A Teen Titians Fan Fiction

Episode 1 of the mermaid chronicles.

The fighting was intense. The Titians had been going at this thing for at least twenty minutes by now and getting nowhere. "Its skin is too tough!" Robin shouted as the creature tossed him to one side. He had been trying to blow it up.

"It's a giant blue spider," commented Beast Boy as he struggled to get out of one of its front pinchers, "it wares its skeleton on the outside." He turned into a snake and dropped to the ground. He shifted back into Beast Boy and faced the creature. "Of coarse his skin is going to be tough, it's his insides that are soft."

"This thing's got to have a weak spot," Cyborg growled as he blasted it a couple more times, "everything's got a weak spot."

"Yes," agreed Star Fire as she floated next to him, "but where?"

"Would you guys mind stop talking about it and do something?" asked Raven. "I'm tired of throwing busses at it," she finished as she hurled one at it.

"This would be easier with the other Titan's here," stated Starfire.

"They had their own problems to deal with," grumbled Cyborg.

"There!" pointed Robin, "The stomach! Cyborg, you and Star Fire go for the target area; the rest of us will distract it. Go!"

With that Cyborg and Star Fire ran under the thing and directed their fire strait up while Raven continued to throw cars and street lamps at it, Beast Boy ran in circles around it making various noises and Robin threw bombs at it. The creature turned in circles confused and in pain when it stopped. It started to turn red and steam. "Titians! Run for cover!" shouted Robin as everyone except Cyborg hid behind the nearest car or sign. Cyborg stood there sending his continual blast into the creature's belly…

It blew up.

Mobs of blue slime went everywhere, splattering the nearby buildings. "Gross," commented Beast Boy with a look of disgust as he came up from behind the street sign.

"What's the matter?" asked Raven as she came over, "I thought you liked gross."

"You kidding? This is cool! It looks toxic."

"It looks like a flerb yasnozle," agreed Star Fire as she walked over.

"Well baby blue's never been my favorite color," said Raven in her usual dreary yet sarcastic tones.

"Hey guys," called Cyborg as he walked over, "how do you like my art work?"

"It could use some work," replied Raven looking at the buildings.

"And the paint could be of a different color." commented Star Fire.

"Guys," called Robin from the other side of the street, "we have a slight problem." He finished just as the rest of the group reached him. He looked down. There, on the sidewalk was a girl about fifteen, maybe sixteen, with long dark hair, completely embellished in one big glob of blue slime and unconscious.

"In case you guys are wondering," said Beast Boy, "It wasn't me."

Play theme song

Ten minutes earlier… The streets of New York are crowded as usual; we focus in on one girl walking down the street with her mother. The girl is coughing slightly and does not appear to be able to stand up strait; her mother looks worried. "I still think we should have brought the fold up wheel chair, just in case."

"Mother," the girl replies, swinging her long hair behind her, "I am not so weak that I can't walk one block from the doctor's office to the restaurant." She coughs several times very hard. "The wheel chair is only if I get really tired." She finishes, hacking some more.

"I know dear," her mother says, "It's just I don't think this air is good for you."

"You're the one who said we should come here," the girl pointed out, "And if you could call me Gwen in public please. You know I don't like it when you call me 'Dear', it sounds like your babying me. Besides," she finished, "I like the smell of the city. It smells of culture." She inhaled deeply and hacked some more.

After a brief silence her mother spoke up "When we get to the restaurant I want you to order a full meal."

"Fine, but that doesn't mean I'm going to eat it all," the girl retorted.

"I'm just asking you to eat what you can. You've gotten so skinny in the last year…" her mother finished sounding worried again.

"Ok!" Gwen replies, starting to get mad. At this point you see her full figure and relies that she is gaunt and looks like someone who has lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time…

Suddenly screams echo. Gwen's mother grabs her daughter's hand. "Panicked crowds are a dangerous thing, we need to run to that street corner and turn so we're out of the way," she says, "Run!!" As they run, Gwen starts to lag behind.

"MOM!!!!" she yells as the crowd runs her over and drags her mother off. A couple seconds later she struggles to her feet. As she rasps for breath she turns around and sees why there were screaming crowds running down the road. Right there, in the middle of the street, is a three story tall blue spider, right now turning in circles. Quickly, Gwen runs inside the store behind her and comes out with a baseball bat, ready to defend herself if necessary. The spider is now facing the other way, red and steaming. Gwen thinks she might see someone under the spider but just as she starts to take a closer look, something hits her at full force, knocking her into the pole behind her. She slumps to the ground. As she blacks out, she could swear the world had turned blue.

When Gwen woke up, all she could see was a fuzzy green blob in front of her face. Her eyes hadn't quite focused yet. "I think she's waking up," said the green blob. As her eyes focused, she saw a green monkey with pointy ears and fangs.


"Yep, she's awake," reported Beast Boy, a huge smile on his face as he stood up. The Titians stood in a semicircle around the table they had laid Gwen. Although she doesn't know it yet, Gwen now has blue skin.

"Oh Beast Boy, you frightened her!" retorted Star Fire. "Do not be frightened," she told Gwen, "he looks vicious but is really quite harmless."

"Yeah, harmless." Beast Boy agreed as he stood on the edge of the table, making a silly face. At this point he lost his balance and fell off the table. Gwen sat up giggling, and then laughing. She hadn't laughed in a long time.

"Wait," she said in mid-laugh, "if you're Beast Boy then you guys are…" She looked around as the Titians gave her puzzled looks. "The Teen Titians," she finished quietly like she didn't believe it.

"Yeah…" said Robin like he was wondering what the point was, "That's us."

"I just didn't really expect meet you…um, what am I doing here?" she asked in a quiet voice like she was suddenly shy.

"Well we were fighting a giant blue spider…" started Beast Boy.

"When we found you unconscious on the ground," finished Cyborg.

"And we didn't see anyone looking for you…" added Star Fire.

"So we didn't know what to do with you sin…" said Raven

"SO we brought you back here until you woke up so we could help you home." Robin cut Raven off since he really didn't think it was a good idea to tell Gwen that they'd found her in a glob of slime. Gwen looked from Titian to Titian. You could tell she was wondering if they finished each other's sentences often.

"Well, I was with my Mom but the screaming crowds knocked me over and I lost her so I have no idea where she is. I've only been in the city a couple days, I came here to see a doctor about my condition and…" She stopped, realizing that she hadn't meant to tell them she was sick. She didn't want them to pity her.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Beast Boy. He sounded generally concerned. Gwen decided to tell him.

"I'm, well, I've been sick for a long time."

"Well if you're sick," Robin said, "maybe you should lie down."

"No it's ok," she said, already able to tell she was going to be babied, "I not tired." Then she realized something. "That's odd…" The Titians looked at her, waiting for an explanation. "I'm always tired. Maybe getting knocked out did me some good." The Titians looked at her in slight disbelief. She sighed. "Wait…" She took another breath, deeper this time. "I can breath?" she almost whispered. She took another breath. "I can breath!!!!!!!" she shouted, jumping off the table. "You don't understand," she explained to the bewildered group, "I haven't been able to breathe properly in over a year now! I feel so happy I could do cartwheels!" She preceded cartwheel around the table as the others watched. "That was so cool!" she said as she stopped. The Titians looked even more puzzled, "I've never done a cartwheel in my life!" she explained, "I'm a bookworm, I don't do sports!" She then continued to cartwheel around the table some more.

"So," said Beast Boy, trying to get the matter straitened out, "You were sick and now you're not?"

"I guess so," Gwen said stopping, "hmmm…"

"I don't know about anyone else," confessed Cyborg, "but I'm confused."

"I am confused as well," said Star Fire.

"So am I." Gwen said as she sat down, putting her head in her hands. Then she got a good look at her hands. "Why am I blue?" she asked, noticing for the first time.

"You weren't blue to begin with?" asked Raven.


"Oh dear…" Star Fire let out, looking concerned. Gwen ran over to a full-length mirror that was just down the hall.

"I'm completely blue!" she gasped, "What happened? Is this permanent?"

"We found you covered in slime from the spider, and by the time we got most of it off you were already blue," Robin told her.

"From what we've been able to tell it won't come off," Cyborg explained.

"At least you aren't baby blue." Raven said in her usually monotonous voice.

"Are you upset?" asked Star Fire.

"I don't know yet," Gwen confessed, bewildered, "is there anything else wrong with me?" Gwen started to check herself in the mirror. "My eyes are the same color. So is my hair, but it seems to have more body to it, probably the slime. Wait a minute…" She patted her stomach area. "My skin flabs are gone."

"What are skin flabs?" asked Star Fire.

"Well," Gwen was trying to explain without embarrassing herself, these people were finding way too much about her, "I wasn't the skinniest person in the world before I got sick, so when I started losing weight, there was left over skin… but now it's gone!" she finished looking down. "This is so weird." She went back to the table, slumped down and put her head in her hands again. The Titians didn't know what to say. Then Cyborg spoke,

"We need to see if she has powers," he suggested turning to Robin.

"What?" asked Gwen looking up, thoroughly confused, "Why would I have powers?"

"The slime changed your genetic makeup, we don't know what else it did to you," explained Raven.

"If you don't have powers you might have problems," Robin pointed out.

"It's not like you can just go home," added Cyborg.

"What? Why not?!" asked Gwen. She was starting to panic.

"You're blue," Beast Boy explained, putting his hand on hers, "one reporter sees you and mad scientists start doing crazy experiments on you. And they don't care about what you're like when they're done with you either," he finished sounding very concerned. Gwen was about to ask how he knew this but then she looked at him and it dawned on her, 'He's green, he's been in the same spot I am all his life.' At this she relaxed a little. At least someone understood how hard this was for her.

"But," she asked, "what about my family? My Mom is out there looking for me, and I have a father and two little sisters at home."

"Oh." Beast boy looked down and the rest of the Titians didn't look too happy either.

"What's the matter?"

"Families are not good things for a super hero," Robin explained, "Villains like to use them for hostages and blackmail."

"They are bad people who do vile things," added Star fire.

"What am I supposed to do?" asked Gwen. Things were happening way too fast.

"Cyborg," said Robin taking charge, "send a message to the police that if a woman comes in looking for her daughter that we have her and she is safe."

"I'll be right back." Cyborg said as he left the room.

"Now what?" asked Raven.

"Now we see if she has powers," Robin told her. Raven turned to Gwen.

"Close your eyes and open your mind," she told her, "let your mind wander." Gwen looked at Beast Boy. He gave her an encouraging smile. Gwen closed her eyes.

There was white, and then she heard a seagull. It took her to the beach. She waded into the water. It felt so good. She swam, first on top of the water. She swam with the dolphins but she couldn't keep up, so she swam like they did, in one fluid movement. Then she dove down deep with them, and played in the sun shadows.

While Gwen was having this daydream Robin, Star Fire, Raven and Beast Boy were watching. At first nothing happened but then they watched as her legs slowly molded into one and her feet flattened and spread. She had a tail. Then the skin between her fingers spread until she had webbed hands.

Gwen dove deeper and realized she was going to run out of air. She felt something on the sides of her neck, and then she couldn't breath…

In the real world her new friends watched as she grew gills and then gasped for breath. "Snap out of it!" yelled Beast Boy. Gwen opened her eyes, losing focus and going back to normal.

"What happened?" she asked as she caught her breath.

"You turned into a fish," Raven stated.

"She did not!" yelled Beast Boy in defile, "I know fish! She turned into a mermaid! Which is great because that means I'll finally have someone to swim with," he finished looking at Gwen with stars in his eyes. She giggled.

"But Beast Boy," she said, "I'm not even sure I'm staying yet." Robin and Beast Boy started talking at once.

"But you got to!" started Beast Boy.

"At least see how you do on a mission," Robin advised.

"Ok," Gwen agreed, "If it works out with my family I might stay, I mean, were else would I go?"

"Yes!" yelled Beast Boy, leaping up into the air. "I mean cool." He amended, blushing bright red. Gwen laughed again. Then Cyborg came back.

"They said they'd call when she came in," he said, referring to the Police, "So, what's happened so far?"

"She turned into a fish." Raven stated once more.

"She did not!" screamed Beast Boy raising his arm with his finger pointed, "For the last time! She turned into a…"

"Mermaid, we know." said Robin, interrupting. Beast Boy lowered his arm, making a long a face as he did so. Gwen burst out laughing again.

"Beast Boy," she said between laughs, "you're so (stifled laugh) funny!"

"I know." he said, putting on funny glasses and raising his eyebrows, causing Gwen to be thrown into more fits of laughter.

"So what else can she do?" asked Cyborg.

"We don't know yet, Beast Boy's too funny." Robin sounded exasperated.

"I'm sorry," said Gwen, gasping for breath, "I'll stop." She got control of her breathing. "So what do you want me to do now?"

"We want you to do the same thing again only this time think of something else," Raven told her.

Gwen closed her eyes and sat there on the table cross-legged. For a couple seconds nothing happened then, "Beast Boy don't you dare." Gwen said, opening her eyes half a second to stare down Beast Boy then closing them again.

"What was Beast Boy doing?" asked Robin. Gwen opened her eyes.

"He just said he was going to tickle me." Gwen told them, sounding exasperated.

"Did I say that out loud?" asked Beast Boy, genuinely curios.

"No, you didn't…" said Robin solemnly.

"What does that mean?" asked Star Fire.

"I think…she can read minds," Robin answered.

"Oh goody." commented Raven.

"I don't see what's so bad about this," Cyborg interjected.

"Well the last time someone entered my mind it wasn't a joy ride," Raven stated. Cyborg looked the other way and started to whistle.

"I will try not to read any of your minds unless it was necessary." Gwen told them.

"That doesn't matter right now," stated Robin, "Let's see what else you can do." Music roles and you start to see various attempts.

First Gwen is lifting off the table. Her eyes and hands glow red. The glow starts to flicker, then dies as she falls to the ground. You see her get up from behind the table, rubbing her head. Scene changes.

Now you see her sending a fireball at a piece of cloth. You see Beast Boy, who is standing right next to her, as his hair spontaneously catches on fire. Gwen turns to face him and sends a long spurt of water at him, soaking him and Raven, who was standing near him. Gwen laughs. Scene changes.

Gwen is concentrating hard. You see her as she changes into a mouse, then pop! She's a hippo, then pop! She's an ostrich, then pop! She's back to her. She opens one eye and grins, as if to try to apologize. Scene changes.

Gwen is grimacing; she is concentrating so hard. In front of her a cup rattles, lifts about two centimeters then falls. Gwen gives up and relaxes. Cyborg all of a sudden is lifted off the ground and hurls into a wall off scene. Gwen winces and shrugs hopefully as the other Titians look at her. Scene changes once more. Music stops.

Gwen rested on the couch while the Titians looked at her. "Look," she said, "if you don't want me to stay any more I understand."

"Of coarse we want you to stay!" exclaimed Beast Boy, "Right guys?"

"You'll need a lot of training," Robin told her, "but you posses every power we've been able to think of. I think you'll be a great addition to our team, but we should probably see how you do on a mission to see just how much training you'll need."

"So you really want me to join your team?" she asks, not sure quite sure she's hearing them right.

"Yes we want you to join our team!" says Beast Boy, "How else would we get you to stay?"

"Not to mention if we didn't let you Beast Boy would whine for a month," commented Raven. The rest of the Titians glared at her. "Just kidding," The phone rings.

"I'll get it," said Cyborg as he walked out.

"Now that you are staying," said Star Fire, zooming right into Gwen's face, "will you be my friend, what's your favorite color, and what is your name?"

"Um...sure, purple and…" Gwen started.

"Wait!" yelled Beast Boy. They all looked at him. "Do we want to know her name?"

"Why ever not?" asked Star Fire.

"I get it," Raven finished for him, "If we use her name all the time or even slip once and our enemies could research her past, or worse. Like what Slade did to… well, you get the picture."

"We definitely have to think of a super hero name for you," Robin said, slightly fast to cover up Raven's mistake. At this point Cyborg came back.

"That was the police station," he said looking at Gwen, "Your Mom's going to be here in a couple hours." Gwen looked down at her shoes.

"So what you goin'a tell your Mom?" asked Beast Boy, seeing that Gwen was upset.

"What I have to tell her." she said, composing herself, "Don't worry, I know what I'm going to say. So," she said, looking at the other Titians, "anyone have any name ideas?"

"I do!" said Beast Boy, "How bout Beast Girl!" They stared at him. "Um, no. OK, how about Phoenix? No? Flying Super Wonder? No, um…"

"Beast Boy…" Gwen was trying to give her idea.

"Wait," he said, "How about Ms. Mysterious, no, Ms. Disguise, no…"

"Shut up and let mermaid talk," Raven butted in.

"Thank you," Gwen started, "I like… wait, what did you call me?"

"Mermaid," answered Beast Boy, "You know, it fits. I like that name."

"I was being sarcastic," said Raven.

"I like it too," Gwen agreed.

"I think it is marvelous!" elated Star Fire.

"Well I guess that's settled then." Robin announced, "Mermaid, welcome to the Teen Titians. I'd give you a communicator but the extra one can't be fixed till tomorrow."

"What happened to it?" Gwen, or Mermaid as it were, asked. "BB broke it," Cyborg told her with glee, "we were playing a good game of stank ball when…" The doorbell rang. "I'll get it." He said this even more gleefully as it gave him the chance to leave the room while Beast Boy steamed. When he came back he had something behind his back.

"Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?" he asked.

"I'd go with good news," Robin decided for the group.

"The good news is…" he pause bring out a pizza box from behind his back, "Pizza's here!"

"Yes! I'm starving!" exclaimed Mermaid.

"I second that." Beast Boy agreed, digging in.

"Me too." Star Fire echoed as she selected a piece.

"I hate to break up the party," Raven said, "but what's the bad news?"

"Yeah what's the bad news?" Mermaid asked with half a piece of pizza in her mouth.

"The bad news is that your Mom is only about a block away,"

Mermaid spat out her pizza. "What?" she exclaimed, "I thought you said she wouldn't be here for a couple of hours!"

"I guess the police underestimated your mom."

"What are you going to tell her?" Beast Boy asked, concerned.

"Don't worry," Mermaid told him, "I know what I'm going to say." She didn't say anything else on that subject. "Now when she gets here I want to talk to her alone," Mermaid said addressing the group, "afterwards I'll introduce you guys."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Robin asked, "We could at least be with you in the room for moral support."

"That's kind of you, but I need to do this alone. If you were there Mom would freak and convince herself that I was a victim of peer pressure or something." They gave her a puzzled look.

"Peer pressure?" Cyborg asked, "We didn't even know you until today."

"Look, Mom is weird, ok? She's…" –ding, dong- the door bell rang. "Look," she said, "just trust me! Go into the Gym while I answer the door. Please?"

"If that's what you want," Robin said.

"But if you need us, we're right in here," said Beast Boy, a little sad.

"Don't worry," Mermaid assured him, "I'm staying. Even if…" –ding, dong- "I gotta go. Shue!" she said, pushing him down the hall before going to the door.

She looked out the peephole to make sure it was her mom. It was. She stood next to the door and opened it in, so it hid her. "Hello?" her mother asked stepping inside.

"Mother, don't turn around." Mermaid cautioned.


"Yes, I'm here, but I'm a little, different…" Mermaid explained,

"I don't care as long as you're ok! Just let me see you," her mother pleaded.

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you…" She came out from behind the door, closing it as she did so. "Turn around." Her mother did so and took a step back before she realized that it was Gwen.

"Oh, Gwen," she began, "are you ok?"

"I'm better than ok, it's gone! I'm not sick any more! My stupid skin flabs are gone too. And look," she said, holding a fire ball in her hand, "I have super powers."

"Oh, Gwen," her mother said again, pulling her into a hug, "I'm so happy, but," she said coming out of the hug, "will the blue ever come off?"

"No. Mom, I think we ought to sit on the couch for a second," They sat down on the couch facing each other.

"Mom," she started, "I can't go home with you,"

"Why not?!" her mother asked in alarm.

"Just listen, don't interrupt. I'm different now," she said "and one reporter gets a picture of me and scientists haul me away,"

"Gwen, people are more understanding of differences now and…"

"Mom," Mermaid cut in, "you were the one who told me to be wary of bias information."

"I know, but we could keep you hidden or…"

"Mom, I don't want a life in a prison, scared of who I am and what I can do. The Titians have offered me a home here where I can learn how to use my abilities for a greater good. It's my best chance I've got and you know it!"

"You could use your powers up where we live, couldn't you?" her mother pleaded.

"I can't control my powers yet. I'd do more damage than good. Here I can train."

"This is all so fast…" her mother thought for some comeback, "sigh… I'm beaten, aren't I?"

"Yes," Gwen replied, relieved her mother was coming around so quickly.

"I just didn't think you would be leaving me so soon," her mother started bleary eyed.

"It's ok… I can take care of myself, and it's not like I'll be alone, I'll be with the Titians."

"It's just so hard to see you all grown up," her mother told her smiling through her tears.

"There's something else you should know…" Her mother looked at her. "Being a superhero could put you and the rest of the family in danger, so…" she paused to get a hold of her self, "you're going to have to tell everyone but Dad that I'm… dead."


"If the bad guys knew you were my family they might take you hostage or worse. I can't risk that."

"I just wish you would think it over first,"

"I have, all day," Mermaid told her.

"But this means I'll never get to see you again."

"I didn't say that. It would just mean that you would have to visit me in secret and rarely," she explained.

"It just won't be the same," Her mother was on the verge of tears again.

"It's ok Mom, you just have to let go of me earlier than you expected. And like I said before, it's not like I'll be lonely. Speaking of which," Mermaid said, seeing away out of the moment, "Why don't you meet my new friends?"

"Ok," her mother agreed, drying her tears.

"They're right down this hall," Mermaid said as she steered her mother to the Gym. As they came in the Titians were shoving pizza in their faces. "Um, guys," Mermaid said as the group turned around. Beast Boy swallowed a large bite. "This is my mom."

"It's nice to meet you, Mermaid's going to make a great addition to our team."

"That's Robin," Mermaid introduced.

"Mermaid?" her mom asked.

"It's her new name; for protection."

"Why do you need so much protection?" her mother asked in alarm.

"Don't worry M'am," Cyborg told her, "it's more for your protection than hers."

"Oh I see…"

"That's Cyborg," Mermaid told her, starting to worry.

"I am so glad that we will all be being friends."

"That's Star Fire," Mermaid added,

"Yeah it's really great."

"And that's Raven."

"Hi," said Beast Boy, stepping forward timidly, "I'm Beast Boy. You will be letting Mermaid stay; won't you?"

"Well," her mother said, "she seems to think it's the only way to deal with the current situation but I don't know. I mean she's only 15 and to live here with no adults…"

"But you gotta let her stay!" Beast Boy interrupted, "If you make her live anywhere else she'll be considered a freak! Trust me, I know…" he added.

"If it helps at all," Cyborg put in, "I'm technically college age."

"That's not what I consider adult but…"

"You don't have to worry about her here M'am," Robin cut in, "we look out for each other, we're a team. There's no place she could be safer."

"It's just that…"

"Mom…" started Mermaid… Then the alarm cut her off.

"Trouble;" stated Robin as he looked at his communicator, "Apparently that goo Cyborg sprayed all over the tourist district is taking on a life of its own." He started to leave, then turned to face Mermaid. "You coming?" he asked.

"Now?" Mermaid asked bewildered, "I don't know… I don't have that much of a handle on my powers yet…"

"Come on," pleaded Beast Boy, "you can use that flame thrower power, you were pretty good at that."

"You mean you don't mind if I set your head on fire again?" asked Mermaid, disbelieving.

"Oh that?" said Beast Boy as if it were nothing, "There are…" He was going to say 'worse things' but then caught sight of Mermaid's mother. "I mean, you can always hose me again," he amended.

"Come on," Cyborg motioned, facing to leave, "you can ride in the T-car, just don't burn the upholstery, or smudge it, or dirty it or…"

"SHUT UP!" Raven and Beast Boy yelled at the same time.

"Ok," Mermaid surrendered, "I'll come. I need to practice anyway," she said, looking cheerful. She started to follow Cyborg out when…

"What am I supposed to do?" demanded Mermaid's mom.

"Oh, mother," Mermaid remembered, turning back, "Um, stay here, and…" she added as she thought about it, "stay in the living room, it might give you a better exit if need be. I'll be back," she called over her shoulder as she left, leaving her mother looking thoroughly put out.

As they got to the scene of the action Robin started giving orders, "Ok Titians, we don't know what these things can do yet, so stay alert. Mermaid, just do the best you can. You'll be mostly extra support for this mission. Try not to use powers if you're not sure they'll work, just stick to flame throwing. Anyone have any questions?" he asked.

"I have a question," mentioned Beast Boy, waving his hand in the air to get attention, "You said 'these things.' What things? I thought we were dealing with blue goo."

"We are. But the alert said it had formed into… well, better just come look," Robin finished, motioning for the rest of the team to follow him over the crest of the hill. The Titans looked over a scene of chaos. People were screaming and running from what looked like four foot tall blue goopy ghosts with razor sharp teeth and laser red eyes. There looked to be at least two dozen if not more. "It's an army of goo creatures," said Star fire in awe.

"If that's an army it's not a very good one," commented Raven as one creature ran blindly into a wall, "They just run every which way with no direction or pattern."

"We have to deal with those?" asked Beast Boy incredulously, "They're not even as tall as I am!"

"But they can do that," interjected Mermaid. She pointed as another creature that ran into a wall, exploded and pulled its self back together.

"We've dealt with stuff like that too, it's no big," replied Beast Boy, sounding slightly less sure of himself.

"You know what, I think they may be slightly taller than you BB," commented Cyborg.

"The point is that they out number us and we have no idea what they can do. Just use caution," Robin warned, "Titans… GO!"

As she ran down the hill, Mermaid threw one fire ball as a test run. It hit and melted one glob beautifully. Encouraged by the fact that no one's hair had caught on fire, she continued to through fireball after fireball with much vigor, melting ten blobs before she even got to the bottom of the hill.

Cyborg wasn't having much trouble either. At first he used his mini missles which did not do much damage, but when he switched to his blaster he found if he aimed right he could melt more than one at a time and was having quite a lot of fun doing it.

Starfire was also handling them pretty well but that's as far as it went. The other Titians couldn't harm the creatures at all. Even T-rex Beast boy could only slam them against a wall and watch them reform again.

"Why aren't you having any trouble?" he asked Cyborg.

"You know, I'm not sure," responded Cyborg after blasting another one, "They don't seem to be reforming as fast after I hit them."

"Wonderful," commented Raven, "I can't touch them. What are you doing to them?"

"I said, I don't know!" shouted Cyborg, "I'm not the only one taking them down. It's not even working that well, they still reform. Talk to Star or Mermaid, I'm kinda busy."

"Like they're not."

Actually Mermaid was busy, but not with the goo creatures. Or at least, not entirely.

"Mom! What are you doing here?! Get down!" Mermaid screeched as she blasted the creature behind her mother.

"I couldn't stay in that tower while you out here doing who knows what, I was worried."

"Well, now you can see I'm quite fine, so please go back to the tower."

"No. I am your mother, I have a right to watch."

Mermaid sighed. "Well, fine, but you're kind of in the wa- Mom look out!" she screeched once more as she pushed her mother out of the way of one of Raven's busses, which was directed at a blob.

"See what I mean? Here," she said as she grabbed her mother and flew her to the top of a building, "Watch from here."

"I didn't know you could fly."

"Niether did I, now stay here!" Mermaid flew off.

"It's not like I have much choice in the matter!" her mother called after her.

As she flew over the street she could see only she, Starfire and Cyborg were having any effect.

"Thanks," said Robin after she got a creature coming up behind him. "Any thoughts on why your abilities are working while Raven's and Beast Boy's aren't?"

"I think you have to melt them. Maybe if we could scoop them up in some container before they reform…"

"Good plan. Raven!" he called.


"We need a container large enough to hold all this stuff. Can you find something?"

"Will the water tower work?"

"Yes. Get it ready. Beast Boy! I need you to somehow help me scoop this stuff into the water tower as it melts. You got that?"


"Cyborg, Star, just keep melting. We'll take care of the rest. Titans,go!"

The Titans worked with speed and efficiency. Mermaid helped where she could, melting and lifting stuff to the water tower. It was over in ten minutes.

"That wasn't so hard," commented Robin when they resealed the tower, "Good thinking Mermaid." Suddenly there was a roar, and the water tower shook.

"Well, it was a good plan," stated Raven as the water tower began to burst at the seams, "until now."

Out of the tower emerged a goo creature as big as the surrounding skyscrapers. It roared a mighty roar and took off towards a random building.

"Just as I suspected," muttered Raven, "Utterly brainless. It's not even attacking us."

"No," said Mermaid, "but it's attacking my mom! Hurry!" She sped after it.

"What is her mom even doing here?" asked Beast Boy as the rest of the group went after her.

"Attack now, questions later! Let's go BB!" shouted Cyborg over his shoulder.

"It's not like I can do much to it anyway," muttered Beast Boy as he took wing.

As Mermaid caught up to the creature she could hear her mother shouting. "Hang on!" she called as she hit it from behind with a fire ball. Continuing to attack it, she managed to draw it off her mother. While Mermaid held its attention, Starfire picked up Mermaid's mother and flew her to a safer location.

"Excuse me," said Starfire, "but I need to be helping the others now. Will you be alright?"

"I'll be fine," Mermaid's mother responded, breathing a little hard, "If I may ask, who drew that thing away?"

"Your daughter, of course. I must go now." Starfire flew back to the battle, leaving Mermaid's mother stunned.

It took quite a while to get it melted again and keep it that way. In the end it was an accident that did it. Frustrated, Starfire heaved a large piece of glass in the air, intent on hitting the creature over the head with it, when the sun's reflections hit the creature and melted it.

"Don't move!" Robin shouted, "Stay there, so it can't reform while we contact the lab holding the other mutated criminals."

"I will do as you say, but this object is heavy."

"I'll help," offered Mermaid. Raven joined them, (physically, using her powers blocked the sun) and the three girls hung there until the authorities arrived.

Later in the tower, Mermaid's mother confronted her.

"I didn't understand how strong you were. Even seeing you fight, I worried, but then you drew off that thing so I could get away. I see now that you've grown up much faster then I could of thought possible. We raised you well and you're ready to be on your own. You can stay." Her mother teared up and drew her into a hug.

"I love you honey."

"I love you too Mom." Her mother pulled away and smiled.

"Don't show me to the door," she said as she dried her tears, "I'll only cry more." She walked out of the room. Mermaid watched her go.

Mermaid turned around to face her new friends, who had walked in near the end.

"Are you going to be ok?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. So," she asked, "Am I staying?"

They all looked at Robin expectantly. He nodded. Raven frowned. No one noticed.

"Great! You can have the extra bedroom. I'll show you," Beast Boy volunteered, as he grabbed Mermaid's hand and pulled her out of the room.

"And I will help." Star Fire added as went with them.

"Don't forget me," said Cyborg, as he followed them out.

Raven looked questionly at Robin. "You don't trust her," she stated.

"I don't know anything about her."

"It's more than that."

"It's just that she's too…"

"Powerful?" questioned Raven.

"She had every ability we could think of! Everyone we know! I just keep thinking about…"



"Then why are you letting her stay? I know Beast Boy's reason, Starfire's reason and even Cyborg's reason. What's yours?"

"It's just that, since we've been back from our different corners of the world, that was the first time we fit together as our team again. It's like she reminded us of how we fit without the rest of the Titan's from around the world."

"And? There's something else Robin."

"It's just, I don't think the Brotherhood of Evil is just going to go away. I know they're in hibernation but technically they're still out there, and I keep feeling like that was just our first battle. It's dangerous for any teen hero right now, even if they're not a Titan," Robin finished.

"You know, most people would call that paranoia, especially when they're frozen."

"I'm aware. They called me paranoid when I said Slade would come back."

"You were paranoid. But," she continued cutting off any argument, "I also think you want to keep an eye on her."

"Maybe, I'm not sure yet."

"Look, I'll be suspicious and you can try to protect her from the brotherhood of evil," Raven told him, "You don't need to worry more than you already do."

There was a crash and the sound of Beast Boy's laughter down the hallway. "I'll go check that out," stated Raven as she swept out of the room.

"So we have a new Titan," Robin mused to himself. "The question is, who is she?"