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This is my new story it just came to me the other day, I know I have a lot of stories in progress just now, but I am going to have a lot of spare time for the next month so hopefully I will get a chapter a day up, and I wont neglect any of my other stories.

It was the year 2036 and something very exciting was happening the USA has a new President, she is the second female President of this fine nation.

Kelly: Madam President I would like to introduce you to the staff

The new President met with her chief of staff Kelly Ludlow, she had been the chief of staff here since Mackenzie Allen promoted her press secretary after her previous Chief of Staff became V.P

President: Thanks Kelly, would you mind showing the first family the way to the residence

Kelly took the first family to the residence the President and first Gentelman had 6 children, they had twin girls who were 14 years old called Susan and Geena, (Susan was named after her Grandmother), next is their 12 year old son Rory, he loves baseball and soccer, but his grades at school are not the best, next comes another son called Sean he is 8 years old and a little cutie, but he loves to catch bugs and play in the dirt he was a typical happy 8 year old boy. They then had another little girl whom they called Mary, she is a beautiful little red headed 5 year old, she has curly hair which she could only have got from her Grandmother and finally 3 year old Molly she has blonde hair and blue eyes, and was a little handfull. The first Gentleman and his kids were taken to the Residence, as their was so many of them the 2 older girls were given a room each on the third floor, they were both happy to be away from their parents and thought their time here could be full of fun.

The new President went into the Oval this was not the first time she had been here, but the first time in a long time, she looked at the photos on the desk they showed the family of Jim Gardner, he became President after the successor of Mackenzie Allen and had finished his 2 terms the new President sat at the desk which had been a Present to America from Britain as a form of good will, it was made out of the timber of HMS Resolute and was given to the American President by the late Queen Victoria.

Please Review, can anyone guess who the new President is