I like this couple because it's pretty original. We were discussing it on the boards, and I decided to make one. Enjoy! Or, you don't have to enjoy if you don't want.

Post Script Seem is a girl, but if that wasn't the case, I'd still be writing this. You can read it as a pairing, or as a yaoi if you don't believe me.

Soaring. The wind rushed past. Images of volcanoes, cactuses, and rocks flashed past on a background of sand. In the distance, the city of Spargus lay safe behind massive walls, the ocean guarding its rear border from harm. Jak flew through the air on the glider he and Daxter had used to cross to the volcano many months ago. Restored to be better than it was, it no longer needed precursor rings or hot air gusts to keep it airborne.

Daxter had refused to come along, claiming to still be sick from last time he'd ridden the glider. Jak didn't mind too much. He liked the quiet, a break from his ottsel friend's usual chatter. He felt the breeze lift his hair, combing its way through down to the scalp. It felt cool, and it made him smile.

Watching the sun sink lower in the sky, Jak decided to begin his descent to the precursor temple. He changed directions so he faced the temple, and went a little farther before he tilted the nose of the glider down a bit. A bit further and he tilted it more. Once he got there, he steepened the incline and circled down into the roofless temple.

As he neared the floor, Jak realized he was going too fast and quickly leveled the glider out. Unfortunately, at that very moment, Seem entered the temple carrying parchment. At first she didn't see Jak and the glider, but when her head turned a bit, she saw it clearly. She jumped out of the way just in time; in fear she watched the glider slam into the ground right where she'd been a second earlier. It slid a few more feet and came to a stop at the wall.

Jak, who had fallen off right at the point of impact, sprang to his feet. "I am so sorry! I didn't see you, and then I tried to miss you, but…and then…" He sighed. "Sorry." He helped Seem to her feet, and brushed a bit of dirt off of her shoulders. Her parchments were scattered across the floor. "Oh, geez, sorry!"

Jak was unsure why he was so concerned. After all, Seem was okay, and no damage had been done, except to the glider. Jak scurried around, picking up the pieces of paper that littered the floor.

Seem, too, bent down, a frown on her face. Once she picked up a bit, she tried to reorganize them. She looked over at Jak, still on the ground, and absentmindedly felt her hand where Jak had grabbed her to help her up. She could still feel the warmth of his hand. Seem felt like if she were to look down at it, she would see an imprint of his hand on hers.

She looked, and no handprint was visible, and the warmth slowly faded.

"Here you go." Seem snapped back into reality as Jak held out a handful of her papers. "That's all of them."

She took the parchments, accidentally brushing her finger against his. Or was it an accident? She wondered. She was glad for her white face paint, for without it, Jak would surely see her blushing. "Thank you. I must go put these away." She quickly walked away.

Once Jak was out of sight, she wiped a bead of sweat off her brow. What's going on with me? Seem asked herself. Why was I so nervous? She didn't answer her question, but she was sure of the answer. No, no, that can't be it!

This isn't a oneshot, so watch for more chapters.