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"Danny. Answer me." Sam gripped his shoulders in worry and pure disgust. "Sorry. It's just that, I tried to forget about tonight." She let go a little bit. "What happened?" "Well...

Danny is waiting in the park. It was 9:30 and he was waiting for Valerie. He walked around. It wasn't like her to be late...except school. Panic swept over. "What if she was kidnapped or something?" He asked himself. Well, It was possible. She didn't answer her phone and she wasn't out of town or something like that. He flew to Valerie's house. He got there and changed back, only to see a strange man locking the door. "Hey, WHo are You?" He ran up to the stranger. "Take it easy buddy, I'm the Grey's' real estate agent. I'm just locking up the house." "Real Estate?" Danny was confused. "Wait? They moved?" "Yeah. Damon Grey's boss bought him and his daughter a house in Wisconsin." "Valerie." he said softly. "Yeah, that was her name. Funny though, she left her phone here" "Oh." Danny's head went down as he began to walk away but, He still didn't believe him. So, he went home and tried to email her but it was no use, she was really gone.

"Wow. She's gone?" Natalie cut in. " But why wouldn't she even like, tell anyone." "That's terrible." Sam interupted her. Danny just looked down. "I'm sorry." "Sam, it's not your fault" Danny seemed sad but Natalie thought otherwise about Danny's anger. " Danny" She punched him in the jaw. " WHat the? Nataile? Why did you do that to him?" Tucker asked. "Oh, you know perfectly why I did." "No we don't" Sam responded. "So?" She went ghost and dragged Danny to the roof. "She's gone nuts!" Tucker said. "Yeah, and she likes you." "What!"

Meanwhile, on the roof.

"Natalie, what' s your deal" Danny soon went ghost and and asked. "Please Danny, I'm not stupid." She threw a punch but he dogded. " What are you talking about?" She wouldn't answer. "HELLO?" She just smiled and answered. " Well, now we're angry , aren't we. Look, I know that it's sad that Valerie moved but, you aren't as sad as you thought." " What?" "You thought that you'd miss her as someone trying to get over her." He nodded; she was right. "But you aren't feeling it, aren't you." He powered down." I don't know why I don't feel it." " Because, you love someone already." "Okay, you're nuts." She smiled. "Just think about what I said." "Natalie, thanks." She rolled her eyes and they went to the house.

They had a lot of explaining to do. "Natalie, what the hell was that for?" Sam asked. She was about to speak but was interupted by Tucker, rather, his lips. Pretty soon, all of them were wide eyed. "Please don't kill me." Natalie just stood there, redder than she'd ever be. "Well well, every lock has it's perfect key after all." Danny finally spoke. Natalie regained concious. "Well, it could have been better.You two couldn't have been here." She took hold of Tucker's hand and kissed him back. "So, that's a yes?" "What do you think?" she said sweetly and slyly. Sam and Danny meanwhile couldn't help laughing. "Awww, that's so cute." Natalie glared at Danny. "Shut up Fenton. You aren't the only one who can throw a punch, remember?" Danny gulped a little. Then turned to Sam. "You meet the wierdest people at camp." "Yeah, I know. But on the plus side, Tucker FINALLY has a girlfriend" Sam looked at the clock. "Wow, midnight already." Natalie faced her."Um, Sam." "Yeah?" "Well, My brother and Angel won't be back untill Monday anyway. Can I crash here? Plus it's really raining hard." She looked up to see Tucker and Danny with the same face as her; she automaticly knew what they were thinking. "Fine, you guys can stay here too." They stopped the guilt face and smiled.

1:30 am.

"Sam." Danny began tapping her shoulder. "Saaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm" She finally woke up. "Danny? It's like one in the morning. You okay?" He didn't answer, instead he motioned her to follow her to the balcony. She followed, not really knowing what to feel more, confused or sleepy. "Danny, what is it?" He sighed. "Well, Natalie , while we were 'fighting' ." "Okay" she answered, concious. The rain had stopped but had left the area rather hazy. "Well, she made me realize something. She made me realize that I was already over Valerie but, I didn't know." "How did she tell you were over her." "Well, it's like this: She could feel the apathy in my voice. She said that it was because I was in love with someone else" "Natalie and her sayings." She twisted her hair a little . "Wait, but, the wierd thing is: I am in love with someone else." "Who?" She asked, trying to hide the tension in her voice. Unfortunatly, it wasn't working for Danny either. "You." "What?" He smiled. "I love you."

She was still officially speechless. "Say it" a voice said in her head. "Say it already!" "Fine!" she said out loud. "What? " Danny asked. "Well, I'm trying to say that I love you too but the words aren't comming to me and I'm trying to find them because I really do love you too. And I just said that, didn't I?" He didn't speak but, leaned in and started kissing her. Then it started raining. But, in a confusing way, it had given him the perrogative to hold her closer. Then after a while, Sam finally got her common sense back. "Hey, It's raining again, we're probably soaked...again." "Yeah, I know." Then they went to their previous state. Soon ,Danny finally noticed the little red light on them. "Guess what?" "What?" The rain stopped and he spun her around to focus. " We're on camera."