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"You'll never get away with this Mandarin!" Chiro shouted angrily. He was angry because the zombie monkey had his team trapped in a force field, and it was clearly hurting them. How could you tell? From their painful screams of course.

"Oh, but I already have my hairless monkey." The orange monkey began. "You may save them, BUT... you must give up the power prime ape to do so. If you don't, /puts more power into the sphere, making it more painful for the team, including Antauri, to handle, then I guess your friends will just have to suffer!" As the sinister monkey laughed evilly, something inside of Chiro snapped. A pain he felt long ago reawakened, making his eyes turn from their usual sparkling baby blue, to a dead bluish gray. Making him look like he was dead.

"CHIRO SPEARO!" he suddenly shouted, aiming his spear towards a nearby window. It hit, shattering the window into millions of pieces. The orange robotic monkey stopped his laughter and gave the boy a confused look, while Chiro just wandered over to the shattered pieces of glass. Before anyone could say a thing, Chiro picked up a rather large piece of the broken glass, turned back towards Mandarin, and held the sharp shard over his heart.

"You harm one hair on any on their heads, and you'll lose all hope of ever getting the power prime." The young boy said, with hatred in his voice. The other monkeys, now being able to open their eyes, gasped at the sight before them. "The only reason you're threating me with my team is because I'm the only one who can remove the power prime ape from my body," Chiro continued with a horrible dead weight clearly in his voice. "Isn't that right? Not even Antauri can remove it. And if I don't, you'll just put them through more pain." Mandarin was astounded by the boy's behavior. He sure wasn't expecting this!

"You're all the same in the end..." Chiro continued, with the dead weight still lingering in his voice, and his eyes looking as cold as ever. "You're just like the murderer who slaughtered my parents when I was only a child!" The poor child cringed at the memory. The memory was old, for it had been five years since the tragic thing happened, but to Chiro, the memory was like a war scar, that would never fade from his mind.

"If you put them through anymore pain, I'll end my life right here and now, and let me tell you something, the power prime ape won't mind going with me to the other world." By now, his team was lost for words. This was a side of their leader that they've never witnessed before, and it scared them. Including Antauri!

"Y-y... You lie!" Mandarin suddenly spoke up. "You wouldn't end..." "Oh wouldn't I?" Chiro suddenly interrupted. He brought the deadly sharp piece of glass to his right arm, pulled his sleeve back, and made a quick and deep slash across it. The monkeys in the sphere gasped in both surprise, and horror, as they watched the blood drip from their leader's arm. Seeing their shocked faces, he brought the glass back over to his heart, and gave a hateful stare to the orange monkey.

"Let them go... I have nothing but HATRED towards you Mandarin, and you're just giving me one more reason..." Chiro's voice dripped with venom as he spoke these cold words. Having no other choice, and not wanting the power prime ape to leave with the boy to the next world, the evil monkey gave a cold stare to the boy, who was just giving it right back to him.

"You win this round... my hairless monkey." as he spoke these words, he used his mental powers to lift the sphere that contained the rest of the monkey team, setting them free. When the sphere was completely gone, the monkeys /excluding Mandarin/ ran towards their leader. When they reached him, Mandarin summoned his escape pod. Before entering it however, he turned back to what were once his brothers.

"I'll be back... someday." he whispered hatefully towards them. After those words escaped his throat, he jumped into his escape pod, and zoomed away. When there was no trace of the evil monkey what-so-ever anymore, the monkeys turned, and stared at their leader in surprise. Chiro still had that cold look in his eyes, and was still hold the sharp shard over his heart.

"Chiro?" Antauri asked in a worried voice. When his voice reached Chiro's ears, his eyes turned back to their original color, and he began to pant. It was like he lost his breath for a while. As he took deep breathes, Antauri floated up to the child, and carefully pried the shard out of his hands. When it was finally out of Chiro's grasp, the boy seemed to have regained his breath. Before the young child could get another word out, his eyes went blank, and he began to fall back. As he did, the silver monkey quickly dropped the shard of glass, and caught the young boy in his arms. He looked at his siblings, who clearly had worry all over their faces.

"Let's get him back to the super robot." Antauri assured them. The others nodded in agreement, as they helped the silver monkey carry the weary boy back to the gray box-like robot.

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