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Rebecca felt bad for what she had said to Geena, she knew her children well, and she was sure she had over reacted where Geena was concerned, she was a responsible child, but even responsible children make mistakes sometimes.

Mac: Is everything OK? She asked her daughter as she stood by the door watching her younger children and nieces and nephews

Rebecca: Yes, I'm just worried about the twins, I have no idea where Susie is, and today was so unlike Geena

Mac: Honey, I think we maybe overreacted with her, she deserves a chance to explain

Rebecca: Yeah, I know, I'll talk to her later I have some work to do

Mac put her hands reassuringly on her daughters shoulders

Mac: Everything will be fine, let me talk to Geena, I'll take her up some dinner.

Rebecca: Thanks, Mom, Can you let me know when Susie gets home

Mac nodded, and the 2 woman parted, Rebecca went down to her office, while Mac went to her Granddaughters bed room. She climbed the familiar staircase, and knocked on the door. Mac could hear the sobs from the other side of the door, she let herself in, and Geena looked up at her.

Geena: Grandma, I'm really sorry, I know you wont belive me, but it really wasn't mine

Mac: OK Sweetie, it was wrong of us all to assume the worst, and I think I know you pretty well, and I think that you know better

Geena: I do Grandma, I would never take drugs, I promise it wasn't mine, I don't know who's it was, but it wasn't mine. I can prove it, I'll take a drugs test

Mac: Oh honey, that won't be necessary, come on over and give me a hug.

Geena moved over to her Grandma and hugged

Mac: I love you baby

Geena: Love you too Grandma

The 2 of them came apart from their hug, and Mac kissed her Grandaughter on the head

Mac: Lets go downstairs, everyones having a games night.