Hey guys! Okay, so maybe some of you noticed, but I deleted my fanfiction entitled 'Clancy's'. I really wasn't happy with teh way I started out. So, this fic will have hte same story line, but it will just be told in a better way. Haha. So please read and review, and remember constructive critism is always welcome!


Chapter 1: Another Day, Another Destiny

"Haha, yeah right. Dance? With those legs? C'mon, and with that hair…uh, he was never on Broadway…" the tall girl twisted a lock of dirty blonde hair around her finger. She leaned down on the counter in front of her, resting her free elbow on the surface.

"Well, then, Molly, what do you think his 'passion' was when he was 25?" the dark skinned girl put her hand on her hip and looked expectantly at her friend.

"Um…" Molly thought for a moment as she discreetly stared at the elderly man sitting in a booth a few feet away from where they were standing. "Oh, I know!" her hand shot up. "Kay, Meeka, you have got to hear me out, kay?"

Shameeka rolled her eyes but nodded.

"I think, he always led a normal life, you know, as one of those business guys with suitcases and blackberries and stuff, but he really always had the passion to help those in need, so he volunteered, like, everywhere," Molly smiled triumphantly.

Shameeka sighed and stuffed a hand in her black apron's pockets and pulled out a notepad, "Well, he did order Chicken Alfredo with a side of basil…"

"Wait, what does that have to do with…"

"Meeka, orders up," a small, tanned girl, her hair aloft with dark curls, swung open the kitchen doors and entered the waitresses' hangout area. In each arm she held a platter that lay beneath an assortment of meals. Maneuvering with ease, she dodged chairs, tables, and people before coming upon her destination.

She smiled at the group of people sitting at the table before setting the platters down on two folding tables she had brought out earlier. After giving them their dinners she headed back to the kitchen.

"Miss, miss!" the waitress heard a deep voice call out and she, as well as four other waitresses, turned to answer the costumer's calling.

The dark haired girl noticed that a man, maybe fifty, who also happened to be dressed from head to toe in leather, look her way, and she reluctantly walked over to his table, which was also surrounded by bikers and their 'chicks'.

"Yes?" she asked politely.

"Well, sweetness, us guys here we're wondering if you'd accompany us to…"

"No," she answered, almost robotically, "And, my name is not 'sweetness', its Gabriella."


"God, somebody else hit on me…" Gabriella sighed as she placed the two empty trays on the counter.

"Ouch…anyways, I'm telling you, Meeka, only guys with goatees date girls with pimples like that…those two are obviously brother and sister…" Molly looked above Gabriella and Shameeka, for her height always allowed her to do that, towards a pair sitting near the far window of the restaurant.

The three women standing around the counter worked at the restaurant which had been named Clancy's Home of the Best Burger in NYC and thoroughly the Best Place for Brats in the East… Of course, everyone just called it Clancy's. (AN, I just made the restaurant up).

"Another game of 'Guess the costumer's lives' I take it?" Gabriella grinned as she watched Molly ramble on about the diners.

Shameeka rolled her eyes and nodded. During breaks, the three friends often crowded around the small counter at the back of the restaurant, in front of the kitchen. There, Molly would question Gabriella and Shameeka about the lives of the costumers. It helped pass the time…

"Oh, Gabi, there's a new group at table four," Shameeka told the brunette as she excused herself to go pick up an order.

Gabriella nodded and reached into her apron for her notepad. Pulling it out and retrieving a pen from behind her ear, Gabriella stepped across the dining room to the table where four beings sat. A boy and a girl, maybe Gabriella's age, were snuggled in the corner, her hand on his knee, and another older couple, of whom the boy kept calling 'mom and dad' were smiling at the pair.

"I'm so glad that we did this," the girl began, giving the boy's parents a toothy smile.

"Yes, of course," the woman agreed, but it was she who noticed Gabriella first. The woman, to Gabriella seemed awfully familiar, but she came to the conclusion that it was probably just because she had come in the restaurant before.

Gabriella smiled slightly and looked down at her notepad before reciting robotically, "Hi, I'm Gabriella; I'll be your server today. Shall we start with some drinks?" she looked up, but was startled to find that the boy and both of his parents were staring straight back at her, looking awfully bewildered.

Gabriella raised an eyebrow at them, but smiled slightly. "Uh…what would you-," she turned to the girl seated beside the boy but was immediately interrupted but the woman across from them.


"Yessss?" the waitress turned to the woman, hoping that she hadn't down something to upset the costumers.

However, as Gabriella turned to her, the woman was smiling broadly. "It's me…Mrs. Bolton, remember?"

Gabriella felt her heart skip a beat, and she caught her breath. She knew was that meant. "Hi…" she did her best to keep the smile on her face as she said hello to both Mrs. And Coach Bolton.

But then she knew who was next…Closing her eyes she swallowed, "Hi, Troy…"

"Hi…" Gabriella felt herself fall into his ocean blue eyes once more…just like she had in high school.

"Uh, sorry, but I'm confused," Troy's girlfriend piped up.

Oh good god is this awkward. Gabriella thought to herself as she waited for someone, other than herself to reply.

"Oh, Karissa, I'm sorry. I completely forgot to introduce you. This is Gabriella. Back in high she and Toru were…"

Gabriella closed her eyes. She knew what was coming. A couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend…in love…

But Troy cut his mother off, "Friends."