Fires Within 7

By: sagelibra

Pairing: Yuuram

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Wish I did. Hehe.

Note: Hi. Well, I guess this particular fic has reached the end of the line. (sighs) Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful feedback and support I've received. They're a wonderful pair and I hope to write more about them in the near future. You've been a wonderful audience and I'm glad to have brightened your day. 


"How long have they been in there?"

Yuuri shrugged, the slight movement his only acknowledgement of his godfather's arrival. His gaze, however, moved not a whit from Gisela's door. "Half an hour, maybe." He mumbled uncertainly. In all honesty he'd lost track of the time. Reason told him it couldn't have been more than a few minutes, but it felt like hours.

"I see." Conrad hunkered down beside the king, folding his long frame gracefully. He glanced at the worried boy. "I'm glad you were able to convince him to undo Gisela's hypnosis." He took a deep breath. "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry, but losing his magic would have killed him in the end."

"You should have told me." Yuuri chided softly. "I know you want to protect me, you've been doing that all along, but I think it's time you stopped treating me like a child. If I'm going to be a good king I need to know everything, Conrad, the good and the bad." He bit his lip. "I would never have forgiven you or myself if Wolfram had –" He shuddered, unable to finish the thought. It was too horrible to even contemplate.

Conrad nodded, accepting the gentle rebuke. "I understand."

Yuuri sighed after a moment's silence. "I don't deserve him." He said forlornly.

Conrad smiled. "I don't think we get to decide who deserves whom, Your Majesty."

But Yuuri shook his head. "Do you know how hard it was for him to accept that I love him? How hard it was to let me in again? I'd hurt him so many times, Conrad. I'd let him down so badly and yet," his voice fell to a whisper. "I was so scared that he wouldn't give me another chance, because…because in his shoes, I don't think I'd have had the courage to try again."

Conrad reached out to squeeze his arm comfortingly. "I disagree." He said quietly. "You have more courage than most people, Yuuri. Everything you've done to bring peace to our world proves that. Your courage wouldn't have failed you where your very heart was concerned."

Yuuri smiled wanly. "I'm just glad I won't have to find out."

Conrad cocked his head curiously. "Tell me – what if Gisela can't undo her hypnosis? Or if Wolfram had chosen to remain as he is, would you still love him?"

Yuuri blinked. Considered. Nodded. "It doesn't matter." He replied with certainty. "I'd love Wolfram whether he changed back or not."

Conrad nodded, satisfied. "Then everything he went through, every sacrifice and hurt – they were worth it." He eyed the king a trifle sternly. "Take care of him, Your Majesty." He said, rising to his feet. "You're my King, and there is nothing I would not do for you. But he is my brother. It hasn't been easy seeing him upset these past months."

Yuuri tore his eyes away from the door long enough to gaze at his captain squarely. "I love Wolfram." The words were heartfelt. "More than anything. More than my own life."

Conrad grinned then, and as he strode away it was all he could do not to add a jaunty skip to his step. His brother was finally, finally getting the love he deserved.

Alone again, Yuuri eyed Gisela's door worriedly. Was there any chance at all that Gisela would be unable to undo her hypnosis? Yuuri frowned, his concern stemming, not from Wolfram's temperament or lack thereof, but rather on the necessity of Wolfram regaining the use of his magic.

It doesn't matter, he told himself as the doorknob turned and he scrambled to his feet. There was bound to be another healer capable of –

He never got to finish the thought, because at that moment the door opened and Wolfram was there. There. Yuuri's mouth went dry as the green eyes zeroed in on him.

"Wolfram?" Yuuri's voice was shaky, to say the least.

However, instead of speaking, Wolfram took his hand and all but dragged him to his room. Once there, Wolfram very deliberately locked the door. That done, he turned to the raven-haired king, who was eyeing him a little wildly.

"Did you mean it?" Wolfram demanded softly. "What you said out there – did you really mean it?"

Yuuri gazed at the almost feral gleam in the emerald eyes. "Yes." He whispered.

"You- you love me?" Wolfram's voice shook. It had been like a dream. A beautiful, wonderful dream, and he couldn't bear to have to wake up.

But he needed to know.

Yuuri raised his hand to caress one smooth cheek. "I love you, Wolfram. I think I have for a very long time now. I was just too stupid to realize it." He said softly, letting his love shine from his eyes.

"Wimp." Wolfram's voice was thick, choked up.

"Yeah." Yuuri agreed tenderly, his finger catching a tear. "But I'm your wimp."

Wolfram colored at the teasing tone, but his eyes flashed and he caught the king in a possessive embrace. "Don't you ever forget that." He warned sternly. "Because if I ever catch you flirting again , I swear I'm going to- "

Yuuri couldn't help it – he threw his head back and laughed. Loudly. Giddily. Joy filling his heart and soul and pouring out.

His love was back. His Wolfram really was back.

"Yuuri!" Wolfram's tone was chastising, but his heart was filled almost to bursting. Pulling away, he eyed his love mock-suspiciously. "Are you laughing at me? Because if you are - "

But Yuuri was done talking. There were other ways to prove his love, and Yuuri had waited too long already. So he shut him up. With his mouth.

Wolfram's eyes widened with shock as his brain registered that Yuuri was kissing him, his mouth at once soft and demanding, his arms gentle yet possessive. And when a warm, questing tongue slipped into his mouth, Wolfram yielded with a soft moan.

For his king he would surrender his life.

For his love he would surrender his heart.

-The End-