh, thanks…" Oliver said as he scratched his hairline. He sat down in the extra chair next to Miley. Miley typed in "Wow…I remember being on this site like three years ago when I was like thirteen." Oliver said as he looked over the new updated Oliver laughed and pointed to celebrities. "Click it!" Oliver didn't even wait for Miley he just took the mouse and clicked on the link. He looked down the list of celebs, and found Hannah Montana. He roared with laughter. "I would love to see what people right about you." Oliver laughed as Lilly got up and put one hand on Oliver's shoulder and one on Miley's looking at the screen.

Oliver clicked on Hannah Montana and looked at how many there was. About six hundred stories were written. Lilly laughed and looked. "Click that one, the title seems funny. Suite Life of Hannah. You can so tell they are spoofing you with the Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Miley just shrugged as Oliver clicked it. The three of them read the humorous story. It talked about Hannah singing with Carey and Cody falling for Hannah, but Maddie was getting jealous because she liked Cody, but of course Zack got jealous. Miley shuddered slightly.

"Well…that was weird. Oh…look at that one. Musical Mayhem it's a spoof with Zac Efron. I love that boy." Miley said sighing. Oliver rolled his eyes and clicked on the link. He didn't even bother to read it, the two girls did though and they both laughed. "Aw…see, why can't Zac actually like me like that." Miley joked as she clicked on the next chapter. Oliver noticed how there was more then one chapter and looked backed at the screen.

"How long is this story going to be?" Oliver asked. Lilly moved Miley's handso she could control the mouse. She clicked in the corner.

"Seventeen chapters." Oliver's mouth dropped in a gasp. He shook his head.

"Nu-uh, no way are you reading some lame story about Hannah and Zac." Oliver said as he got back the mouse and back spaced it. Miley and Lilly whined hitting Oliver's shoulder in a playful manner. The two begged but Oliver shook his head. "No way. I'm looking for something we all like. Hey look at this." Oliver said as he pointed with pinky showing the summary of a title called Posse Love. Oliver read the summary aloud. "'You know that feisty red/purple haired girl and the black spiky haired boy. The ones dancing with each other at the Jonas Brothers' parties. Well they're known as Hannah's crew or Posse and maybe something will spark between them.' Uh…Lilly…someone saw that?" Oliver asked looking over to Lilly.

She shrugged and avoided Miley's gaze. "You two were dancing?"

"It wasn't a slow song, Miley before you think of anything. When you went to dance with one of the brothers, I have no idea who, Oliver or Orion and Lola only danced because it was the only way to prove that Hannah and Orion weren't going out." Lilly explained. Yes it was true. Oliver was starting to feel left out when the two girls would go to parties and he wouldn't. One day, he asked Miley if he could come and decided that dying his hair with one day hair dye would be the perfect disguise. He was known as Orion Gizer, Lola's old friend from when they were kids. Orion had thick, black, spiky hair and wore a pair of sunglasses, if inside he had green colored contacts on. Taking on Lilly's look, and looked more skaterish then pop like the both of them. But no one ever noticed him as Oliver Oken.

Even Amber and Ashley wanted a piece of Orion. "I'm sure, Lilly." The three of them read the story of how Orion and Lola slowly start to realize that the dance they shared was maybe more then just platonic love. After the fourth chapter, Oliver shook his head and got up from his chair. "I quit on fanfiction." Oliver said as he stood up and walked over to his bed. Lilly laughed and sat in his chair. The two girls finished reading the story with an 'aww…' more so from Miley then Lilly though.

Lilly went to sit over by Oliver and whispered something in Oliver's ear. Oliver laughed and Miley frowned. "What, I want to be in on the joke."

"I said what if Orion was a pimp and Lola and Hannah were his 'whores'" Lilly joked and Miley let out a small laugh. Oliver and Lilly were always finding the stupidest and most perverted things, where she was beyond that. "Yeah…no Hannah's no one's whore." Miley tried to joke but went back to the computer to look through the stories people wrote about her.

"Don't worry Oliver; Lola will still be Orion's whore." Lilly said laughing as she lied down on his bed. Oliver laughed, dreading the real reason on why he wanted to stop reading the story.


A/N: Yes, that's it. I told you this is only a two-shot. But I got this idea in my mind, and I thought it would be fun to write. So just so you all know, it's more humorous then romance. See if you can find all the Lilly/Oliver hints.