Sam was very very bored. Her parents were out of town for the week; Danny andTucker were on dates and Natalie had to take care of bussiness in New York. "Why didn't go with Natalie when I had the chance?"Sam asked herself as she went down from her room.Natalie offered Sam to go with her but she refused. She went downstairs to watcha movie when the doorbell rang. It was Natalie but she looked like she was about to puke and her jade green eyes were tear stained. "Natalie?" " Sam. Can I stay here for the night?" It began to rain. "Sure, just tell me what happened." "Well, you remember Paul? That bastard put fish in my dish when i was in the restroom and I began getting sick and I kinda changed in front of everyone." "Wow." "Then he stood me up!" "Jerk. Yeah, you should stay here anyway. It's raining pretty hard. Oh and thanks for using the doorthis time." Natalie giggled a little. She remembered the last time she phased through Sam's door; and ended up getting paint all over her.

A Power out swept the city and soon went away. " Sam? You okay?" Natalie went downstairs to check on her. "I'm fine.But, we can't watch the movie now. Boy that sucks." "Or does it?" Natalie smirked as she silently got out a tape. Sam's eyes widened at the sight of it."No way. There's no way I'm doing that again." "Fine, but, it's your loss." The tape began to play. Natalie grabbed a comb and silently went along with the song and began to dance. " Some boys kiss me , some boys hug me; I think they're okay. If they don't give me proper credit; I just walk away" Sam rolled her eyes and tried to hide her laughter as she went on. "They can beg and they can plead but they can't see the light. Cuz the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right." Sam couldn't take it anymore. She began singing with her. "Cause we are living in a material world. And I'm a material girl. You know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl." Both of them began laughing. " I haven't done that since camp." Sam agreed. "Hey , remember when you-" "Shh." She glared at the ceiling as her ghost sense went off.

"DANNY!" she shouted as a certain halfa finally showed himself. He was laughing his ass off, watching the two of them. " How long have you been there?" he stopped laughing for now. " I couldn't help it. That was too funny Sam. I can't believe that's the Second time you did that.Sam was a tickled salmon. "Oh yeah. Did you hear when Natalie-" Her mouth was covered and Danny's phone rang."Hello?...Hey Tuck...You're what?...I'm not laughing...Okay...I'm at Sam's. Natalie's here too...Okay I'll see ya." He hung up. "That was Tucker, apperently, his date locked him in a closet and left him there." Sam, Natalie and Danny burst out laughing." Yeah, that's classic." Natalie began. " Hey Danny, didn't you have a date too?" Silence..."Well, I gotta go get Tucker." He left. Natalie noticed Sam staring at the wall as he left. She raised her eyebrow. " Sammy Loves Danny. Sammy Loves Danny!" She said in a sing songy voice. " Shut up!" "It's true." Sam blushed and Natalie raised her other eyebrow. " So , you should totally ask him out already." " "Natalie, do you know what will happen if he doesn't like me back? That'll totally ruin like eight years of friendship." But Natalie wasn't ready to give up just yet.