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It DID turn out to be a long night for the monkeys, for they were too surprised about what they found out to find sleep to consume them. All they could do was talk for a few more moments before the monkeys finally fell asleep, only to be woken up several hours later by not only the rising sun against there closed eyelids, but the sound of a door opening loudly. Peeking out tiridly from there hiding spot they saw Jasmine, who was holding a sleepy looking Chiro along with a picnic basket, in her arms. Both were dressed in there usual attiers that the monkeys saw them in the other day, but Jasmine had a light white cloak over her, and had a fuzzy blue blanket covering her small son, who was looking at her with sleepy eyes.

"Chiro sweety, are you sure you wanna go see daddy now?" The lovely woman asked her tired little boy, who adjusted himself a little in the woman's arms to get more comfy, "I know he'll be back la-"

"But I wanna see daddy," the younger Chiro protested tiredly with a small yawn, "his tummy is probably going gurr, so I think we need to take daddy his breakfast... don't you think so mommy?" Hearing this come from her son made the young woman giggle, before placing a gentle kiss upon her son's forehead.

"Even though you're only five, you sound wise beyond your years little one. Alright, let's see daddy," with that said, Jasmine began the trip down the same path where the alchimest had gone down the night before, with Chiro still in her arms who was now holding the huge picnic basket in his little arms. As they continued down the known path, they were unaware of the five mechanical monkeys following them in secret by the trees.

*Up in the trees*

"I feel weird following someone like this," Nova whispered to her simian brothers as they continued to follow the younger Chiro and the lovely Jasmin by the trees in silence. It was only a few moments before Gibson spoke up

"I feel the same way, but this is the only way we'll find out what we're trying to find out what happend to Chiro," hearing this made the only female monkey nod sadly, before the monkeys saw the lady come to a halt in front of a weird building.... the alchemist's lab. Though instead of being covered in vines, it was sparkling clean, with no trace of a mess or anything.

"Man, it's weird seeing this place so clean," Otto whispered, while his brothers and sister nodded in agreement. After a moment, they saw Jasmine enter the building with her small son still in her arms, and without making a sound, slipped in before the door closed. Once inside, the monkeys quickly went up to the support beams, and looked down to see Jasmine and Chiro removing there cloak/blanket and placing them on the ground neatly folded before advancing further into the building, the huge picnic basket now in Jasmine's arms since Chiro was still to small to carry a basket that big. As they walked, they were still unaware of the five monkeys that were still following them

*Two minutes later*

They soon reached a huge metal door, with a scanner right next to it. Stepping forward, Jasmine let the ray scan her before the huge door opened after saying, "Idenity confirmed" in a robotic like voice. Once open, the two made there way through, along with there unknown stalkers following them.

Lookingdown from threre perches, they saw the mother and child move forward towards the alchemist, who appeared to be reading through a huge book that looked older than dirt, and to there surprise... there were six colorful monkeys by his side.

"Is that.... us?" SPRX asked in shock. Even though he already knew the answer, it was still alarming seeing there previous FULL organic forms, next to who was there creator.

"Oh no, those aren't us at all. They're just six colorful monkeys that sort of look like us right next to our creator, and are acting like we do now, they are SO not us," Gibson replied in a sarcastic voice, making the red monkey turn towards the blue one in anger. Just before SPRX could reply to that sarcastic remark, Antauri had slapped a hand over both there mouths with a stren look in his crystal blue eyes.

"Shush. Or we'll be discovered," Antauri stated in a quiet voice, before releasing his brothers mouths, his warning look still plain on his face. Before they could nod, the five monkeys heard a childish laughter come from down below. Looking down, they saw the younger version of there leader playing with there once full organic selves with a child innosence sparkling in his baby blue eyes. While he did, Jasmine made her way to her husband, who had turned away from his book, and to his wife and son.

"Jasmine, Chiro, what a surprise," he said in a kind, yet tired sounding voice, "what brings you two here this early in the morning?" Jasmine only smiled, before going forward towards her husband, and handing him the large picnic basket.

"Chiro insisted we bring you and the monkeys breakfast. He said he had a feeling your 'Tummys were going GURR!'," hearing this made the alchemist chuckle, before going over and picking up his son to hug him

"That's very thoughtful of the two of you," he stated, while Jasmine made her way into the group to hug him along with Chiro. After a moment, she released her son and husband, and left him to keep holding there small son.

"Now that you mention it, are tummys HAVE been growling," the older male stated while messing up the younger Chiro's hair, making the child giggle before he was set back down to his feet in between the gold monkey and black monkey. Once the child was on his feet again, the alchemist saw the huge lunch that was packed in the picnic basket for both him and his monkeys. He smiled once more before stating, "Well, we shouldn't have this go to waste. My research can wait for awhile now, let's all go eat," at hearing this, the younger Chiro cheered in delight, making the colorful monkeys join in, while Jasmine just giggled at the sight. While up on the rafters, the monkeys were still a little freaked out to see what there eyes were seeing.

"I don't get it..." Otto stated after a moment, making his siblings look at him, "it seems like everything is fine at the moment.... did the spell take us to the wrong time?" after this was asked, the mechanical monkeys turned there gazes to there blue furred brother, who in return, gave a shocked look towards them, before taking out his book from his backpack and looking for the spell he used to take them there in the first place

"Hmm... it says here that it will show us what we wish to know, but step by step.... If I'm correct, and I 100% of the time am, than we'll be going through time skips in order to see what has happened," once he was finished, he saw his sibs giving him understanding looks. Well... all except for-

"What's a time skip?" the green mechanic asked in a questioning voice, that made his brothers and sister fall on there support beams anime style. Once they were up again, Gibson was about to shout in the green monkey's face, when all of a sudden, a swirling vortex appeared from above there heads and sucked them in!

*Down Below*

Jasmine blinked at the sound of what appeared to be screaming was heard.

"Did you hear that dear?" She asked her husband as they were making there way out of the lab. The alchemist looked down at his wife in confusion as they walked behind there son and the monkeys a little.

"Hear what my love?" he asked her, while letting her grab onto his arm.

"I thought I heard.... screaming," she stated after a moment as they continued to walk. Hearing this made her true love chuckle, while patting a reassuring hand on her shoulder

"It was probably just the wind," he assured her, "I do need to replace some windows here and there that make scarry noises at times. There's no need to worry," after hearing this, Jasmine nodded, but still had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as they continued there way out of the lab.

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