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"You know, I heard your Mama was really pretty."

"Really, Karina?

"Yep. Papa says that she had big hazel eyes and dark brown hair just like yours."

"Wow! Really? So I look a lot like her?!"

"Yeah…that's probably why dad cares much more about you, than me."

"What? That's not true!"

"Yes it is Nagi. He loves you much more than he loves me."

"Karina… WAIT!!!"

Nagi gasped as she woke up. She rubbed her head slowly, "Just a dream…" She looked out the window. It was already morning and the entire city could be seen and almost heard bustling. She touched the cold glass window with her soft hand. A spark ran from her hand and directly into her brain. Nagi had almost forgotten what happened last night. She turned around and saw River come out of the bathroom. He was shirtless with nothing but his jeans on. He was surprised to see Nagi standing by the window. "Hey…Good Morning." Nagi was frozen and couldn't answer him back. "What happened last night…?"

"What…?" River looked at her with a bewildered look in his eyes. Nagi tried to find other words but she couldn't. It was almost as though her entire body has stopped functioning. River walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. She held the sheet tight in her hand. It was the only thing covering her body. "I-I mean…did you call Yamma yet and let him know I was staying here?" He kissed her cheek, turned around and sat on the bed. Nagi began to relax from her tense feeling and walked over to him.

River placed his head gently on her waist and wrapped his arms around her. Nagi held his head and stroked his hair. She leaned down and kissed him, "I have to get dressed…" River slowly let her go from his loving grasp and she walked over to the bathroom to change. Nagi didn't know why she had suddenly forgotten what happened last night. Her dream had shaken her up so badly that she blocked all the memories of her and River.

Once she had changed into her clothes, Nagi took a nice, long stare at herself in the mirror. She twirled her head slightly to the side in question and curiosity. Something had changed about her physical appearance but she wasn't sure what it was. She came out of the bathroom and River was still sitting in the same position that he was when she left. Nagi walked over to him and sat next to him. She could tell he was deep in thought by the look in his eyes.

"Everything okay?" She asked him and placed her hand gently on his arm. He turned around to look at her and gave her a smile followed by a long exhale. Then Nagi saw his face brighten up in a way that astounded her. It was an emanating glow that seemed to radiate right through and warm her inside. River got up to put his shirt on and looked back at Nagi. "It's almost noon…"

"Yeah, it—what?!" Nagi jumped on the bed and ran across the room towards the phone. Her rapid fingers dialed Yamma's phone number and she held her breath. The other line clicked and answered, "Hey River! Is Nagi over there? Did—."

"Yamma, it's me. I forgot the key last night and I uh—spent the night at River's." The line was silent but light breathing could be heard. "Okay, I just wanted to know where you were." The conversation continued and Nagi decided that she would be on her way in a few minutes. But something sparked in her mind, "Actually, there's something I have to do first before I go back."

Yamma was curious but decided not to bother her about it. "Alright, just make sure you come straight back after that." Nagi agreed and hung up. River looked at her, "Where do you have to go?" She raised an eyebrow, "It's a secret. Now, you're gonna go over to Yamma's and I'm gonna go do that 'something'." He was immensely confused but decided to play along.

They left the apartment and went their separate ways. When River arrived at Yamma's, he was greeted with a cold beverage and was updated on the latest race status. As for Nagi, she was still in her fancy clothes from last night but she didn't care. She opened a door and a small jingle could be heard. She sat down and waited patiently.

River and Yamma had been talking for almost an hour before they noticed that Nagi still wasn't here. "Where do you think she could've gone?" Yamma was beginning to get slightly worried. River scoffed and leaned back on the couch, "My guess is pretty much anywhere. She's crazy." After a few moments of pondering, River got up and took some initiative. "I'm gonna go look for her…"

He walked over to the door and opened it but not before turning around and asking Yamma, "You think she'll get mad at me if I borrow her motorcycle?"

"Of course I will."

River turned around and looked at Nagi. But something was different. He looked closely, "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!" She shifted her weight to one hip and looked at River with a funny look. Indeed Nagi had gone to a salon to get a haircut. Her hair was now in a short edgy bob with a nice spiffy side bang. This look worked for her since her hair was nice and straight but with texture. Yamma stood up from his seat and looked out the door. "Hey, you got a hair cut. Nice." River was still frozen in shock.

Nagi limbo-ed her way under River's arm and went into the room. He turned around with an expression of shock on his face. "What is with you?" She asked him. "My hair looks that bad?" River answered back as best as he could, "No! It looks great! I mean…" Nagi began to get slightly ticked off. "I just wasn't expecting it. That's all."

She kept looking at him with an annoyed look on her face and while River was still distracted about what had just happened in the last few minutes Nagi suddenly approached him and locked lips. "I just thought I needed a change, that's all." She smiled wickedly at him as if conveying some secret that only River understood. Then she eyed him off the corner of her eye and made a gesture. He then followed her into her room, "Ahem…I'll be right back…"

Yamma looked down the hall and muttered to himself, "Damn kids…"

Nagi went into her room while River quietly went in but noisy enough so that Nagi knew he was there. She was taking off the dress from last night and changing into some comfy clothes. "Stupid string…River, could you—?" He approached her and untied the small knot that prevented Nagi from undressing. "Thanks…" River then sat down on the bed and faced her while she dropped the dress down to her ankles. He smoothed his blonde hair to the side and looked at her with his glistening, green eyes.

"Don't think that just because we're dating now means you can do me anytime you want."

His mouth fell open, "Come on. Are you serious?" Nagi's body was well toned; after all she had to stay in shape so she could deal with assholes like those motorcycling punks. She threw him an apple that had on her desk, "Here eat this instead…" He looked at it with confusion and then put it back on the table, "It's the fruit of temptation…"

"Idiot…" Nagi went over to the closet to hang the dress back up when she noticed a small wine stain on it. In the back of her mind she was trying to remember how it had happened. When she finally did River was standing next to her, his arm leaning against the wall, his whole body looking coolly as ever. She let out a frustrated sigh and looked him straight in the eyes, "If I do this, will you stop bothering me?"


About ten minutes later, Yamma was busy in the living room talking with Dimma and Timma when they began to hear noises coming from Nagi's room.

Timma looked at Yamma, "Where'd you say River was?" Yamma bit his lip, "In Nagi's room…" Dimma and Timma let out a childish laugh and Yamma got up from his seat and was charging towards Nagi's room. He knocked and yelled, "Hey! I know you lousy kids are having sex in there but keep it down will 'ya?!" All Yamma managed to get in return was one hell of a loud moan. He made a disgusted visage and walked back to the living room.

Back in Nagi's room, River was lying on her bed trying to his catch his breath. She turned on her side to face him, and looked him with an annoyed look on her face. He grinned and nodded, "That was nice…" She mounted her body on top of his and gazed straight at him. "We can't keep doing this…There has to be at least something going on besides carnal pleasures."

"What's wrong with carnal pleasures?" Nagi couldn't help but laugh. River made her feel safe somehow, despite all the drama that had just happened. "Wanna know the real reason I got this haircut?"

"Yeah…" He ran his smooth fingers through her soft, brown hair. "That IGPX gala event is coming up and Yamma wants me to attend…as your date obviously."

"No prob…Wait. How does that explain the haircut?"

"I wanted to look nice." River gave her one of his devilish smirks and Nagi blushed lightly. "You always look nice to me..."

"Yeah, well not to the paparazzi." He laughed and kissed her forehead. Nagi got dressed and when River noticed what she was putting on, his jaw dropped. "Where are you going?!"

"To go buy a nice outfit. I want to look fresh and new," she winked at him and he smiled. "How about we both go? We'll take a cab. I know some really good places."

Nagi nodded, "Sounds good."