Quite Lucky

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related to4x20 More Than This, a one -shot piece. Many one-shots have been posted lately and I really found this episode inspiring for one.

Martin knew he was quite lucky. Breck had no true friends and his father had cut him off some time ago.

Martin was sorry to break the news to Breck's father. The man wanted a second chance with his son. Unfortunately he would never get one.

Martin smiled over at the little girl sitting with her doll. Breck had started all this because of her innocence. It must have been difficult to give up his morals and go to such an extreme to help the women and children at Shield House.

Martin wouldn't have done what Breck did, but he would have tried to help the people here. Actually he felt like offering his services, but then again he worked crazy hours. However until he figured something out, he could always give his dad a call. Victor Fitzgerald had plenty of cash. Martin was his only son; he wouldn't care about inheriting the money anyway. Martin had a great job and great colleagues that more like his best friends.

Most of all he had Samantha. She arrived to stand next to him.

"Well at least Breck was able to leave a legacy behind," Samantha commented as she looked over at the plague.

"Yeah it's just a shame they never got to mend their relationship," Martin quipped.

Samantha nodded solemnly.

"I guess you will probably call your Dad," Samantha stated.

"Yeah like you called your Mom last year after Nickel& Dime," Martin said with calm expression.

"I don't know why I just felt quite lucky that day. I didn't think I was going to make it at first, until you were by my side in that ambulance," Samantha stammered.

"I guess I'll give him a call but don't forget you still have me. Thanks for being there Sam," Martin stated.

Samantha smiled back at him as they left Shield House

He was quite lucky, there was nothing else he could ask for.