Chapter 1 – Good Morning!

A/N: I know the story of Naruto all of sudden becoming a girl has been done a million times over but I'M DOING IT THIS TIME! And that's why I should have the honor of doing so. All of my other stories have been Harry Potter fiction but I decided to move on since I still have a hard time thinking of ideas for those 3 stories. I have chapters in the making, they're just not completed.

Summary: Everyone is more or less 17. One day, Naruto wakes up and finds himself transformed into a girl. After going on a mission with Sasuke, he develops feelings for her as well as all of the other young bachelors of Konoha and beyond. How will she adapt to the change and what complications will arise because of this?


The sun was glaring through the thing drapes of Naruto's apartment. As always, he couldn't really afford much in terms of house decorations as most of his money was spent on rent and food – but with the amount he had left, he was still able to spice up his place a little bit. Naruto, begrudgingly got up and headed towards his washroom in need of a hot shower. Now that Sasuke had returned to the village, the original Team 7 was reunited again and all three of them were now Chunins – well Sasuke is also an ANBU member but he's just been recently recruited. This meant harder missions, which in turn meant more money. Naruto was proud to have more money to provide himself with more hot water and slightly more nutritious (and filling) food.

Naruto was lathering and rinsing his troubles away, that is until he decided to soap himself down. He had encountered a little problem…he had a VERY ample chest.


Naruto yanked open the shower curtains and looked at his reflection in a nearby mirror.

"You've GOT to be kidding me!"

Naruto ignored his completely changed voice to take in his 'features'. He saw that his skin had lightened to a peach color. His golden hair flowed down gracefully to the ends of his shoulder blades. His eyes became an icier shade of blue and his trademark 'whiskers' have completely vanished – as if they were never there to begin with. His facial features have gotten softer and his once heard earned muscles had become leaner, further emphasizing his now slender physique. Long story short he had become female…a very beautiful and well proportioned female – completely different from his 'sexy no jutsu' form. This time he looked like an actual girl instead of the female-version of his original self. He groaned and hung his head over the sink.

"Okay Okay…not a big problem right? I'll just find Ka…" The perverted teacher crept into his mind.

"Oh second thought…I'll head over to Old Lady Tsunade. Why did I even think of that lecher in the first place?"

Naruto quickly dried himself off, ignoring the fact that he wasn't able to finish bathing. He tried to search for any clothes in his closet other than his orange and black ninja gi – as not to notify the villagers that it was really him. Much to his surprise, he found a simple light grey long sleeved shirt and a pair of dark blue capris. He didn't really care how he could've found other clothes in his belongings but this was a state of emergency. He gave his hair a quick brush – although it took longer than usual – and headed out the window to Tsunade's office.


Naruto reached the windows and lightly tapped on them to see if Tsunade had been in yet. To his relief, Shizune was looking through a stack of papers on Tsunade's desk. She looked up towards the sound of the tapping and noticed a pretty young girl in slightly baggy clothing. Shizune opened the window for her and let her in.

"You know, it's customary to enter through doors when you want to meet someone but I guess you're in a hurry. Is there anything I can help you with miss?"

Naruto looked at Shizune with wide eyes. She couldn't recognize him? Well..he couldn't recognize himself either at first but had the change really been that drastic?

"I..uh..I'm here to see Tsunade no…s-sama!" Naruto didn't want anyone to know of his predicament – not Sasuke, not Sakura, not ANYONE. Only Tsunade had that right…as much as he hated to admit it.

"Hmmm…" Shizune looked through a notebook she pulled out from her robe. "She doesn't have any engagements scheduled right now. I'll see if I can grab her for a quick meeting with you, but I will advise you to book an appointment prior to the date ok?" she smiled.

"I know it's more than short notice but this is an emergency!"

"Really? Well, I'll see if I can find her. What is your name might I ask? So Tsunade-sama knows who it is she will be talking to."

CRAP! "I…um…" Naruto became bright red. He didn't think of an alias. All of the girl names and last names he could think of were popping into his head a mile a minute.

Shizune was confused. "Surely you must know your name right? Unless that's the emergency."

"NO! NO!...um…my name is…is…" ANYTHING WILL DO! "H-on-nda Mi-n-na-ko!" (1)

"Alright Minako-chan. I will be right back with Tsunade-sama. Please have a seat while you wait."

Naruto flopped down on one of the seats in front of Tsunade's desk and let out a huge sigh. Thank goodness I have music at home. I never would've thought this name if it wasn't for my purchases…and Sasuke said I was an idiot for buying them.


"I beg your pardon?"

Naruto froze. Had he said that last part out loud? He could've sworn it was a mental yell.


"I will assume that your last comment was directed towards somebody else instead of me for your sake." Tsunade made her way to her desk and stood next to it, carefully looking over the strange girl.

"Now…my assistant has informed me that you required my presence. An 'emergency' as you have put it."

"Y-yes…Tsunade no-….sama…" Tsunade raised an eyebrow at the girl's corrected speech but didn't press on.

"Um…if you don't mind. Can we have this in private?"

Tsunade nodded. "Shizune. Head on over to the Konoha Hospital. They're in need of assistance there."

"Hai!" Shizune vanished.

"As requested…" Tsunade walked over to her chair and sat down. "Now…this emergency you speak of…"

"It's me Tsunade-no-baachan…" Naruto whispered as he was a little paranoid that there might be an eavesdropper or two.

"If you've come here to insult me then you've got another thing–"

"TSUNADE – NO – BAACHAN! It's ME! LOOK!" Naruto whipped out the necklace.

Tsunade's eyes widened like no other. "N-naruto! What the…How?...WHAT!"

"Let me explain this to you in as little words as possible. I woke up like this! I didn't eat anything strange last night, I didn't tamper with anything I wasn't supposed to touch, I didn't piss off Sakura or Ino, NOTHING!"

"So…you just woke up like this? And then…"

Tsunade and Naruto talked for sometime. Naruto kept recalling everything he had done the night before as well as any major places he had gone recently. They tried to think of any logical explanation as to how Naruto's sudden gender change might have occurred. He kept explaining to Tsunade that it definitely wasn't his Sexy no jutsu gone wrong because he looks different in that form compared to now. Since it was his own technique he was clearly able to pick out the differences between both forms. The both of them tried a few ways to get Naruto to revert back to his original self but all proved to be failures.

"So you've chosen to go under an alias known as Honda Minako?"


"I'm impressed…to think YOU could devise such an original name and yet you're unable to follow instructions correctly?" Tsunade playfully added.


"Oh…but it is. For me anyway! Now…you plan on keeping that alias until we can find a way to reverse what has been done right?"

"Yeah. As of the moment, it seems permanent. But the both us don't know what might have caused this so it's hard to say how long it will last or how it will affect me in the long run."

"Well…there's not much we can do now. I'll see if I can find an outfit for you to better suit your current physique"

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed now!" Tsunade scanned Naruto's attire.

"Although they may not be your usual outfit, it's clearly not the way a ninja should dress. They're too baggy and loose. If anything, you'll be spending too much time falling on your face, ripping or tearing it, and finding yourself in uncomfortable positions should the pants decide to fall off." Tsunade was hoping that Naruto would've gotten that last statement.


"Furthermore, you will continue being Sasuke's regular team-mate. I will make up some excuse for your absence and hopefully he – as well as others affiliated with you – will buy it. In the mean time, you will be referred to as one of my recent students. Sakura might be a little bit harder to convince as both her and Shizune have been my only pupils so far but play along with it. I will do what I can to in the convincing process. Make up a story about your life and stay consistent with it. Report every single fact and event that comes out of your mouth regarding 'Minako's life story'. Finally train as hard as you can to devise new jutsus for you to use. Using your techniques such as the Kage Bunshin and the Rasengan are a dead giveaway. We don't want any plot holes that might encourage questioning. "

"B-but –"

"But NOTHING! This is what we're given and this is what we will do with it!" Naruto made a pout but Tsunade kept on going.

"Now come with me. The first thing we need to do is to get you used to your new body. We'll start off with your clothing. We will head for a few shops and hopefully it won't take us too long as both you and Sasuke have a mission in about a few hours."

CRAP! The mission!...Dammit…Sasuke will probably be the hardest to convince. What if he finds out?


Unfortunately, the shopping trip took much time longer than she thought. Although Naruto was able to have a suitable outfit, it wouldn't have taken so long if he wasn't so picky about the color. Next came choosing a bra and a pair of undergarments for him. That was even more frustrating. Naruto had become a girl after all and since he was 16, he needed 'support' for lack of a better word. Finally, Tsunade decided to teach Naruto about feminine hygiene. Let's just say that it involved a lot of yelling.

Although embarrassed a hundred times over, Naruto was happy with the outfit the most. It was a sleeveless, orange, button up top (at the back) with four golden zip-up pockets (2 across the chest and 2 in the usual place). The shorts were also orange, just ending at about mid thigh where the shuriken holster on his left leg just ended at the hem. The footwear was your standard black ninja shoes but they reached up to the knee caps, exposed the heel and had a white shin-guard over it. Protecting his elbows were a pair of black elbow pads. As an extra accessory, the top had two large yellow ribbons along the sides of the outfit (a bit beneath the arm pit) that were to be tied behind at the back to further keep the top from opening – the tied ribbons went a little bit passed his waist. Finally, his long golden hair was placed up in a high ponytail with the use of a simple piece of black ribbon. (2)

The outfit itself wasn't all that bad. Naruto actually thought that he looked pretty damn good as a girl. Strangely enough though, with his hair up in a ponytail and the style of his outfit, Naruto could have sworn that he was looking directly into the face his old Academy classmate Yamanaka Ino. He smirked at the thought of Sakura having a slight hissy fit at the thought of Ino doing a mission alone with Sasuke. Even though Sakura had matured a lot over the years, the girl could still be a frightening force when she was peeved.


Both Tsunade and Naruto headed for his and Sasuke's meeting place as Tsunade had been informed not too long ago. According to Minako's pocket watch, they were only 15 minutes late, which wasn't too tardy. As usual, the dark-haired Uchiha was patiently waiting at their usual spot with his arms carelessly crossed over his chest. Will there ever be a day when he's NOT on time? Naruto mentally chastised.

Sasuke looked up in surprise when he saw the Hokage escorting a girl that he had never seen before in his direction.

"Good Morning Sasuke. I hope you weren't waiting too long were you?"

"No Hokage-sama, not at all. Where's Naruto?"

"That's what I've come here to tell you. As you have noticed, Naruto isn't going to be attending you today, or for quite some time to be honest. He is on a special solo mission for me as a liaison between Konoha's hospital and the small medical centers in the Fire Country's neighboring villages. It is uncertain of how long his mission will take but he will return to the village eventually. In the mean time, I'd like to introduce you to his replacement. She is a recently accepted student of mine who had just started working under me a few days ago. I'd like you to meet Honda Minako."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the new girl. Although having no recollection of seeing her at the ninja academy while they were younger, he decided that would be something he would have to bring up later. She seemed like any other girl and frankly Sasuke wasn't too pleased.

"Now Minako, as explained to you before, your time with me will have to be cut short because you will be a temporary replacement for Naruto. Once he has returned, we can resume our lessons."

Naruto nodded at Tsunade's explanation. She's good…oh wait! Respond. Respond!

"Hai Tsunade-sama. Wish me luck!"

Tsunade smirked. Let's hope this doesn't fall to pieces like it normally does.

"Now, I must return to my previous engagements. See you later you two. And please be careful. Though you may be a recently recruited ANBU member Sasuke and you a Chunin Minako, your mission is still a dangerous one."

"We will, bye Tsunade-sama!" Naruto gave his salutations to Tsunade and Sasuke waved her good bye. This girl is a Chunin?

As Tsunade walked away, Naruto turned to face Sasuke. It wasn't going to be easy. He would have to wing it from now on but he thought of this as excellent mental training. If he can pull off being a girl – in front of Sasuke no less – for as long as he can, then there was literally NOTHING he couldn't do.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was still having thoughts about the new girl.

Hmm…there's something odd about this new girl. It can't be just a coincidence that the dobe is all of sudden off on a solo mission without informing me and this new girl replacing him in the same day. Surely Sakura would've mentioned if Tsunade had a new student. I thought she was the only one. Something seems out of place here…and I plan on figuring it out

Sasuke was looking at Naruto apprehensively as if he was studying him. Naruto was getting a little nervous but most of his time was spent thinking of his life story as Minako. This was going to be both long and painful.



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(1) This is actually a sort of double pun so to speak. For the first (and somewhat obvious part) I got the name 'Minako' from Aino Minako of Sailor Moon. Naruto reminded me so much of Minako (their choice of outfit colors, eyes, hair, personalities etc.) so I just HAD to do it! As for the surname, 'Minako's' full name as a whole is actually the name of a popular J-pop singer of the stage name Honda Minako (real name: Kudo Minako). I intentionally chose the surname 'Honda' (subsequently pairing up nicely with the first name) for my story as a sort of tribute to the real Honda Minako who died of leukemia in 2005 at only 38 years old, cutting her bright J-pop career tragically short. Rest in Peace Minako-san!

(2) Essentially, try to picture Ino's outfit from the Naruto II Arc. I tried to use her outfit as a template for Minako's outfit. As for Sasuke, imagine him in a very sexy sleeveless black outfit but with the ANBU breastplate.