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The dark figure walked through the streets. It was dark out, and in this particular neighborhood, walking at night wasn't the smartest idea.

Blade didn't care though. He was not armed but could defend himself with ease. He was simply taking a stroll. It was good to be back in his hometown, even though things had changed.

He was no longer a wanted man. He started using his birth name, Eric Brooks, after the Daystar virus. No one managed to figure out that he was the former "mass murder" known as Blade.

He became aware of the person following him. He honed in on his senses to find out information about this person.

She was female, that he knew much. The scent was familiar yet he couldn't place it. She was smart, he had to give her that. She was staying atleast a block behind him at all times. The girl knew what she was doing.

Blade turned into a nearby alley, thankful that it was deserted.

The woman had been following Blade since he left the club he owned. She saw him go into the alley. She hesitated before following.

Blade supported himself on the pipes above the alley. He couldn't make out the woman below him, but the outline of her body seemed familiar. She was wearing a hooded and a trench coat.

When she was kept walking past the spot he was hovering over, Blade dropped down quietly behind her.

The woman felt him behind her, but before she could turn around, he had her up against the wall by her throat.

"You're choking me!" she sputtered trying desperately to break out of his grip but to no avail.

Blade used his free hand to rip the hood off the woman's head. Long curly brown hair spilled out and he gazed into her hazel eyes. The woman was the spitting image of his old friend.



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