Thank You

Chapter Ten

He awoke the next, well later that day, and sneezed.

That's just great. Not only did I not get anywhere but I have a cold too.

But most of him didn't care that he didn't get much time to sort out his thoughts last night. His other side scored last night as one of the best ones he had in ages.

He made his bed and crept to her door. He paused for a moment listening for any sign of movement.


He opened the door just the slightest so he could see in. He had a perfect view of her bed and could see that she was still sleeping. She looked so peaceful while she slept, with her pink hair against the white pillowcase. It really stood out. He decided not to wake her, so he planned to take the long way to the kitchen instead. He shut her door quietly and headed to the kitchen.

Sasuke was in his Navy-Blue sweatshirt and black sweat pants. He sat at the kitchen table staring at the wall opposite him with an expression no one had ever seen on his face before, and this was the moment Sakura choose to finally emerge from her room and into the kitchen.

She stepped into his gaze. They're eyes locked and he quickly rearranged his face. His face stiffened and his eyes grew cold, even though there was still something behind the frosted windows that were his eyes.

"Good morning Sasuke." She said, cheerfully.


He looked away so she only had his profile. Her heart sunk. She had hoped that after last night they would have another conversation. Well whatever you can call conversation with him. She thought that he had finally opened up to her.

I guess I was wrong…

Inner Sakura began to say something but thought it better to just stay silent.

"Maybe it's not the best morning…" She said half to herself. He looked to her, and she lifted her head to him in effect.

"It's the first of March, and there's no snow. I'd say it's a good day." He said almost smiling, which surprised them both.

She smiled at him, and his eyes flickered with something like joy, and she saw it. She wanted to hug him but she knew it might ruin the moment. So instead she walked to the fridge and started humming a gentle tune while she got eggs and bacon.

Sasuke didn't stay at the table to eat. He went to his room and Sakura was sitting there alone. But she was still smiling. She didn't care that he left. She had accomplished something. Now it was time to set her next goal.

He indeed had gone into his room, not to abandon her, but just to think. After all he hadn't gotten the chance last night.

The only logical explanation

he thought after sometime.

He had been done his breakfast for sometime now. The empty plate sat at the edge of his bed only a foot away. He sat with his legs crossed, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands folded in front of his face.

The only logical explanation is to

He started again in his mind.

No, could he even think it? Can I be sure that he hasn't hacked into my thoughts? No, Orochimaru isn't that good. The only way is to kill him.

He had figured out the reason for why he couldn't remember anything before the night he had left. Even that night was blurry he couldn't remember anything before sundown. It wasn't his whole memory that was erased. Just his feelings had been. He couldn't remember how he felt during certain times, he remember what he said, but he remembered feeling something different but he couldn't remember what.

It was Orochimaru's doing.

If he killed him, his memory would come back. Also, a plus, once he could defeat him he could restore his clan.

Here his reasoning:

1.) Itachi Akatsuki stronger than Sanin

2.) Orochimaru Sanin

This means that Sasuke can easily beat Orochimaru, seeing as he had already defeated and killed his damned brother.

Then with some more training, and the regaining of his strength, him and the help of Team Seven, will slowly fight off The Akatsuki starting from the weakest and working their way up. It would take a while but it would work.

Plus another reason, backing up his theory, not only would it help him, it would help the whole ninja world. Seeing as the new and growing threat, besides Orochimaru, is the Akatsuki.

He felt the excitement as he thought of his plan. And he smiled, a bitter creepy smile, but a smile none the less.

Then he could revive his clan.

First things first though, he needed to recover, and regain everybody's trust.

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