Episode 2 of the Mermaid chronicles.

Mermaid floated in midair, centering her focus on the weight at the end of the room. She concentrated harder. It started to lift off the ground.

"You guys!" yelled Beast Boy as he spotted what Mermaid was doing, "Come look! She's doing it!" Robin came running in first followed by Cyborg.

"Alright Mermaid!" Robin cheered.

"You go girl!" yelled Cyborg. Starfire and Raven came floating into the room.

"Yay Mermaid!" said Starfire.

"Go Mermaid." Raven added.

"Yeah, go Mermaid!" yelled Beast Boy.

As the Titians cheered, the weight rose higher and higher. It wasn't going where it was supposed to go, Mermaid was trying to get it to hit the target behind it, but it wouldn't go any direction but up. Mermaid concentrated harder. Her friends continued to cheer. She concentrated harder. Her forehead started to sweat. Beast Boy took notice.

"Um, guys," he said, stopping the cheering, "I don't think that thing's going where it's supposed to go."

Mermaid continued to concentrate harder and harder. The weight stopped rising and started to spin. "Um, Mermaid?" Beast Boy asked. It spun faster.

"Mermaid stop!" yelled Robin.

"Stop please!" added Starfire.

"Mermaid!" yelled Beast Boy. The weight stopped spinning and fell straight down, creating a hole in the floor and kicking up a cloud of dust as it landed. Everyone was left coughing.

"What happened?" Robin asked Mermaid as she stood up out of the dust.

"I couldn't do it. I couldn't even make the thing rise up three feet and hit the target, 'cause I'm pathetic. If you'll excuse me," she said as she pushed past the group and to the door, "I have a major headache I need to deal with, thank you." She left the room. The Titians stood there speechless.

"She sounded like Raven," commented Cyborg.

"Ouch," added Beast Boy.

Play Theme Song.

Later, Beast Boy entered Mermaid's room. "Um, Mermaid?" He looked around. You could tell she hadn't been there long; the room wasn't very personalized. In the middle of the room was a small bed with gray sheets, next to it a side table and a stack of books. On the side table were a couple pink candles and a bible. The cool thing about the room was the walls. Light spangled on the walls in patterns one would expect to see underwater. There was a huge wall length window on one wall but the curtains were closed right now. There was also a tall window spanning across one of the corners but the curtains were closed on that window too. The only light was the patterns on the walls and the candles. Mermaid was sitting in the middle of her bed, cross-legged, reading a large book.

"Is it ok if I come in?" Beast Boy asked as he stepped in the room, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

"Yeah, come in." She sounded like she had calmed down.

"What are you reading?" Beast Boy asked, peering around the edge of the book.

"Something Raven lent me," she said, closing the book and setting it down on her desk. Beast Boy took a step back and raised one eyebrow. Nobody liked Raven's books.

"Oh, you brought me flowers! How sweet." She took them from him and inhaled their sent.

"Do you like sitting in the dark?" Beast Boy asked, thinking she was acting too much like Raven.

"Oh you can open a curtain if you want; I was just getting affect of the water light."

"How do you do that?" asked Beast Boy as he pulled open the curtains on the wall length window.

"The curtains for that window," she said pointing to the window in the corner, "are actually clear plastic filled with blue dyed water."

"Cool." Beast Boy said as he came across the room and sat on the edge of Mermaid's bed.

"I wanted to apologize for the way I acted this morning. I'm sorry I got all grouchy like that, I was just mad that I couldn't control my powers." Mermaid said all of this looking directly at Beast Boy. Now she looked down. "I'll be useless in a fight," she said.

"Well you could always stay on as a cook. The pizza you made last night was awesome!" he said as he rubbed his stomach and licked his lips. Mermaid giggled.

"Beast Boy," she told him, "anyone can make pizza."

"Not here. The only other person who uses the oven is Starfire." He pretended to gag. "Let's just say the last person who ate her food and liked it, went to the dark side." He said this in a creepy voice while hunched over with his hands out like claws and an evil grin. Mermaid started laughing hysterically.

"Oh," she said, wiping tears from her eyes, and going moody again, "I suppose I should be used to being a weak freak."

"It's not so bad," said Beast Boy, trying to cheer her, "We're all freaks."

"I mean before that." Beast Boy looked confused. "You know how I was sick?"

"About that," he said, "according to Robin's research," he said, pulling out one end of a piece of paper from his pocket, leaving the other end still tucked in there, "Where is it?" he mumbled as he continued to pull the piece of paper out till it was in a long pile in front of him. Finally he got to the other end, "Oh, here it is. He said he couldn't find a case of pneumonia that lasted more then 3 months. So how," he asked as he stepped around the pile of paper in front of him, "did you have it for a year?"

"Well that's what I was going to explain. The pneumonia was more like… a complication. I've been odd since I was born because I had this disorder called cystic fibrosis. My body, it produced too much," she paused, looking for the right word, "mucus."

"Cool!" screamed Beast Boy, "That would be awesome," he said, beginning to list off how it would be awesome and demonstrating, "I bet you could blow huge booger bubbles," he proceeded to blow his own, "or you if someone was bugging you, you could just blow your nose really hard and have them running for cover." Beast Boy tried this but only ended up with boogers down his front. Mermaid giggled.

"That's what a boy would do. A girl just tries to hide her constant runny nose. I took herbal medicines, I dried it out, and I covered it with my sleeve. I was lucky. I only had a mild condition, so it wasn't that bad until last year when I got a cold that turned into pneumonia and my body started producing something like four times what it was supposed to. So the mucus filled my lungs and every time it started to empty…"

"It'd fill back up again. Wow, that must have been horrible. But how did you walk around like when we found you? Robin says…"

"I know, I should have been bedridden, even with the doctors emptying my lungs once ever two weeks. Well after six months of sitting in bed I decided enough was enough and I walked across the room. And I did that every day until I could walk well enough to go out side. Being in bed makes your muscles weak, so it took me a while. Mom didn't like it at first but I told her that I might never get well and I wasn't spending the rest of my life in bed. Even after that she still didn't like it until it turned out that the sunshine was helping me get better. After that it always stayed the same though. I couldn't do anything too energetic because I was so tired all the time, but I didn't have to stay indoors. I wasn't stuck in bed but I couldn't do anything either. So you see," she concluded, "I should be used to being a weak freak."

"But you're not weak," Beast Boy told her, "most people would have stayed in bed and given up, but you got out and walked around even though you couldn't even really breathe." He held her hands. "I know that when you finally get into full battle your gona let lose and every one will see how amazing you are."

"Thanks Beast Boy," she said hugging him. He hugged her back for about half a second and then realized what she was doing. He started squirming.

"What is it with girls and hugging me?" he asked as he tried to squirm lose.

"Sorry." Mermaid apologized and let go.

"It's just that girls keep hugging me! I mean, you don't see them hugging Cyborg!" Mermaid laughed.

"Come on, I'm starving," she told him as she opened the door.

They came into the hangout room where every one else was lounging, and went directly into the kitchen.

"Hey Mermaid," called Cyborg from the couch, where he was playing a video game with Robin, "Ya doin' better?"

"Much. I think I'll make something for lunch for you guys."

"Alright! Hey Beast Boy, after I'm done kicking Bird Brain's butt, you wana go a round?"

"Sure, if you don't mind losing."

"Losing?" Cyborg scoffed, "Fat chance. You can't beat this machine. Boo ya!" he added as he gained more points.

"Hey Beast Boy," Mermaid said as she pulled some fixings from the fridge, "I've been meaning to ask you, after lunch, would you like to go swimming? I haven't had a chance to really check out the beach yet. I wanted to test out my new swimming skills. I figured I should take someone with me, just in case."

"Sure!" he answered, sounding like there was nothing he would rather do, "I can even turn into something aquatic so you won't have to come up for air." Suddenly, every one started blinking. Well technically it wasn't them blinking, it was a belt or gadget, but you get the picture. Robin looked into his communicator at a map of the city.

"Something's happening on 32nd St. Let's go," he told them. Mermaid started wringing her hands.

"Don't worry," Beast Boy said as they started out of the tower, "You'll do fine. Just don't use your mind powers. You're better at Starfire's abilities."

"I suppose," she said as she flew up and Beast Boy turned into a bird. "It's just that I feel bad using someone else's powers. I feel like a copy cat."

"Oh do not worry," Starfire told Mermaid as she flew up behind her, "I don't mind you having my abilities. You are my friend."

"Um, thanks," Mermaid said as she came into land.

The Titians all stared at something ahead of them. "Holy cow…" Cyborg uttered.

There, in the middle of the street, was a dog as tall as one of the skyscrapers. It was tan, with pointy teeth and mean claws. The tops of the buildings around them were torn and for some reason one of them was on fire.

"I believe you meant "holy dog"" Starfire pointed out to Cyborg.

"Yeah that's what I meant…" agreed Cyborg, not really paying attention as he was still starring at the dog.

"I don't think he's so tough, I mean, it's a dog," Beast Boy bragged. The dog took a large breath and proceeded to blow fire. Several of the other buildings caught on fire. "Ok…so it's a fire breathing dog, but it's probably still a wimp, right?" Beast Boy corrected, now sounding less sure of himself.

"That's what you said when we took on the spider," commented Raven.

"Well I say we stop talking and house train the bad puppy," Cyborg pointed out.

"Cyborg is right," stated Robin as he took control, "Titians, go!"

Play music.

(Reader, at this point I must pause the story. I am trying my best to write these as episodes. Whether they turn out too long or too short is an issue but I am trying my best. On TV or in movies there are times when there is no or little sound coming from the actual characters and it is music which defines the emotions. The next scene is one of those times. Unfortunately it is hard to write that on paper so bare with me. You will see two lines of writing, one right on top of the other. The top is the words to the song that is playing; the bottom describes the action that is happening as you hear those words. Hopefully you can get better emotion this way. If you wish to hear the song it is titled "Eyes Down" and is #14 on the movie "Holes" soundtrack. I am sorry if you don't like the arrangement but it was the best thing I could come up with.)

Song: Well the sun is shinin' but it don't feel good, it don't smile down on

Story: Shot of the sun then it comes down slowly, you see the various

this neighborhood.When I go walking though this stinking town,

buildings burning around the dog. Dog takes a step forward.

Mister I keep my eyes… … … … … down.

Swerve to see Titians face dog. Titians start running towards the dog, flying

The brotherhood of the misunderstood,

into action. Split screen with each Titian having a piece as you see them

separately throw their weapons or powers at the beast.

Live and die here in all likelihood.

Zoom in on Robin as he swings his mettle rod and suddenly his cape is

snagged by a claw, hoisting him upwards.

You're livin' in this town, better pray for sun down.

Robin is hanging in front of the dog, hanging by a claw. As he struggles the

camera moves to face Robin.

And baby when you go down town,

His eyes grow huge and the dog slashes him across the back,

you keep your eyes down.You keep your eyes down.

and throws Robin up in the air. Starfire intercepts him and brings him to the ground.

You keep your eyes down.You keep your eyes down.

She checks him over and he doesn't stir. Cyborg, seeing this and getting

Fair-Weather friends need not apply,

very angry, starts punching the beast. A claw comes from behind and sticks

The man of the house is not inside,

him through the stomach, lifting him up. Cyborg looks down at his stomach,

then watches in horror as the beast munches down on his blaster.

Baby I'm keeping my eyes… … … … … … … … … … … …down.

Cyborg looks into the dog's face and as his eyes grow… he is flung to the

Go with the flow,

side. He lifts his head, struggling, then he stops moving. Beast Boy sees

Well you've gotta be sick,

this and starts running, morphing into a triceratops as he does.

I think I'd rather hear my heart not tick.But if you don't wanna wear a

He rams into the huge dog. He turns into a bird to back up and

hospital gown,Better get out now,

is snatched between the toes of the beast. He looks into the eyes of the beast,

or keep your eyes down.

eyes grow wide; he is also flung to the side, and also does not stir. The girls

fly in for the kill, putting all their energy into defeating the foe.

Fair-Weather friends need not apply; the man of the house is not inside,

Starfire hurls energy balls at the beast. She flies to the front and sends

Baby I'm keeping my eyes… … …

all her energy at the beasts face. She looks up at the face of the dog.

She stares into its face, her eyes grow huge. Mermaid runs in to help.


Starfire is swatted with a paw, ramming her into Mermaid, then a building.

Mermaid looks down at her lap at Starfire. She isn't moving either.

Well the sun is shining,

Raven sends a spell, surrounding the beast in black,

But it don't feel good,It don't smile down on this neighborhood.

It breaks through, hurling her back. She gets up and hurls a bus at it.

When I go walking through this stinking town. Mister I keep my

She flies forward, staring it defiantly in the face. You see her face as her

eyes… … … … …down.

eyes grow huge… she hits the side of a building, having been tossed. She

I keep my eyes down.

also doesn't move. Mermaid repeatedly attacks the dog, doing no damage.

I keep my eyes down.

She stands breathless. Looking around, she sees all of her friends, listless on

Mister, I keep my eyes… … … … … … … … down.

the ground. An angry look comes across her face…She flies up, throwing

her arms out.

As Mermaid threw her arms out a change came over her. She had a glow to her, not like Starfire's, more like an aura of dark purple. Her hands themselves glowed, like neon purple hand paint. "You've hurt my friends. You will never hurt my friends again!" she screamed. She lashed her hands forward, as if throwing something at the beast. The dog was all of a sudden on fire, it wasn't and then it was. The dog remained silent.

"Not enough pain for you?" she screamed, "Well how do you like this?" Spikes shot out of the ground, piercing the dog, making it look like a barbeque. The dog still did not howl. In anger, Mermaid raised her arms, raising the dog up in the air as if controlling it with strings. She threw it into the bay. After she was sure it had drowned, she raised her arms again, pulling it out and throwing it back into the street, lighting it on fire again. Venting her anger, she did this over and over, drowning and burning, drowning and burning.

Mean while, about the second time she had done this, Robin woke up. The first thing he saw was Cyborg, directly across the street from him, struggling to get up. Robin ran over, slightly hunched from the cut on his back.

"Are you ok?" Robin asked, helping Cyborg to his feet.

"I'll live." Cyborg bent over in pain.

"What happened?" Robin asked.

"That thing put a hole through my stomach and destroyed my blaster! It's already healing but I don't think that's an ordinary dog."

"Well duh," commented Beast Boy as he tried to get up a couple feet away, "It's over ten stories tall and breaths fire!"

"I mean besides that," Cyborg argued as he helped him get up, "We didn't even put a dent in it."

"Tell me about it," Beast Boy whined, "I ach all over."

"Cyborg?" Raven drifted over with Starfire, "How is it you're standing up?" she asked, "The thing put a hole through your stomach."

"Self healing technologies. It's a good thing I have them or I would have short circuited."

"But Robin does not," stated Starfire, "and he was also injured."

"Don't worry about me," Robin said, "it's not bad. Where's Mermaid?" he asked, taking notice that she wasn't there.

"She's over there, doing something strange," pointed Starfire. Mermaid was facing the bay, still floating with a purple aura around her, her arms outstretched in front of her.

Beast Boy looked puzzled, "Wha-

At that moment the dog lifted out of the water and was thrown into the street. Mermaid floated, glowing, in front of the dog as it calmly stood back up.

"Why aren't you dead?!" she screamed, "I've lit you on fire and drowned you! Isn't that enough?!"

The Titans stood in awe, Raven most of all. "That is completely uncontrolled power…"

Mermaid, meanwhile, continued her tirade. "What is it?! What is it that you want from me that you haven't died yet, or even shouted in pain?! Aaaaaaaaarrrrgggg!!!"

With this final shout, the dog burst into thousands of pieces. Immediately following this Mermaid fainted and slumped to the ground.

"Mermaid!" Beast Boy ran to her side followed close behind by the other Titans.

"That," stated Cyborg, "Was the freakiest thing I have ever seen."

"I told her this morning she would show us how awesome she was," said Beast Boy fondly, "and she did, didn't she."

"There was nothing awesome about that," Robin scolded him, "That power was completely uncontrolled. I'm not even sure what ability that was."

"I'm not even sure that was an ability," Raven said quietly. The team stared at her.

"Please," plead Starfire, "We should be going to the Tower. We need to be getting Mermaid to the medic ward."

"She probably just used too much energy Star," Robin consoled her, "but your right. Let's head back."

As the Titans turned for home, Cyborg's enhanced hearing picked up a faint rustle. As he turned around, the others heard him gasp. "No way…"

The dog was slowly reforming from the scattered pieces on the ground and slatted on the buildings. "She made the thing explode! Why won't the stupid dog die?!" yelled a frustrated Cyborg.

"Be prepared for anything," cautioned Robin as they prepared for battle.

"And don't look it in the eyes," added Raven, "It has some sort of hypnotism, that's how it took us last time."

"I've set Mermaid on top of the bank one of the blocks down," Starfire told the group as she rejoined them.

"Are you sure she'll be safe there?" Beast Boy asked looking worried.

"She should be fine," Robin told him, "Concentrate on hitting the dog with everything you got."

"Oh, don't worry," Beast Boy, "That Dog is toast."

The dog was reformed. It shook itself to work out all the kinks, and stood to face the group. "Titans, Go!"

Mermaid awoke to the sound of battle with a screaming headache, but she made herself get up. As she looked at the block below her she chastised herself.

"Gwen, you idiot. You lost control and it didn't do one bit of good. Now think, what can you do to help?" She ran through all the abilities she was aware of possessing, but it was hard to think. She was getting dizzy.

"That's it! Robin said you can read minds, so why can't you read the mind of that beast if you try?" Mermaid focused all she could into seeing the inside of that dogs head. For a couple seconds she stood there with a look of concentration on her face. Then she gasped. "No wonder I couldn't burn or drown it!" Using the last of her strength, she flew down to the street.

The Titans weren't doing any better then their last bout with the beast. True, none of them had passed out, but they weren't winning either. Cyborg was in the middle of blasting it again when a pale looking Mermaid landed beside him. "What are you doing up? I thought you were out."

"Cyborg! That dog is a machine! I tapped into its brain, or more, its nervous system."

"Look, I saw that thing blow up and there was nothing mechanical about it. Trust me."

"I know, it's like nothing I've ever seen, but you have to believe me! It's an organic machine! It has an off switch, right behind the left ear…"

"Mermaid!" Robin interrupted, "What are you doing here?! You should be out for days!"

"Robin! I know how to defeat the dog! It's- it's a…" Mermaid passed out again.

"Cyborg, do you know what she was talking about?" asked Robin as he checked her over.

"She thought it was some sort of organic machine, said she read its mind. If it is, it's nothing like I've ever seen before."

"Did she say anything else?"

"Yeah," Cyborg hesitated, "She said it had an off switch behind the left ear, but I don't know. I still don't think it could be a machine."

"Couldn't hurt to try," decided Robin, "Raven!"

"You called?" Raven answered, coming out of the ground next to Cyborg.

"If we distract the dog, do you think you could find something behind its left ear?"

"What exactly would I be looking for?"

"Mermaid woke up and said there's an off switch there," Robin explained, indicating Mermaid lying on the ground.

"Ok, sure. Distract away. I'll get behind it," she said fading back into the ground.

"Star! Beast Boy!" called Robin issuing orders, "Distract tactics! Raven's going after something behind the left ear! Go!"

Raven came up behind on the left, while the rest of the Titans (minus Mermaid) started attacking the right side from the front. Raven easily found what she was looking for; a large, tan switch.

"What do ya know?" she muttered as she flipped it, "There is an off button." As soon as she did this, all motion stopped. She pushed it from the side and the dog fell over, as stiff as a statue.

"Mermaid was right," she told the astonished Titans as she flew over, "It was exactly where she said it would be." Starfire and Beast Boy looked confused.

"What was where?" asked Beast Boy.

"While we were fighting mermaid just flew over and said the dog had an off switch!" Cyborg still couldn't see how his sensors wouldn't pick up on a machine like that.

"Then where is she?!" asked Beast Boy. No one was explaining anything to him.

"She passed out again," explained Robin, "We left her right over here."

"You left her in the middle of the street?!" demanded Beast Boy as he rushed over to make sure she was ok. Starfire calmed him down.

"Beast Boy, our friend is fine. It has been one of the long days. We should be going home. We can only take proper care of her there."

Three days later, Mermaid woke up.

"Mermaid! You're awake!" shouted Beast Boy. "Everyone, Mermaid's awake!"

Mermaid groaned. "Hi, Beast Boy… I'm in an awful mess aren't I?"

"You've been out three days but Robin says you're fine. Here, have some orange juice."

"Thanks," she said, taking the cup and swallowing a little, "Oh, dear." The full memories of what had happened were coming back. "Well, I told you I would be horrible in a fight, and I was, wasn't I? I was useless!" Her eyes were starting to tear up.

"No you weren't," argued Beast Boy. He hadn't seen the tears yet. He was poking his head out the medic room door. "Guys! She's up!" he called down the hallway, "Where is everyone?" As he turned back into the room, he took notice Mermaid's shining eyes.

"Mermaid, what's wrong?"

"I'm useless, that's what's wrong! One stupid dog and I lose control of my powers and pass out and…"

"No you weren't. If you hadn't told us where the off switch was we'd still be fighting that thing. As it was, it took us two minutes after you told us to defeat it."


"And as far as I'm concerned, you kept the thing busy while we were out, and that was helpful, even if you did lose control of your powers. I thought it was awesome, the way you took it out. You just have a few tweaks to work out, that's all." He took her hand and squeezed it.

"Thanks," she said smiling. He smiled back.

"Mermaid! You are awake!" Star screeched as she peeked through the doorway. Beast Boy quickly dropped Mermaid's hand. Mermaid smiled at him and then at Starfire.

"Yes Star, I'm awake."

"Oh! We must spread the great tidings of good news! Friends!" she called, "Mermaid is awake!" As the rest of the Titans rushed into the room Beat Boy had to ask, "Why do they listen to her?"

After the Titans assured Mermaid that this was to be somewhat expected of a beginner and that training would help, they left her to nap. Afterwards Robin was cornered by Raven.

"Robin," Raven said after finding him in his room, "I need to talk to you."

"Come in. What's up?" asked Robin frowning.

"I've been going through my books, and I believe Mermaid's little episode is more complicated then we thought."

"Raven," Robin sighed, "She lost control of her powers, what's complicated about that?"

"Look, I could feel the power coming off her, and it was nothing close to when Terra, or even when I've lost control. On a hunch I looked up some of the abilities of the old and powerful wizards, and I came up with something."

Robin looked at her skeptically.

"There is this ability, to use your inner being as energy…"

"Like your soul projections."

"No, it's more then that. It's tapping into your life force. It usually emanates in a color of some sort, mine would probably be red. Only the most powerful wizards of all time have been known to be able to do it though, as it requires a lot of energy."

"Energy?" inquired Robin, "So anyone could learn to do it?"

"Technically, yes, but I'm talking about the sort of energy normal people don't have. People who work with magic or even superhuman abilities develop more energy then normal people to do what they do. Even you have more energy than a normal person because you've trained your body to go longer and harder. The thought is, if a person of this nature focuses all this extra energy at once, they can use it to tap into their life force and control their surroundings."

"Let me get this straight," Robin injected, "You think Mermaid can tap into her life force after a couple days of being a superhuman when only really powerful wizards who have trained for years have been able to do it before?"

"I know what I felt. Yes, I think it's possible, but even the most powerful wizards I've studied couldn't hold it for as long as she did. I think," Raven said, looking most serious, "Mermaid is definitely more powerful than we thought."