Bootstrap's Ballad

With more than eight decades to serve,

Is this what he really does deserve?

Toiling on the Dutchman- night and Day,

To him it was the only way,

To escape a fate at the bottom of the sea,

Not able to die for what could be an eternity,

Not able to move, totally alone,

In the endless ocean, the great unknown,

But now he is far from the man he used to be,

Covered in sea life and not free,

In service to the devil- Davy Jones,

With his squid face and leg of whale bones,

His beloved wife so long dead,

And his son- who knows what life he's lead,

Jack will soon join him on the crew,

Unless he fails to come through,

And is eaten by Jones's terrible beast,

A fate Bill doesn't want for him in the least,

But perhaps it is better than this sham of a life,

Saved from death but now full of strife,

Bootstrap thinks of this every moment,

This is how his days are spent,

Working and thinking- nothing more,

While looking out and wishing for the shore.

A/N This is a poem I wrote about bootstrap and his life on the Dutchman before he meets Will. I just made it up off the top of my head.