Chapter 4: The New HAR.

"That wasn't too hard, wasn't is?" Jim said the day after the fight versus Chrystel.
"Yeah!", Christian awnsered.
"Almost NO damage, how did you do that?"
"Beginners luck, I guess. So when is the next fight?"
Jim said: "In six days, you'll be battling Milano. If you win that match, you will be battling Angel in two weeks."

Six days later

"Milano can be very fast, so watch out"
"I will, Jim!"
Milano had an Electra. A fast HAR.
The match started hard for Christian, but he finaly took victory.

After the match

"Good fighting, now we're able to buy an other HAR," Jim said.
"Great idea, how about a Katana?"
"No... we need something more advanced..."
"How about a Schredder?", Christian suggested.
"No! A Shadow would be perfect, but you MUST win the next match versus Angel, so get training the first thing tomorrow!"

One week later

"Win this match and the Shadow is yours!"
"I wil defenatly keep that in mind, Jim!"
Angel had a Gargoyle, a robot with a good defence.
The match begun.
Christian started attacking with high kicks.
The Gargoyle flew up high and hit the Jaguar on it's way down
"Keep it up, Chris, you can do it."
Then Chris used his Concussion Cannon twice and finished the Gargoyle off.
"I'm prowd of you!", Jim said, "You earned yourself the Shadow!"

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