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Chapter 1: The Invite

Miley and I had gone to get napkins, but we came back to find the girls we hated in our seats, which were right next to where Johnny Collins was sitting. "Amber!"

"What?" she asked with her attitude.

"Miley and I were sitting there!"

"Oh really?" Ashley asked. "And where did you go?"

"Probably to get more food." Amber and Ashley said at the same time. "Ooh! Ssss!" They did their signature finger thing.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Miley asked.

"Nothing to you, Miley," Ashley smirked and ate her food. They weren't going to move, so Miley and I grabbed our trays and sat down at a table with Oliver.

"I hate them." I growled through clenched teeth.

"Who doesn't?" Oliver asked, taking a bite of his sandwich. He had a point there.

"Were they calling me fat?" I asked to no one in particular. "'Cause I think they were."

"Lilly, they just want to make people feel bad. Trust me, you are so not fat." Miley replied.

"Yeah," Oliver agreed. "Don't listen to them. They don't have lives, so they spend all their time trying to make people feel bad. It's kind of sad really…" Oliver trailed off, making me laugh. He always said the right thing to make me feel better. Even so, I decided I wasn't hungry and didn't eat my lunch. Maybe I did still have baby fat. I'd just, go on a diet for a little while, and I'd exercise more.

"Why aren't you eating, Lil? The food's not that bad." Miley stated.

"I know," I laughed. "But I'm just not hungry."

"You don't even want the other half of my sandwich?" Oliver held the bologna sandwich up to my nose.

"No thanks, Oliver. But I will have some of your water." I said, grabbing the bottle from him.

"Hey, you have chocolate milk!" Oliver whined.

"But I want water!" I whined right back.

"So can I have your delicious chocolate milk?" Oliver asked.

"Yes, please, take it." I said, and we swapped drinks. "So anyway, sorry about not getting to sit next to Johnny, Miles." I turned to Miley.

"It's Ok. We're really getting close, and I don't think he has any interest in Amber or Ashley."

"That's good." I said. "I'm happy for you! I think he might like you too!"

"You think? 'Cause we've been talking online a lot, and we're pretty good friends now!" Miley was excited.

"Miles, he's coming around. I mean, who wouldn't like you?"

"Thanks, Lilly!" Miley said, taking a bite of her brownie. How did she do that? She had the best body in the whole school without having to go on a diet. I wish I could be like that.

"Is something wrong, Lil? You seem kinda out of it." Oliver asked.

I realized I was staring at Miley's brownie, so I snapped out of it. "I'm cool," I said.

"Hey, Miley." Johnny greeted, approaching our table. Then, noticing Oliver and me, said hi to us too.

"Hi, Johnny!" Miley squealed. "I mean, hey." she tried to save herself.

"Got any plans tonight?"

"Me? No! Why would I have any plans! No plans for me! Not that I'm desperate or anything, because I usually have plans. Busy, busy me! But tonight, no plans!" Miley said quickly, all in one breath.

"Sweet. I'm having a beach party tonight at seven. You should come."

"I'll be there!"

"Cool, and these two can come too." he nodded his head at Oliver and me.

"We will all definitely be there, Johnny. See you at seven!"

"See ya." Johnny walked away.

"Did I make a total fool out of myself?" Miley asked once he was gone.

"Well…yeah." Oliver said laughing.

"But he still invited you to his part-aayy!" I sung the word 'party'.

"I can't wait to go! You guys are coming right?"

Oliver shrugged. "I'll go if Lilly goes."

Miley smiled, turning to me. "I guess we're going!"