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Secrets: To Die for

Chapter One

It was nothing really, just a stone fireplace. There was almost never a fire; it was mostly used for bad winter days where you couldn't see a thing. You would come back from a mission, and it would lead you back into Konaha.

The stone bench that ran around it was black, and cold. The stones that encircled the fire came up out of the ground ten feet in the air, resembling a well. From the bench to the top, it was a good seven and a half feet. The top caved in three feet for the bond fire.

The last person of the famous Uchiha clan was sitting on the sill of the fireplace with the blazing fire crackling at his back. His black spiky hair was illuminated by the soft red glow of the fire. No one knew this, except himself, but this was one of his favorite places.

He would come here to think and plot revenge against his brother, and that's exactly what he was doing. Thinking. It was more remembering than thinking, really…

It was just after he had finally killed his damned brother, Itachi, and was lying at the trunk of a tree… half dead, when he figured it out...

He had used up almost all of his chakra, and the only thing he could do was plan what was to happen next.

All he could think of was restoring his clan, but he couldn't do that when his clan's house was in Konoha. Another thing is that he was still with Orochimaru and his subordinates; he couldn't just up and leave.

He wanted to, but sadly,

He sighed.

He still owed Orochimaru his body. He was also missing a very important key to restoring his clan. He needed someone to restore it with.

Ohhhh! How he hated to admit this, but, what the heck… he couldn't do it alone.

For one thing, he didn't know anything about raising children, and he was still a kid himself. Okay he was 18, still.

The children, ahh the children…

Second, the problem with the children. He couldn't just asexually reproduce. He knew how it worked… And, again, he couldn't do it alone.

He was left pondering this for a while, and eventually got enough strength to get to were he sat now…

She flung open the doors to the Hokage's office looking happy, despite her features. She had just been training when somone told her that she had been summoned.

"Hey Hokage-sama! So, what's the mission?!?"

The young girl had short pink hair and an unusually large forehead. Her parents had given her a new wardrobe because she had become a chunin. It was a little different from her old outfit. Her dress was now a shirt, and instead of the shorts, she had a skirt, type thing… cloth with slits held together by buckles, which were over shorts. She traded in her traditional blue ninja shoes for high-heeled boots that went up to the knee. She looked… older.


The Hokage was being unusually quiet.


The pink haired girl cautiously said.


Tsunade said choosing her words very carefully. Tsunade's complexion was dull, she also looked worried.

Sakura shifted uneasily where she stood.

Tsunade is usually happy to give me missions. What could it be?

She thought.

"Sakura sit down."

Tsunade noted the chair in front of her desk.

This is not going to be easy.

Sakura was exited, Tsunade never offered her a seat unless the mission was really, really important.

She sat down.

Tsunade sighed, then said very seriously,

"Sakura I have a very important mission for you and Naruto. Now, I'm going to make this blunt,"

She took a deep breath and braced her self,

Oh kami!


Sakura's heart jumped at his name.

"-is on the assassination list."

She finished and winced. But nothing happened.

What just happened? Is she in shock? Oh lord I think she's in shock! Or maybe-

Tsunade's words bounced right off her,


Sakura said shaking her head in confusion.

What did she say? Something about Sasuke-kun?

"We thought it would be better if you did it. After all, you and Naruto know him best. Heh… heh."

Tsunade forced her self to laugh.

"Your job is assassinate Sasuke, he has become a threat to our-"

It finally sunk in. Sakura's heart felt like it was about to explode. She started to hyperventilate.

"N-n huh huh ho. Mn huh huh"

Her voice went up,

"NO! No! huh, hn, no! no… Sasuke-ku n."

She whispered his name. She was shaking.

" No, huhh, No!"

Her voice rising again, tears streaming down her now white face.


Sakura stood up knocking over the chair, turned around, and ran.

She ran out of Tsunade's office slamming the door into the wall as it opened, and ran through the village.

She could hear Tsunade yelling for her, but no one could stop her, and it didn't matter if they did. Nothing mattered, not anymore.

She ran with tears streaming down her white face like waterfalls, and pushed anyone who got in her way. She reached the gates and ran right through them without even slowing down to think about leaving. She knew where she was going.

After remembering his thoughts, he started to come up with a solution for his dilemma…


He was interrupted from his thoughts by a noise behind him. Someone let out a cry of shock, but it sounded like it had already been crying… He turned his head just in time to see a, pink haired girl pick herself up from the at least two feet of snow, and run forward to the bench. She was out of his sight now but he knew where she was.

How dare you interrupt my thought process! I'll teach you a lesson.

He moved so fast he was a blur; he stood in front of her. He pulled his hand backwards and at the same time put his hand in a fist.


How was it?




Thank You!

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